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If you can't find the email you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. Scott is still in jail. I think Liberace gay ruined Scott's liberace gay. The kid was only Liberace enabled his drug taking. Through the whole damn movie, I kept thinking what a shitty boyfriend Thorson was - constantly whining, always demanding and complaining, defensive about his sexuality, liberace gay, drugged up, and liberace gay failing to appreciate Liberace as a person.

After an hour I felt sorry for Liberace, and wondered why the hell he put up with it for someone who wasn't that hot. I was surprised to liberac about his tangential connection to the Wonderland murders when I listened to the recent podcast about the incident.

He was supposed to follow up with a book called "Beyond the Candelabra" but he keeps adding unfortunate chapters. R5, Liberace, for all of his faults, was a good man. He had many wonderful qualities. As for Scott Thorson, he is such an idiot. Liberace offered to help him with his drug problems, but he refused treatment, liberace gay. Liberace would have taken liberacf of him lliberace his estate would still be financially supporting him. He's right where he needs to be. He's been in and out of prison since Liberace died.

The fool gay in sports even make it on the Federal witness protection program. He has no self control with dope and now that he has cancer he will more than likely die in prison. Liberace is the one who got him started on dope. Then it got out of hand and the old fool didn't know what to do with him so he cut him off and sent him packing.

Plus all the opioids the strip mall plastic surgeon prescribed for him didn't gau. Liberace was no "good man". He was a whore hopping old fool who used a stupid young child for his own lascivious means.

Bullshit, R8. Liberace was very conservative in many ways, liberace gay. He disapproved of illegal drugs. Yes, Liberace played around and had a huge amount of sexual encounters. So what? Gay men liberace gay sex, and all of us have played around. Who in the hell are you to judge? It was the s when everyone was fucking around.

Scott Thorson was an adult when Liberace took an interest in him. Liberace loved Scott Thorson, but Scott Thorson loved taking drugs more. He was NOT 16, he was 18 if he was a day and by then his own free moral agent.

His foster parents could have stopped him but libetace because he was of legal age. Scott Thorson, whatever else he may have said that may or liberave not have been truthful, likes to put it around now that he was underage, liberace gay, making Liberace out to be some sort of pedophile, which he was NOT. Thorson was born supposedly in liberacf to Wikipedia and supposedly met Liberace in making him 17, supposedly, but I think I have read that he was actually bornmaking him 18 and gay bloopers legal age.

All this "young visit web page innocent" crap put out by Scott Liberace gay is just that, a bunch of bullshit. Thorson had been around the block quite a few liberace gay before he liberace gay met Liberace.

He pleaded for help from Damon and Douglas. I mean, they did make money off liberacd him. It messes with your self esteem and can lead to destructive behavior. I think he looks good too, for an older guy, liberace gay.

You could liberace gay 18 but have good gayspank join mentality of a 15 year old. Why do people think that when you turn 18 you magically become this worldly, gay pride costumes adult, let alone a been around the block Casanova?

Real life is not an adult film. Some might have 15 year old minds, but then some 15 year olds liberace gay be mature beyond their liberace gay. I agree that 18 is sort of an arbitrary cutoff or perhaps liberace gay eupen gay, but what would you european gay dating Jews believe a boy becomes a man at about 12 or irangayboy when he has his bar mitzvah or if a girl a bat mitzvah, liberace gay.

Are you going to tell them they and their centuries old customs are wrong? Even if Scott Thorson was 16, which he was not, he was probably worldly wise at that age in a way others in their 20s or 30s are not, liberace gay. He had fay in and out of foster homes all his life until then so he had probably developed a well honed set of survival gay dating. He knew what he was getting into when he crawled into bed with Liberace, who, BTW, liberace gay, was the best thing that ever happened to him.

And Liberace's housekeeper, Gladys Luckie, said that Scott was the only man Liberace ever liberace gay, for whatever reason I will never understand. I don't know what he ever saw in him, liberace gay. Where else online do you have people passionately arguing over Liberace's morals and politics. I love the DL. R11 It is called "The Wonderland Murders".

I liked it a lot, hope you enjoy also. It is around 6 episodes and they give plenty of context and backstory into the 70s LA porn scene and the seamy details of John Holmes rise liberace gay fall, liberace gay.

So what was all the creepy crap about Liberace never being a Father and wanting to adopt Scott? How about the plastic surgery Liberace liberxce for so Scott could resemble Liberace? Many ppl have wonderful things to say about Liberace gay, including a 2nd cousin who bearded for him in the s.

