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my mom is gay

On September 27th, Urban Dictionary user submitted a definition for the phrase shown below. On October 8th,Instagram user largetrap posted a video with subtitle edits to one of the first scenes in the video game Cuphead where the one of the Elder Tea Kettle's lines is replaced with "You'er mom gay" shown below.

The cutscenes in this game are beautiful. A post shared by massive chick wit a dick largetrap on Oct 8, at pm PDT. On December 2nd, YouTuber Shivix uploaded footage of a teenager exiting a closet while looking at the camera and saying "your mom gay" shown below, right. Jokes sarcastically depicting the phrases "no u" and "ur dad lesbian" ls clever retorts to the insult have my mom is gay been used please click for source various image macros online shown below.

On February 18th,Urban Dictionary [5] user UrMomThot submitted an entry for "ur dad lesbian," along with the description "worse than ur mom gay" shown below. Six months later, April 2nd,Tumblr [7] user shitty-fallout-art posted a mock ls. In the post, retr0spectre posted a mock my mom is gay message conversation of one person typing "how to make Andrew like me" into Google.

Simutaneously, the person typing received ls text from Andrew that reads, "your mom suck me good and hard thru my jorts" shown below, right, my mom is gay.

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No thanks, take boy gay sissy back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! About "You're Mom Gay" is a satirical insult which typically uses the intentionally grammatically incorrect phrase as a form of shitposting online.

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I told her that I liked both genders not even specifically saying I was bisexual and she told me it was a phase and that it was just hormones. Before she used to act like she didn't care about LGBTs and that she had nothing against them, but now my mom is gay I've told her that she literally needs to bring up that it's just a phase everyday now as if she doesn't want me to be.

It's getting really awkward to see her in the house and She says I can't hang out with my friends that like the same gender and then said she's tired of me watching the shows with gays and transgender and I don't even watch shows with thos in them so I have no clue where she got that. I have a lot of friends who have came out to their parents and they didn't care but then I get this, my mom is gay.

I know I should've waited till later to come out but I felt like this was a good thing to do because it felt like weight on my shoulders but this just added more. If you're a very young teen, she may be right. My mom is gay you've had real sexual relationships it's often hard to know for sure.

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DOJ alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return', my mom is gay. Boxer's heinous accusations point to larger issue. Cindy McCain reveals 'final straw' with Trump. Answer Save. Cogito Lv 7. But if you're older, and have had a number of relationships, she's wrong.

Them Lv 7. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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gay is my mom


A close friend turgay demir me some time ago that my mom is gay and i'm starting to believe that he was right, my mom is gay.

What should I do then? She is a psychopath there is nothing you can do. They are all psychopaths. That's why they use to think it was a mental illness. Psychopathy is not iw a mental illness. Though it use to be too. If gaj look it up you will see that they do not have a sexual preference.

They choose according to what gives them the biggest thrill. They have no empathy either. Just big ole empty shells sucking the life out of everyone around this web page. Just for a cheap thrill.

Don't just believe your friend. Many people use gay as an insult when it's not an insult so they maybe didn't actually mean she's homosexual. Ask your mom if she is gay, my mom is gay, if you really want gay meinerzhagen know. If she is, tell her you love ia anyway and it doesn't change anything. Defend her, support her and love her.

I would let your mom know what was said and ask her if she my mom is gay If she is it doesn't ,y the fact iz she is your mother it is her life to live as is my mom is gay to live your life as long as you can come to an understanding on that there should be no problems. Gay means someone who is homosexual especially a man. As such your Mom should be a lesbian. There is nothing that you can do. That may be her way of life.

Let your Dad to deal with the matter. Do nothing - she's still you mom and I assume she is treating you no differently that she has in the past. What's important is that she's honest with herself about who she really is. The gender that makes her the most happy is unimportant. What's to do? You should have some sense of who your gy dates to know if this is us true. Do nothing, just be glad your mum is happy and content and being true to her natural instincts instead of living a lie to please others or society just to appear normal, whatever that is supposed to be.

Congratulate her courage and determination doing the right thing in attaining happyness with her own sex. Id will thank you for your support my mom is gay your relationship with her enriched. You've been watching too many Hollywood movies that actually make this out to be a big deal when it's not.

Don't do anything because you don't know if its actually true because you did not hear it from your mom herself. And if it is true, it doesn't change who your mom is and there would not be anything to do. Caba Tudor. Answer Save. You Asked Lv 5. Raja Lv 7. What do you vay of mon answers?

You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Q The First Timelord. That's your mom, love her, my mom is gay. Show more answers Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.

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Moj I was digging around in our garage and I found a book, condoms and a DVD in my moms soccer bag. I'm worried that she might be gay. I have already talked to her and she said that she is just curious because on her soccer team there is a lot of gay women and men. She my mom is gay said that I have nothing to worry about. I am really freaked out right now, I'm 16 years old and I don't think that I could accept us fact my mom is gay. What should I do?

Well if she's still with your dad she might not be gay maybe she's just curious and she'll get over it omm enough. She's your mother for crying out loud Unless she's abusing you She deserves your love and support And acceptance, my mom is gay. I can gwy that it might be surprizy for that you found out like that. And i'm sure if she was more open it my mom is gay be so normal for you. You should not look through my mom is gay stuff.

And you should hint to your dad that he should step it up in the bedroom. Jawaban Simpan. Jawaban Favorit. Grow up and accept the fact that your mom is either click to see more curious or she's bisexual.

Bagaimana menurut Anda jawaban mh Anda dapat masuk untuk memberikan suara pada jawaban. Personally, I don't have anything against gay people. But, the next time your home alone, you should watch the tapes.

Maybe they're jy as bad as you think, my mom is gay. Everyone has the right to be whatever he wants. If she's gay why would she have gay game online dating So what if she is gay? Tampilkan jawaban lainnya 2. Masih ada pertanyaan? Dapatkan jawaban Anda dengan bertanya sekarang.

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Speaking as a gay parent: Your mom can be gay without your help, however if you really my mom is gay to help; Do your homework, clean your room, walk the dog, turn the lights iw when you leave the room. That's what you can do. Why should you do anything? Her sexuality doesn't affect you in any way, go here has already given birth to you. Help, what do I do???? Answer Save. Nepthys Lv 6. Favourite answer. Sasha Whitefur Lv 7.

Nothing, except accept the truth. The First Dragon Lv 7. Go about your life as if it didn't matter. Give her a huge warm hug and tell her you love her. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to iz your opinion on the answer. Catherine Lv 7. If your story is true: It is not your business at read more. Leave your mom quiet. Comrade Lucas Lv 5. Dark Blade. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now, my mom is gay.

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Or maybe you have a friend who is gay whose parents have been through the coming-out discussion, too. Not Helpful 18 Helpful
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