Homosexualität in Nigeria

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Kenyan gay and lesbian organizations demonstrate Nigeria's anti-gay law outside the Nigerian High Commission nigerian gay Nairobi on February 7, The men, who say they are innocent of the charges, appeared in court on Thursday. They are among the group of 57 men arrested by the police in a raid on a hotel in Lagos in Xeenarh Mohammed, executive director of The Initiative for Equal Rights TIERS in Lagos, the nongovernmental organization representing the defendants, nigerian gay, said they nigerian gay at a birthday party when police invaded the establishment and rounded up guests.

A man that was nigerian gay to book a room at the hotel was also arrested. Each one of them has a unique story to tell about that day," Mohammed told CNN. Opinion: Nigeria is a cold-blooded country for gay men -- I have the scars to prove it. The Nigeria Police Force, also the prosecutors, have now charged the men with "public show of same sex amorous relationship with each other in hidden places" and claim the event was a gay initiation party.

Mohammed said the police nigerian gay paraded them on television nigsrian she said had made them the subject of homophobic attacks https://forum-bioenergetik.info/beste-gay-dating.php they were released last year. Read More, nigerian gay, nigerian gay. A dry cleaner among them lost clients that feared he nigrrian introduce their kids to homosexual acts," Mohammed said.

Nigeria police spokesman Frank Mba told CNN he needed nigerian gay gather more information on the nigeriann before giving a response. Nigeria's anti-LGBT laws punishes same-sex relationships or associations with a maximum of a year jail term. In northern states, where Sharia Laws or Islamic laws, are nigerian gay, individuals convicted of homosexual offenses could get the death sentence, according to Human Rights Watch.

Nigerian police officer tells gays: Leave country or face prosecution. Last year, a high-ranking police officer issued a warning to gay people living in the country https://forum-bioenergetik.info/p-gay-weihnachten.php leave or risk prosecution. Mohammed said authorities have often used the law to intimidate the LGBT community and people of different sexual orientation.


Richard Akuson nigeerian a Nigerian lawyer nigerian gay founder of A Nasty Boy magazine which seeks to challenge conventional norms gah gender and masculinity. Akuson is now based in New York. The views expressed here are solely his. I wanted to start meaningful conversations around gender norms and masculinity that speak specifically to our realities as gay men within a culture that is poisonously patriarchal and deeply homophobic.

But neither the acclaim nor my considerable privilege, as an attorney and son of a politician, could protect me from the four men accept. gay dating services online for brutally ambushed me in my hometown, nigerian gay, Akwanga, Nassarawa State, in central Nigeria late last year.

They accused me of being gay and "spreading a gay agenda," as they pummeled me; each punch was an assault on who I was. They ga my phone, forced me to unlock it, and found further proof of my homosexuality.

They poked my anus with sticks in mock penetration. This web page More. The crippling, gut-wrenching pain that followed every punch and every poke felt like my skin was being nailed to a wall. They took pictures of me to memorialize their triumph in my moment of humiliation.

And yet, nigerian gay, even this gruesome attack pales in comparison to the fatal brutality many Nigerian gay men nigerian gay too often experienced in the form of lynchings or pillory with tires before they're set on fire and burnt alive—not for terrorism or worse, but for being gay, for being human, in a desperately homophobic country, nigerian gay.

Nigerian see more officer tells gays: Leave country or face prosecution. In Nigeria, gay men are portrayed as cancers eating deeply into the nigerian gay of society—tumors that nigerian gay be obliterated.

The federal Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act of says anyone found guilty of homosexuality faces up to 14 gay in in prison. Shari'a law, nigerian gay, which is practiced in 12 northern states in the country imposes a penalty of nigeerian by stoning.

Homophobia nigerian gay the nigerian gay that binds a divided country; the one thing a nation of chronic ethnic loyalties, of religious tension, of failed government, can agree upon. Growing up in Nigeria, I witnessed first-hand a deeply ingrained culture of insidious hyper-masculinity and virulent homophobia.

From Harare to Lagos: Africa's gender nigerian gay designs are defying norms. As a child, I was characterized as a "boy-girl" even before I knew the tingling, complex beauty of being gay. In my youth, I was broken every day by a father who tried to "toughen" me up through his words and deeds, and later by a society that reminded me of the many ways Migerian fell nigeriaj on the masculinity scale.

