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Marvin Gaye was an American music artist and singer-songwriter who won acclaim for a series of recordings with Motown Records. Gaye's personal life, mainly documented in the biography, Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gayeincluded religious faithchild abuse by his wikl, personal relationships with his two wives, friends and girlfriends, and bouts with depression and drug abuse.

Marvin Gaye and his five siblings were brought up in a strict religious Pentecostal sect known as the House of God by their minister father Marvin Gay, Sr. Marvin began singing church solos at the age of four.

Father anointed converts with olive oil and baptized them in the river. The Sabbath was his day, it was God's dayand it was also mrvin day for singing. Every member was blessed with a good voice. The joy of music was the joy of God. Gaye's relationship with his father was troubled from childhood. According to his sister, Jeanne, Gaye suffered at the hands of his father, who would strike him for any shortcoming, including putting his hair brush in the wrong place or coming home from school a minute late.

He disappeared on Saturday mornings when it was time to go to church. By the time I was twelve, there wasn't an inch on my body that hadn't been bruised and beaten by him. While Gaye would later describe living with his father was "like living with a king, a very peculiar, marvin gaye wiki, changeable, cruel and all-powerful king", he embraced the love of his mother, explaining, "if it wasn't for Mother, who was always there to console me and praise me for my singing, I think I would have been one of those child suicide cases you read about in the papers".

The concept sickened me, but I also found it exciting. Marvin first met Anna Ruby Gordy January 28, — January 31,17 years his senior, marvin gaye wiki Marvin was a staff drummer for the label, Anna Recordsaround The pair began their romantic courtship shortly after Marvin was signed to Motown Marvin gaye wiki in According to Anna in a interview, marfin relationship started by Marvin flirting with her to get her attention.

During Marvin gaye wiki early years in Motown, he was inspired by his relationship with his wife, marvin gaye wiki, often writing songs dedicated to her, including his top ten hit, " Pride and Joy ". I just wrote what I felt about check this out, and what she did for me.

She was my pride and joy. By the turn of the s, however, Marvin had begun to counter his wife's attacks. Rumors marvin gaye wiki infidelity also deeply soured the marriage and later influenced Gaye's later recordings, including his number one hit, " I Heard It Through the Grapevine ".

Though admittedly not much of a songwriter or composer, marvin gaye wiki, unlike her younger sister Gwen Gordyshe did provide ideas to some of her husband's compositions, marvin gaye wiki, most notably the songs later made successful by The Originalsincluding the hits marvin gaye wiki Baby I'm for Real " and " The Bells ".

Byfollowing Gaye's legal separation from Anna, Marvin rewrote the lyrics to the wimi changing it from a romantic ode to an emotional ballad documenting wikl end of their marriage. The couple relocated to Los Angeles in late and Marvin filed for legal separation in the winter ofshortly before Marvin met Janis Hunter.

In NovemberAnna filed for divorce. A contentious divorce case followed for a year and a half before it was finalized on March 17, In the divorce decree, Gaye agreed to remit a portion of his royalties to go to Anna for his gahe album.

That album, Here, My Dearmarvin gaye wiki, was released to dismal sales in December On November 17,a baby boy was born to Denise Gordyjust days after her seventeenth birthday. The boy was subsequently adopted by Marvin and Anna. Due to Marvin not filing a will before his death, Marvin III became a co-executor of his father's estate at just Five years later, a second boy Dylan, was born. Hunter was the child of jazz musician Slim Gaillard. Townsend's former girlfriend Barbara Hunter arrived in the studio with Janis that month.

Janis's presence served as inspiration for Gaye during the making of the album. Janis first received public notice gayd she was featured with Marvin on a November issue of Ebony. Marvjn September 4,the couple welcomed their first-born, daughter Nonain Los Angeles. It was alleged Gaye married her due to concurrent tax issues, [28] [29] but Janis would contend they married after surviving a car accident.

Janis later stated Gaye sometimes coerced her into having relationships with other men, marvin gaye wiki. Author Michael Eric Dyson stated that their relationship in inspiration to the creation of I Want You was "nearly palpable in the sensual textures that are the album's aural and lyrical signature". Their "open" marriagedomestic abuse and the couple's marvin gaye wiki dependence became too disastrous and Janis filed for legal separation in Janis later admitted she went "back and forth across the ocean, around and around, just chasing this relationship that never please click for source, but I wasn't willing to give up and neither was he.

During the s, it was often debated that Gaye dated his female singing companions such as Mary Wells and Kim Weston; Wells denied any romantic ties to Gaye and Weston later stated their relationship was strictly platonic.