I think liberace gay many issues came as he aged - consequences of excess and the closet. Scott would've wound up in jail anyway, he was that type. At least liberace gay way he libdrace a few good years.

R26, liberace gay poster would just post that same things in random threads. I think he looks awful and has for a long time. That is what being a drug addict does to you, liberace gay. Thorsons biggest problem has laways been himself. Admittedly living the high life with Liberace and then back to being a nobody would have been tough.

Also, I dont think Liberace was the nicest guy in the world Just an early example of a rich old queen buying a young, liberace gay up rent boy for a few years. The lure of the smooth skinned top is hard to resist, but you lay liberace gay dogs, you get fleas.

See also Calvin Klein. And David Geffen. He pinged all the way to outer space, liberace gay. I heard Scott on a radio interview a few years ago and found him hilarious, maybe not intentionally so.

What normal 18 year old kid even a gay kid would willingly let some ol' lecherous queen ilberace around in a caftan all day long have sex with him for years? Thorson was a screwed up mess with the morals of a pig, and apparently he must have had a cast iron stomach as well. The very thought of Liberace coming at me naked with a boner would make me projectile vomit for days. Wasn't Scott Thorson raised in foster liberace gay I could definitely see him looking for a father figure in Libegace.

Liberace was a sweetheart. Scott was an asshole, liberace gay. BTC was a very sympathetic portrayal of Scott, to say the least. He got into so much trouble that was left out of the book, and Lee always cleaned up the messes- DUIs, car wrecks. Nothing but trouble. And Scott blew through the money he made off this movie in months. He would have been set for life, even with a breakup if he wasn't a junkie.

Yes indeed, we too use see more.

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Muscle cars and macho men were the order of the day. Lee confessed to me that he liberace gay dating women to suppress the growing rumors click at this page his own sexuality.

If anyone dared to question his masculinity, liberace gay, he needed to be able to flaunt pictures of his latest girlfriend. He had no trouble getting all the dates he wanted and he gloried in escorting well-known entertainers to parties, getting his picture taken with Susan Hayward, Gale Storm, liberace gay, Rosemary Clooney, Liberace gay West, and Judy Garland.

Mae was the only one of his so-called lady friends I actually met. As they say in Texas, Mae was a hoot! Undoubtedly the entire Liberace family heaved liberace gay sigh of relief as they watched her relationship with Lee progress. Lee and JoAnn became engaged in and even set a date liberace gay a wedding — liberace gay year away.

From all reports, Lee liked JoAnn a lot, a first for him when it came to women. He courted her with gifts of flowers and perfume, gifts that foreshadowed the truly extravagant presents he would later give his liberace gay lovers. But Lee told me he never planned liberace gay walk down the aisle, with JoAnn or anyone else. His engagement served to squelch the rumors about his sexuality —period!

Many homosexual men enjoy relationships with women, liberace gay. There are a few who even come to love them, as friends or as temporary sexual partners. Not Lee! He had to forcibly control his dislike and distrust of most of the women he dated. While dating JoAnn publicly, he confessed that liberace gay continued to have secret liberace gay with young men. The older Lee liberace gay, the more younger men appealed to him.

In that regard, liberace gay, he was a Dracula who never wearied of the taste and touch of youth.

By his 50s he preferred dating boys in their teens. There have been rumors that Lee had an affair with Rock Hudson early in their careers.

The supposed affair never happened. In the years we were together, Lee never mentioned knowing Rock. The two men moved in completely different circles, socially and professionally. Both men had been abandoned by their fathers and dominated by their mothers. As adults the two of them devoted a great deal of time and energy to creating a fictional personal history for public consumption. Neither man could deal with anything distasteful — an argument, the illness of a parent, getting rid of a lover — and both used others to do their dirty work.

Lee never used male liberace gay. He was an intensely romantic man who preferred the thrill of the chase rather than the cold reality of a cash transaction, liberace gay. Young men eager to make a connection with a big show-business personality usually jumped at the chance for a date with him. He used his success, his fame as foreplay. If they pleased him he would keep them around for a while — a week, a month, a year or two.

If not, he would send them on their way with a gift, generous athen gay area friends who granted him favors. During those first years of fame, he became even more skilled at leading a double life. Onstage he smiled sweetly and flirted with his fans. In private he built an enormous and expensive collection of pornography that he shared at all-male parties. His mother may have known, liberace gay, too. Touring abroad gave him liberace gay occasional break from his problems.

He said he felt safer, more free to be himself in countries where his name was not yet a household word. He would have other, greater thrills, liberace gay, but that first show at the Palladium ranked right up there with his first appearance in the Hollywood Bowl.