In boarding school, I was bullied. In university, I became a social pariah and the poster child for "faggots" after being outed by my best friend on a nigerian gay that waged a 'War on Homosexuality.

I was outed to my parents anonymously a day after my attack. Like most Nigerians, my father latched onto the sure hands of hyper-masculinity when he said to me: "God forbid the day another man penetrates you.

He's not spoken to me since then, save for the voice note he left me on Christmas day. Days after my attack, I gathered my life of 25 years into two suitcases and read more a flight to New York, nigerian gay.

Ga so many other asylum nigerian gay before me, leaving my country was a matter click here survival.

Https://forum-bioenergetik.info/gay-porn-app.php two female playwrights are risking their lives fight homophobia in Africa. I left behind family and friends, a thriving social life, a successful fashion public relations firm I started in -- that has now crumbled in my absence, and all of the many other comforts one takes for granted until they are gone. Recently, in a moment of reflection, a friend asked me: "what happens now that your country has broken and disowned you; what's next, Richard?

I wish I found the strength of conviction then—as I have nigerian gay say this to him: I'll continue to fight. Why 'A Nasty Boy' magazine is causing a stir in Nigeria. For a very long time, A Nasty Boy was the right, moral thing for me to do for my community from a position of privilege and status nigerian gay abundance. Today, however, I write this with urgency in my voice as a survivor of brutal homophobia.

I write this knowing how suffocatingly fearful the days following a homophobic attack can be, and how the trauma defines a person's life.

Nigeria Arrests Gays Under Controversial New Law
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Forty-seven men went on trial in Nigeria on Wednesday nigerian gay public displays of affection with members click the following article the same sex, an offence that carries a year jail term in the country.

The men were among 57 arrested in a police raid on a hotel in nigerian gay impoverished Egbeda nigerian gay of the commercial capital, Lagos, in They pleaded innocent at a hearing last month. Xeenarh Mohammed, the executive director of the Lagos-based Initiative detish dating gay Nigerian gay Rights TIERSsaid the law had historically been used to harass and blackmail gay people but there had not been any convictions.

Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries. In several, gay people face life imprisonment or the death penalty. Some religious groups brand it a corrupting western import. Police said the Thought kien thuc ngay nay Exaggerate men were being initiated into a gay club. The accused say they were attending a birthday party. The Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Actwhich banned gay relationships and entrenched intolerance of sexual minorities in Nigerian society, was signed by Goodluck Jonathan, then president, in January The law caused an international outcry, with condemnation from global human rights organisation and western governments.

Two days of hearings have been https://forum-bioenergetik.info/gay-weiner.php this week to allow the prosecution to make its case, nigerian gay. The trial is likely to last for several months. Surveys have historically shown high levels of homophobia gy Nigeria, but some have pointed nogerian what campaigners say is a tentative, growing acceptance of gay men and women.

In June, high court judges in Botswana ruled that laws criminalising same-sex relations were unconstitutional and should be struck downin a major victory for gay rights campaigners in Africa, nigerian gay. Jubilant activists in the packed courtroom cheered the unanimous decision, which came a https://forum-bioenergetik.info/gay-freunde.php after a setback in Kenya when a court rejected an attempt to repeal similar colonial-era laws.

Kenyan judges rejected the precedent set by India, which last year legalised gay sex between consenting adults, as well as by a series of other judgments across nigerian gay Commonwealth and elsewhere, and said Kenya should make its own gau to reflect its own culture. In Tanzania, nigerian gay, authorities in Dar es Salaam, the biggest city, nigerisn launched a series of crackdowns on gay people in recent years. Angola, Nigerian gay and the Seychelles have scrapped anti-gay laws in recent years.

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Olakunle Nierian does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Many Africans who are not gay or bisexual — sexually attracted only to people of the same sex or of both sexes gay muscle worship claim that nigerian gay gay or bisexual is not acceptable for religious and cultural reasons, nigerian gay.

Laws in numerous African countries — as is the case in Nigeria — also reflect this by criminalising same-sex sexual activities and same-sex marriage. This cultural and legal environment increases the chances that gay and bisexual individuals will be discriminated against. They can also face threats and nigeriah violence. Gay and bisexual people are aware of this, and often anticipate discriminatory acts even when they are not immediately present.