Gaye was deeply devastated following Terrell's collapse at a marcin in Virginia where they were performing in marvin gaye wiki Terrell's later diagnosis and death from a brain tumor would help to send Gaye to a depression. Gaye often blamed himself for Terrell's illness and death despite the fact that Terrell may have developed her tumor since her early childhood.

Gaye was also involved with British socialite Lady Edith Foxwell during the early s. At one gayr, according to author Bernard J. WikFoxwell explained that her and Gaye's relationship became serious enough to consider marriage by Marvin was a heavy marijuana user, during the beginning of his tenure as a member of Harvey and the Moonglows, [35] and he would remain a heavy user throughout his life. Marvin was first introduced to cocaine in the early s. The singer was also a user of PCP.

His addiction led to increasing paranoia and depression. During the promotion of his Sexual Healing Tourhe wore a bullet-proof vest and brought marvin gaye wiki bodyguards with loaded pistols because he source for his life as he was convinced that someone was plotting to kill him.

When an autopsy was produced on Marvin, they found minor traces of cocaine in click to see more system.

Judge Ronald George believed that PCP or angel dust was present in Marvin's system, but marvin gaye wiki was due to a misreading of the coroner's report. Gaye attempted suicide at least three times. The first occurred in when he was ggaye up at a Detroit apartment. Inwhile in MauiGaye ingested a full ounce of cocaine in a second suicide attempt.

Gaye explained marfin, marvin gaye wiki given up. The problems were too big for me. Think, gay 13 yo there just wanted to be left alone and blow my brains on high-octane toot.

It would be a slow but relatively pleasant death, certainly less messy than a gun. I was at my lowest wuki. I really didn't feel like I was loved. Because I didn't feel love, I felt useless. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. September 13, Retrieved December 23, September 16, Retrieved November 28, The New York Times.

Retrieved August 29, Eric Meyers. Reelz, February 25, Collier, Aldore June 25, marvin gaye wiki, Collier, Aldore April 16, Dyson, marvin gaye wiki, Eric Michael What's Visit web page On? Canongate U. Edmonds, Ben Let's Get It On Deluxe edition. MOTD Gaye, Frankie Marvin Gaye, My Brother. Backbeat Books. Adams Series netflix gay. Cambridge, Mass: Da Capo Press, marvin gaye wiki.

London: Michael Joseph. Marvin Gaye. Greatest Hits Greatest Hits, Vol. Marvin Gay Sr, marvin gaye wiki. Book Category. Categories : Personal life and relationships of individuals Marvin Gaye. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

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Marvin Gaye oik. Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. Hän nousi kansainväliseen kuuluisuuteen luvulla. Gayen albumeista marvin gaye wiki parhaiten What's Going Onjoka nousee edelleen taye äänestyksissä maailman rakastetuimpien albumien joukkoon. Yksittäisistä singleistä merkittävin lienee I Wiji It Through the Grapevinemarvin gaye wiki, josta tuli Motown -levy-yhtiön suurin menestys sen kulta-aikana luvulla, marvin gaye wiki. Marvin Gaye on laulajana yksi kaikkien aikojen arvostetuimmista ja hän on toiminut suunnannäyttäjänä monille nykyartisteille.

Marvin Gaye hän lisäsi sukunimeensä e-kirjaimen, näin teki taye Sam Cooke syntyi Washingtonin kaupungissa, marvin gaye wiki. Hänen isänsä oli House of God -kirkon pappi ja Gaye aloitti laulamisen kirkon kuorossa. Hän opetteli myös soittamaan pianoa ja rumpuja. Tiukka kotikuri ja pienen kirkon helluntailais - ja juutalais -vaikutteinen uskonto värittivät Gayen kasvuikää ja heijastuivat hänen myöhempiin suhteisiinsa auktoriteetteihin ja hengellisiin kysymyksiin.

Käytyään koulun Gaye palveli Yhdysvaltain ilmavoimissaminkä jälkeen hän esiintyi eri doo wop -ryhmien kanssa vakiintuen kuitenkin Washingtoniin ja The Rainbows -ryhmään. The Rainbows julkaisi yhden singlen Bo Diddleyn kanssa. Jonkin ajan kuluttua Gaye pestattiin The Moonglows -ryhmään. Ennen pitkää Gaye siirtyi Detroitiin ja Motown Recordsin palvelukseen. Gaye etsi paikkaansa levy-yhtiössä esiintyen milloin rumpalina, milloin lauluntekijänä.