London, he said, sounded like heaven. Before he returned to the States it was to feel more like hell. He enjoyed a huge box-office success in Britain, but the critics united in attacking him. For the first time in his career Lee was publicly branded as gay, and it devastated him. He burned with impotent rage for days.

But in London he felt helpless, liberace gay. So he struck back in liberace gay only way he could. He sued. Money was surely no obstacle to the highest paid performer in the world. In England mouthful gay used it as a tool to buy vindication and revenge.

This time she would be far better known than JoAnn Del Rio. Blonde, blue-eyed, she had an attractive figure and, more important, a celebrity name, liberace gay. Sonja was seven years older than Lee and her fame was waning when they met. I think mutual need drew them to each other. Together, here generated more publicity than either one could separately.

The aging skater merited a lot of space in movie magazines and tabloids when she became the woman Liberace spent his evenings with. If he was being honest — für welche dating app gay with Lee you could never be sure — it would be his last relationship with mantra hindi meaning woman.

After the London court liberace gay came to an end, liberace gay, Lee never again felt the need to camouflage his true nature by dating ladies. In Lee was completely vindicated and his name cleared, liberace gay. He gave every penny of it to charity, liberace gay. From on Lee turned to the courts whenever he failed to get his way by other means. When Liberace gay and I finally confronted each other in a court of law, the bitterly contested case dragged on for five years.

Lee felt compelled to keep his silence. It is the first movie on the Thorson-Liberace relationship and its aftermath since the Canada-U. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide marvin gaye i want you 1976 consent to receive marketing communications from them.

BIO Scott Thorson. Show Comments. To continue reading for free, provide your email below. Wake-up with.

The Last Time Scott Thorson Saw His Ex-Lover Liberace - Where Are They Now - OWN
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„Schnellster Pianist der Welt“

By David Wigg. Click here liberace gay to the fashionable Chelsea restaurant flung open, and the entire place fell into a liberace gay silence — broken only by the sound of my fork dropping to the floor in my surprise.

There stood the most exotic of men, liberace gay, wearing a full-length white fox-fur coat, weighed down with enough bling and sequins to light the room, liberace gay his face — wreathed in a wide pearly-white — caked in liberace gay make-up beneath a pompadoured wig.

By his gustavo gay porn was his partner Scott Thorson, tall and blond in a bejewelled tailored white suit and silver boots, his fingers almost obscured by chunky rings. I was reminded of that night — more than 40 years ago - when I watched a preview of Behind The Candelabra at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Two uncompromisingly macho men in real life, but liberace gay camp on screen, and uncannily reminiscent of both characters.

Even the sugar-coated cynicism is faithfully reproduced, liberace gay, as I recognised. In his dressing room at the London Palladium one night, I asked Liberace if he was troubled by the increasing liberace gay about his personal life — it was at a time before homosexuality was widely accepted, and some aspects of it were still illegal, liberace gay.

Both Douglas and Damon have more than 60 changes of costume liberace gay the film, each custom-made and based on the original entertainer's elaborate wardrobe. In Daily Mirror columnist Cassandra wrote a vitriolic attack on Liberace that he took as an accusation that he was homosexual. He sued for libel, swore under oath in the witness box that he was straight, and won.

To the end, Liberace never gave up publicly pretending to be read article heterosexual, liberace gay, liberace gay inventing romances with various women — in particular claiming his heart had been broken by the Norwegian ice skating star Sonja Henje, seven years his senior. Another secret Liberace had managed to keep from his fans was that he was almost totally bald and used to wear a toupee, never taking it off even when he went to bed.

And he had two face lifts after being shocked how old he thought looked he looked on one of his TV shows. When I met Douglas and Damon after previewing the movie, I asked them why playing such daring roles and against type appealed thanks gay sex mainz sorry them so much. Both Douglas and Damon believe that in these days of lavish - but carefully manipulated - superstardom as practised liberace gay people like Madonna and Lady Gaga, nobody comes close to Liberace for over-the-top performing.

Douglas was first approached to portray Liberace while he was acting the role of a drug tsar in the award-winning film Traffic released in — a part which could not have been more contrasting than this one. But he remained committed to the production, liberace gay, and was keen to return to it soon after being given the all-clear.

Then all the parties agreed to wait one more year, allowing Matt Damon to make the sci-film Elysium. To the end, Liberace never gave liberace gay publicly pretending to be avowedly heterosexual.

Later on I realised it was a wig. He was an even bigger star than Elvis Presley was liberace gay Las Vegas at that time. It weighed lbs and was driven off stage in a miniature version of his Rolls Royce. The coat Michael Douglas wears in the film to replicate that scene is made of fake fur, and weighs considerably less.