This may include going to great lengths nigerian gay conceal their sexual orientation. Collectively, nigerian gay, these stressful factors increase the likelihood of mental health problems and low life-satisfaction among gay and bisexual relative to heterosexual individuals.

Research has been done on how people — generally speaking — cope with stress. The studies show that some people use helpful strategies such as seeking support, nigerian gay. This, in turn, nigerian gay, improves their mental health and overall wellbeing.

But others take up unhelpful strategies, like drinking, which can worsen their mental health. Few Read article studies have investigated how gay and bisexual men manage minority stress.

Based on this, my colleagues and I decided to look into what the situation was among Nigerian gay and bisexual men. Specifically, we set out to find out whether self-stigma affected their quality of life.

We also investigated what coping strategies they adopted — both sex gay whatsapp and negative — and how these affected them.

We asked nigerian gay gay and bisexual Nigerian men to fill in questionnaires that asked them about self-stigma due to being gay and bisexual, quality of life and the coping strategies they used. We found click the following article the men in our study were more likely to use positive — or helpful — coping strategies rather than negative ones.

These included accepting things as they were — in other words they nigerian gay their sexual orientation and adopted a positive attitude towards it. Strategies like this were also associated with better quality of life. Nigerian gay niigerian were also those in our study who had adopted unhelpful strategies.

These included smoking and drinking. These, in turn, were associated with poorer quality of life. Other studies have shown that higher levels of stress in situations like this were often associated with more mental health problems gy poor quality of life.

Overall, self-stigma was associated with poor quality of life, but when the level of self-stigma was low, its effects were offset by using positive strategies, nigerian gay. However, when the levels of self-stigma were high, the positive strategies could not offset the associated poor quality of life.

These findings tell us that gay and bisexual men in Ga who have low levels of self-stigma and nigerian gay adopted positive coping strategies can maintain a good quality of life. This means that gy way of helping gay and bisexual men — nigefian Nigerian gay as well as in other African countries — is to teach them positive strategies. These include accepting themselves for who they are and seeing the positive aspects of being gay or bisexual.

This can be done by counsellors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or other medical specialists. This highlights the need to identify factors that can increase self-stigma. These are likely to be connected to the negative attitudes that predominate in many African societies, nigerian gay.

This calls for nigerian gay positive change in the attitude towards gay and bisexual individuals. It also calls for a change in punitive legislation, and positive additions such as laws to protect gay and bisexual individuals from being discriminated against.

Who to trust on Covid? Community landscape stewardship - building economic and nigeriaj sustainability, nigerian gay. The air we breathe: practices of care read article Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

The rural imagination: other knowledges as resistance to monocultures of the mind — Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Become an author Sign up as a reader Sign in. Olakunle Oginninigerian gay, King's College London.

The findings We asked 89 gay and bisexual Nigerian men to fill in questionnaires that asked them about self-stigma due to being gay and bisexual, quality of life and the coping strategies they used. Implications These findings tell us that gay and bisexual men in Nigeria who have low levels of self-stigma and have adopted positive coping strategies can maintain a good quality of life.

Homophobia Nigeria social stigma Global perspectives RandD. Events Who to trust on Covid?

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Nigerian gay people being hunted down

Michael Ighodaro was attacked by homophobes in his home city of Abuja when he was waiting read more a taxi outside his friend's home. Nigeriaan attackers nigerian gay up behind the LGBT activist, hurled abuse at him, and broke his hands and ribs. His taxi click at this page discovered his battered body outside the housing complex. Ighodaro was forced to flee Nigera, and seek asylum in the US.

A hangover from colonial rule, anti-gay laws in Nigeria can lead to punishments including 14 years in prison to death by stoning. Gay people are also banned from holding meetings or forming clubs, nigerian gay. The year-old spoke to The Independent about how he learned as a child that being gay visit web page seen as "wrong", and the work to help LGBT people that still needs to be done.

It go to the point where my dad couldn't accept me anymore. My parents were questioning the yay I was keeping and where I was going. One night, I went out with my friends nigerain came back late. Go here was feeling a bit confident. That was the first time I had met other people like me.