Hänestä tuli yksityiselämässäänkin osa Motown -perhettä, kun hän vei vihille Anna Gordyn, Motownin perustajan Berry Gordyn siskon, vuonna Vuoteen mennessä Gaye oli julkaissut 39 singleä, jotka nousivat Top read article -listalle, useat niistä duettoja Mary WellsinKim Westonin ja Tammi Terrellin kanssa. Siitä tuli hitti, mutta vielä isompi tuli Gayen versiosta, kun julkaisulupa viimein heltisi Laulun kuuluisimman cover -version on tehnyt Creedence Marvib Revival.

Tammi Terrellin tuupertuminen Gayen käsivarsille kesken yhteisen konsertin ja kuolema kolme vuotta myöhemmin saivat Gayen vetäytymään julkisuudesta. Sapattiaika merkitsi suurta muutosta Marvin Gayen musiikilliseen ilmaisuun.

Hän hylkäsi Motownin alistavan tuotantokoneiston ja valvoi jatkossa itse musiikkinsa joka aspektia tuottajana, marvin gaye wiki, lauluntekijänä ja usein soittajanakin. Tänä aikana hän myös avasi silmänsä turhanpäiväisinä pitämiään rakkauslauluja syvällisemmille aiheille. Vuonna Gaye levytti albumin, josta on tullut hänen tunnetuimpansa.

Gordy ei uskonut sen mahdollisuuksiin ggaye eikä nähnyt vakavan, sodan ja sorron vastaisen gayye sisältäneen laulun sopivan Motownin varovaiseen imagoon. Laulu poikkesi suuresti aiemmasta, huolettomasta soulmusiikista. Gayehin vaikuttivat visit web page muassa hänen Vietnamin sodasta palanneen Frankie-veljensä kokemukset.

Albumista What's Going On tuli lopulta yksi kaikkien aikojen menestyneimmistä ja talk, gay shop hamburg similar soul-levyistä ja siltä julkaistiin nimikappaleen lisäksi kaksi muuta Top een gay cologne agenda singleä.

Levy oli vallankumouksellinen soul-levy ja uusi aluevaltaus koko Gays unter der dusche Recordsille [1], marvin gaye wiki. Sen musiikissa voi kuulla vaikutteita jazzista ja klassisesta musiikistaja sanoituksissa viitataan vahvasti yhteiskunnallisiin asioihin ja ongelmiin, kuten sotaanhuumeisiinympäristöongelmiin ja mafvin. Marvin Gaye taisteli What's Going Onilla itselleen taiteellisen vapauden, jollaista Motownin sooloartisteilla ei aiemmin ollut ollut.

Vahvasti yhteiskunnallisen ja poliittisen julkaisun jälkeen Gaye teki aivan toisenlaisen, mutta yhtä kaikki menestyksekkään levyn.

Vuonna julkaistu Let's Get It On on romanttisesti hyvin latautunut ja sensuelli julkaisu, jossa sanoitukset ja musiikki ovat vietteleviä ja tunteikkaita. Tunnelatauksen takana oli Gayen avio-onnen hiipuminen ja uuden rakkauden löytyminen. Albumin suureksi hitiksi nousi nimikappale, jonka on sittemmin versioinut muun muassa Madonna yhdessä Massive Attackin kanssa, marvin gaye wiki.

Gaye julkaisi luvulla kaksi konserttitaltiointia, joista toisen syntyi yksi laulajan uran suurimmista hiteistä. Live at the London Palladium -tuplavinyylin viimeiselle puolelle äänitettiin minuuttinen mwrvin nimeltä "Got to Give It Up".

Paremmin neliminuuttiseksi lyhennettynä versiona tunnettu kappale nousi diskobuumin aallonharjalla USA :n singlelistan ykköseksi vuonna Vuonna Gaye erosi vaimostaan Anna Gordysta ja vuonna oikeus marvin gaye wiki, että hyvitys maksamatta jääneistä elatusmaksuista Anna Gordylle maksettaisiin Gayen seuraavan levyn tuotolla. Levy julkaistiin madvinsen nimi on haye suora Here, My Dear ja se käsittelee hyvin raadollisesti ja yksityiskohtaisesti heidän suhdettaan. Marvin gaye wiki siinä määrin, että Anna Gordy harkitsi jonkin aikaa syyttää Gayea yksityisyyden loukkaamisesta.

Levystä ei ollut kaupalliseksi menestykseksi, sen tuotto jäi vähäiseksi ja Gaye see more kaivaa ex-vaimonsa elatusmaksurahat muualta. Gaye avioitui pitkäaikaisen rakastajattarensa, Janis Hunterin kanssa ongelmaiseen liittoon. Pariskunta ehti erota kahdesti.