Another secret Liberace had managed to keep from his fans was that he was almost totally bald and used to wear a toupee. So I was a little put off in terms of the physicality aspect of it.

Liberace could play anything from the classics to pop and jazz, liberace gay, but Douglas is not a pianist. So by having it on the screen, I could watch it and I could practice, and I could get my hands and little finger movements in the liberace gay places. Only an expert would have known I was faking it. Damon explained that through prosthetics his looks were changed for the face lift sequence. Matt was only 17 when Liberace died, liberace gay, but remembers seeing him on TV, liberace gay.

My grandmother was an excellent piano player and she loved watching him too. Scottliberace gay, a simple year-old country boy who enjoyed looking after and training dogs, first met Liberace when a friend introduced him liberace gay the entertainer in his dressing room, after watching his show at the Las Vegas Hilton, liberace gay. Liberace invited him home to help treat his poodle who was unwell. I think they had a profound love for each other.

I think he genuinely fell for him, which is why he was hurt, ultimately, liberace gay. The love that they had for each other turned to violent arguing. Having come from a broken home, his insecurity took over as he was scared he was going to be replaced. Worse still, he had developed an addiction to cocaine, kept a gun hidden, and would at times go on a rampage in the house. A jealous Thorson turned violent, liberace gay, locking himself away in one of the rooms, and smashing everything in view.

By now, Liberace had become unwell and had just two months to live. Damon explained that through prosthetics his looks were liberace gay for the face lift sequence, where he had to have high cheek bones and a different shaped nose and a cleft in his chin.

I did warn every guy in the studio crew. You are all welcome liberace gay look but I have to warn you, it will be seared in your memory! Both Douglas and Damon believe that in these days of lavish — but carefully manipulated — superstardom as practised by people like Madonna and Lady Gaga, nobody comes close to Liberace for over-the-top performing. Friday, June 7th. Argos AO. Latest Headlines U, liberace gay.

Share this article Share. Matt was only 17 when Liberace died, but he remembers seeing him on TV. Share or comment on this liberace gay Something gay urlaub deutschland opinion Liberace I knew: The secrets beneath the glitter, the sequins and the extravagant lifestyle, by the musician's friend David Wigg e-mail. Most watched News videos Terrifying moment huge blast rips apart Chinese restaurant Matt Hancock praises Priti Patel amid bullying allegations Driver miraculously survives concrete commit gay kontakte duisburg logically falling on car Doctor who gave birth to twins while in coma felt 'disorientated' Quick-thinking man has liberace gay escape as slab falls from building MailOnline reporter wears similar dress liberace gay Harry Styles' in Vogue SAGE 'used Wikipedia and had no experts' investigation reveals Heartbreaking clip shows puppy in Turkey with amputated front paws Leslie Jenea Chance feigns innocence during Dateline interview Leslie Jenea Chance shocked by murder verdict in Joe Biden gets emotional while talking to ICU nurses Shocking moment HS2 worker kneels on a protester's neck, liberace gay.

More top stories, liberace gay. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Fox eyeing a second retirement from acting amid health problems Desperate hunt for two fishermen missing at sea after their 'scallop wars' boat sank off the Sussex coast Trump 'wants to END birthright citizenship before he leaves office': President could liberace gay immigration Twitter says it will hand control of US president's official account to Joe Biden on January 20 - regardless Freedom for Christmas: Several families could be allowed to meet for up to a week in December in relaxation PM clashes with No.

Two west London wedding venues are forced to shut down for three months after holding illegal parties during Five houses for sale that collectively cost less than one typical UK Eurovision winner Sandie Shaw, liberace gay, 73, forgives her fashion designer ex-husband Jeff Banks 50 years after he Boris Johnson 'pressured adviser to tone down Priti Patel bullying report to make findings more palatable' Man, 49, is arrested on liberace gay of murder after school teacher, 47, was killed in attack that also left a Children paying the price for eco-car smuggery: As Boris Johnson aims for new cars to be electric byOne in three motorists cannot afford even the cheapest electric car, liberace gay, warn experts in blow to Government Ministers could send Army troops to Liberace gay as a 'Covid liberace gay is declared with the city liberace gay the worst Urgent investigation is launched after nearly a quarter of residents at one care home die from Covid as Sweden now has a higher Covid infection rate than France go here Britain after shunning lockdowns GP surgery in Scotland is forced to close after one member of staff tests positive and 'a large number' have Foreign travel quarantine will be slashed from 14 days to five under a 'test and release' scheme to get UK records a new grim milestone as the Covid death toll tops 70, - with more victims today Anti-COVID nasal spray that protects against coronavirus infection for up to 48 hours is 'ready for use Trials for AstraZeneca's new 'antibody cocktail' treatment will begin in the UK - and it could prevent Four female British athletes have naked pictures and videos stolen and posted online in widespread cyber Having women in charge is good for your health if you're a woman!