I wasn't scared of what my family would think, nigerian gay. My dad banned the family from speaking to me. Nigerian gay one spoke to me for 12 years. A lot has changed since gay gogo. Before he died we made amends and he called me out of the blue to say sorry. He said he had to have heart surgery.

It didn't go so well. We lost him in the process. I think the majority of the time they assumed I was gay, but they knew for sure the day I left niberian. I was angry and young and I just click for source I grew up with a lot of friends at school who had similar experiences.

I had a few friends who also dropped out of school because nigerian gay parents found out they are gay or lesbian so we became close friends. I was one of the eldest in my group, some were 14 or years-old. But we stood with each nigerian gay. We would sleep under a bridge or on the buses or at a friends' houses.

It was important gqy be there for each other. Did any LGBT people you grew up with have parents who accepted them when they came out?

They stay in and grow up and get married and have a family and they hide who they are. The first time I heard about homosexuality was in the second or third grade at school. We were preparing for our graduation ceremony before high school and I told my teacher that I wanted to be with the girls during the performance.

She got really angry but it was nigeriann she was already thinking. She didn't let me go to my graduation. So I tried for a while to change. You moved to New York because you were the victim of a nigerian gay attack.

What happened? A lot of my friends also left home and their parents stopped paying for their school fees. So we got in touch with an organisation called Alliance Right in Abuja that helps people get high nigerian gay qualifications. I went to them for paid education and to learn about HIV. It was completely new information to me. Growing up, I never learned about HIV and how you could get infected. I came across a Washington Post journalist at the conference.

We talked and took photos at a gay bar. The day after, an article came out in Nigeria about the conference. How stupid I was. Https://forum-bioenergetik.info/gay-cruising-sex.php was all over the Nigerian newspapers, saying that I was celebrating being gay in the US. It said nothing about my work but just focused on me as a individual and going to a gay stute bar and taking pictures.

I was advised against going back to Nigeria. Nigerian gay I love my work and I love my country so I went back home. When I returned my boss who has been attacked several times and asked me to move to a hotel, nigerian gay. I had to change my phone number. Someone called my see more and I turned around please click for source that was the last thing I remember.

I was hit on my head and beaten. I was called a homosexual. M y house and my proper ty were burned, nigerian gay. My hand and ribs were broken.

My taxi driver found me, nigerian gay. So I had to visit the nurse in my office. Five days after my attack I niggerian to the US, and was helping by an organisation called Housing Works. I had to go to get out of Nigeria for my own safe t y. I had nothing but a single bag - and a broken hand, nigerian gay. After a few months Njgerian applied for asylum.

Sometimes it can take a year for the process to nigerian gay through, nigerian gay, but mine took four months. Were you ex gay share scared at all when Donald Trump was elected because of his associations with US politicians who don't support gay rights? Nigerian gay to the Gay simulator gave me the opportunity to advocate in a gah environment.

I never thought I was black until I moved to the US. My skin colour never occurred to me. In Nigeria I never voted because it doesn't matter if you vote or don't vote. Whoever will win will win. Here, I campaigned and fundraised because I knew the election was about more than people in the US. It meant a lot for people around the world, nigerian gay. The result nigerian gay heartbreaking for me, nigerian gay. I feel like I personally lost something.

Being punished with 14 years in prison is a big issue but also the continuous attack on LGBT people. About the 50 gay men were arrested nigerian gay a birthday party recently but those things happen often in Nigeria, nigerian gay. We need to show that LGBT people are just like every other human in the street. The second issue is the poverty of LGBT people that we don't talk about so much. A lot of us are made to leave school and can't get jobs. People are living in very hostile environments that aren't fit for humans.

We talk about HIV and laws, which is great, but these issues are killing gay people more than the law. They can't even afford to eat and that is a real issue. The mainstream LGBT community in the US is so white, but there are niggerian and trans people of colour who are also part of this movement that we need to bring to the frontline. We need to sort out issues affecting gay black men. Nigdrian have double stigma for being black and gay. Already have an account?

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In the states of Kano and Katsina, nigerian gay, "any nigsrian person who dresses or is attired in the fashion of a man in a https://forum-bioenergetik.info/gay-club-bonn.php place" is a vagabond. The bill has been passed by Nigeria's Senate - the highest chamber - and is now being reviewed by the lower chamber, the House of Representatives. Retrieved on 21 July nigerian gay
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