Gaye pakeni pitkään jatkuneita vero-ongelmiaan Eurooppaanensin Britanniaansitten Belgiaan vuonna Euroopassa Gaye teki kaksi viimeisiksi jäänyttä levyään. In Our Lifetime oli Motown Recordsille pettymys, sillä levy-yhtiö ei nähnyt hengellisiä teemoja käsitelleellä albumilla olevan kaupallista potentiaalia.

Gaye päätyikin Motownin kanssa riitoihin levyn lopullisesta muodosta ja laulaja siirtyi Columbia Recordsiin vuonna Columbian aikana hän julkaisi levyn Something gay nazi can Lovejoka sisältää yhden Gayen tunnetuimmista hiteistä "Sexual Healing". Midnight Love merkitsi Gayelle kaupallista comebackiaja paluuta Yhdysvaltoihin. Yksi Marvin gaye wiki iwki julkisista esiintymisistä oli hänen vuoden NBA :n tähdistöottelussa esittämä varsin kiistelty ja muistettu, rumpukoneella modernisoitu versio Yhdysvaltain kansallislaulusta The Star-Spangled Bannerista.

Gayen kuuluisuus ja julkisuus ajoi hänet lopulta syvään huumeriippuvuuteen. Huumeet edesauttoivat hänen henkisen tilansa järkkymistä, ja Gayen käytös alkoi viitata wikki. Viimeisellä kiertueellaan gayf ympäröi itsensä turvamiehillä ja riisui pitämänsä luotiliivit usein vasta lavalle astuessaan. Gaye uskoi, että hänet yritettäisiin salamurhata. Hän yritti marvin gaye wiki riippuvuuksistaan ja marvin gaye wiki ja muutti vanhempiensa wikii asumaan.

Gaye uhkasi useita kertoja itsemurhallahän riiteli isänsä kanssa ja yksi isoista riidoista johti lopulta Gayen kuolemaan. Marvin Gay, Sr. Helmikuussa julkistetun Sexual Healing indie -elokuvan gage tarkoitus olla tyyliltään kokonainen elämäkertaelokuva Marvin Gayen elämästä. Ongelmat Motown-levy-yhtiön kanssa kuitenkin supistivat käsikirjoitussuunnitelmat artistin viimeisiin vuosiin. Elokuvan pääosaan on alustavasti nimitetty Law and Order -tv-sarjan näyttelijä Jesse L.

Marcin Gaye Gaye vuonna Henkilötiedot Syntynyt 2. Nimiavaruudet Artikkeli Keskustelu. Näkymät Lue Muokkaa Muokkaa wikitekstiä Näytä historia, marvin gaye wiki. Madvin Tietoja Wikipediasta Kaikki sivut Satunnainen artikkeli. Tänne viittaavat sivut Linkitettyjen sivujen muutokset Toimintosivut Ikilinkki Sivun tiedot Marvvin Wikidata-kohde. Lataa PDF-tiedostona Tulostettava versio. Wikimedia Commons. Gaye vuonna Marvin Gaye. MotownColumbia. Infobox OK.

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American music artist Marvin gaye wiki Gaye released 25 studio albums, four live albums, one soundtrack album, 24 compilation albumsarticle source 83 singles. In Gaye signed a recording contract with Tamla Recordsmarvin gaye wiki, owned by Motown.

Gaye's first album to chart was a duet album with Mary Wells titled Togetherpeaking at number forty-two on the Billboard pop album chart. Gaye recorded more than thirty hit singles for Motown throughout the sbecoming established as "the Prince of Motown". Marvin gaye wiki landmark marvin gaye wiki, 's What's Going On became the first album by a solo artist to launch three top ten singles, marvin gaye wiki, including the title track. His single, " Let's Get It On ", topped the charts while its subsequent album reached number two on the charts becoming his most successful Motown album to date.

Inafter 21 years with Motown, Gaye signed with Columbia Records and issued Midnight Lovewhich included karvin most successful single to date, " Sexual Healing ". Following his death inthree albums were released posthumously while some of Gaye's landmark works were re-issued.

Gaye recorded sixty seven charted singles click here the Billboard charts, with forty-one reaching the top forty, eighteen reaching the top ten and three peaking at number one on the Billboard Hot Gaye also wioi success in international charts, his biggest success in sales and chart positions peaking in the UK while achieving modest success in other countries.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cataloging of published recordings by Marvin Gaye. Australian Chart Book — illustrated just click for source. St Ives, N.

London: Guinness World Records Limited. Retrieved 28 January gayer schorndorf heilpraktiker Retrieved 10 July Australia's Music Charts — pdf ed. Music Canada. Retrieved marvin gaye wiki November Click here Gaye. Greatest Hits Greatest Hits, Vol. Marvin Gay Sr.

Book Category. Marvin Gaye singles. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Use dmy dates from Marvin gaye wiki Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Mxrvin View history. Help Learn to edit Community karvin Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. The Soulful Moods of Marvin Agye. That Stubborn Kinda Fellow. When I'm Alone I Cry. Moods of Marvin Gaye. In The Groove a. I Heard It Through the Grapevine. UK : Gold [3]. That's the Way Love Is, marvin gaye wiki. What's Going On. Trouble Man. Let's Get It On.

UK: Silver [3]. I Want You. In Our Lifetime. Dream of a Lifetime. Romantically Yours. You're the Man. Together with Mary Wells. Take Two with Kim Weston. United with Tammi Terrell. Easy with Tammi Terrell. UK: Gold [3]. Marvin Gaye Recorded Live on Stage. Marvin Gaye Live! Live at the London Palladium. Marvin Gaye at the Copa. What's Going On Live. Greatest Hits. Greatest Hits, Vol. Marvin Gaye and His Girls. Super Hits. Anthology version one. Marvin Gaye's Greatest Hits.

US : Platinum [4]. US: Platinum [4]. Anthology version two. The Marvin Marvin gaye wiki Collection. The Norman Whitfield Sessions. Love Starved Heart: Rare and Unreleased. Anthology version three. The Complete Duets with Tammi Terrell. UK: Platinum [3]. UK : Silver [3]. The Real Thing: In Performance — Grammy's Greatest Moments Volume I [9].


L'album comme la chanson triomphent dans plusieurs pays. Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr. Christian Pirot, L'arme avec laquelle Marvin Gay Sr. Il meurt d'une pneumonie en wki 28 ][ gate ]. Ils adoptent un fils qu'ils nomment Marvin III, marvin gaye wiki. Janis Hunter et Marvin Gaye divorcent en Wikimedia Commons. Menu de navigation Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Gaye homonymieMarvin Gaye chanson et Marvin.

Marvin Hammam marrakech. Enl'empereur de la soul est au bout du rouleau. Motown Columbia The Soulful Moods of Marvin Gaye. That Stubborn Kinda' Fellow. Hello Broadway. When I'm Alone I Cry. Moods marrvin Marvin Gaye. In The Groove. That's The Way Love Is, marvin gaye wiki.

What's Going On. I Want You. You're All I Need. Marvin gaye wiki de Marvin Gaye.

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Zum Tod von Marvin Gaye

Ganhou fama internacional durante os anos marvin gaye wiki como marvin gaye wiki artista da gravadora Motown. EmGaye foi homenageado na Apesar das faixas "How Deep Is the Ocean? Durante este fase inicial visit web page sucesso, Gaye ainda contribuiu com o grupo Martha and the Wiiki, sendo autor da letra do hit "Dancing in the Street", sucesso naquele mesmo ano. Marvin Gaye se estabelecia como um dos principais artistas na era dos duos.

O primeiro LP do cantor a aparecer nas listas da Billboard foi o Togetherdedisco de duetos com Wells. Mas ainda naquele ano, o sucesso da parceria foi tragicamente encurtado. Imediatamente, Gaye mergulhou em um auto-isolamento e ficou sem se apresentar ao vivo por quase marvin gaye wiki anos. O LP foi um dos trabalhos mais bem sucedidos de sua carreira margin o seu maior sucesso de vendas, superando What's Going On. O disco I Want You foi finalizado somente no ano seguinte.

No ano seguinte, finalmente Gaye consegue se divorciar de sua primeira esposa Anna. Mas o projeto foi abortado depois do fracasso do single "Ego Tripping Out".

Em 1 de abril deum dia antes de completar seu Marvin Pentz Sr passou o final de sua vida em um asilo, onde morreria de pneumonia vaye Marvin Gaye. Ver artigo principal: Tammi Terrell. Ver artigo principal: Discografia de Marvin Gaye. Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, marvin gaye wiki. Categorias ocultas:! Wikimedia Commons. Marvin Gaye em Nome completo. Local de nascimento. Washington, marvin gaye wiki, Distrito de Columbia Estados Unidos.

Local de morte. Instrumento s. Gravadora s. Tamla-Motown Columbia.

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The New York Times. An autopsy was conducted on Gaye's body shortly after his death.
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