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At the end of his life, still convinced that his fans were unaware of his sexuality much gay doctor videos thank the disease he was battling, he confided in Heller his belief that if his fans knew, liberace gay, "that's liberace gay they'll remember about me.

It was very closetted. Rock Hudson was around then when Liberace was a big deal. So was James Dean, liberace gay, Troy Libfrace. It was don't ask, don't tell. People lived their lives very quietly then. Whispers liberace gay, but never real fingers ever pointed at any of the big stars, even when the universe knew they were gay.

And fabulously dressed, too!!! It was only after he had effectively retired in the late 70's early 80's that he came out. Looking back however, it's obvious lol. Yes he was I believe he die of Aids but not sure he had a male partner for years. I saw his home in Las Vegas liberace gay turned into a museum, Great to see all about his article source too.

Yes, he was. I Googled this question lbierace it has been asked quite a bit on Yahoo! Answers before. Take a look at some of the answers, liberace gay. I read article friuty and gay might be two different things but yes, he was gay. Actually, he was gay and fruity!

Yes and what a character with all those wild costumes! He has a museum here in Las Vegas that houses many of his wild belongings. Trending News. Health care system on 'the brink of failure' amid surge. NFL is complicit in Liberace gay 'leading' attendance figures. Trump claim is 'Freddy Krueger nightmare': Official. I saw a vid of ga on youtube and think he's a bit fruity.

Answer Save. Yes, but he tried to keep it secret. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. DonnaL Lv 4.

Fruity as a fruit cake! Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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A film tells the story of Liberace's relationship with his lover, but the liberace gay pianist stayed in the closet all his liberace gay. How did he maintain this fiction, and what does it say about America's rapidly changing attitude to gay rights? A handsome young valet helped Wladziu Valentino Liberace step from his chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce on to a liberace gay shimmering with candelabra, and the man who called himself Mr Showmanship showed off his 16ft-long rhinestone-studded fox fur cape, liberace gay.

His entrance at New York's Radio City Music Hall in April was liberace gay cheerfully, flamboyantly camp as his fans had come liberace gay expect liberace gay his year musical career.

He staged relationships with women and repeatedly asserted his heterosexuality in interviews, once talking about liberace gay ideal female partner. He even famously took the Daily Mirror to court when it hinted otherwise. His fans - typically suburban middle-aged women - seemed happy enough to accept his story. Thousands were outraged during his brief engagement to a younger woman.

It was a fiction. Behind The Candelabra, a forthcoming film starring Michael Douglas, liberace gay, tells the story of Liberace's long-standing relationship with his former chauffeur, played by Matt Damon.

While modern audiences are familiar with a diverse range of gay and lesbian personalities, Liberace rose to prominence at a time when camp and homosexuality were commonly and erroneously seen as synonymous, liberace gay. He grew liberace gay in a conservative, working-class, Polish-Italian mid-western household, at a time when homosexuality was punishable by up to 10 years in prison in some US states. As a result, he had good cause to fear that exposure of his private self would almost certainly have meant the end of his career.

But paradoxically, his camp, over-the-top performance style appears to have been key to his appeal to middle America. Shortly after his television programme, liberace gay, The Liberace Show, launched in he attracted up to 30 million viewers an episode. A decision by the liberace gay during the late s to adopt sober Brooks Brothers suits and jettison the candelabra coincided with a sharp downturn in his popularity. His career bounced back after he adopted his Mr Showmanship persona during the early s, declaring that "it was a shame to waste [his] mother-of-pearl trimmed suits".

According to his biographer, liberace gay, Darden Asbury Pyron, liberace gay, Liberace carefully constructed every aspect of his image to maximise his public appeal, and that included allusions to his sexual handsome gay. It's secondary to the fact he was a great performer, he was extremely fastidious about his presentation and he gave his audiences exactly what they wanted.

More importantly, his performance style was constructed to be learn more here non-threatening as possible. While camp, it was shorn of any suggestion that he might ever want to actually have sex. Kevin Check this out, professor of English at the University of Iowa, who analysed the Liberace phenomenon in his book Beethoven's Kiss, compares the pianist's public persona to that of Michael Gay full movie. Both men, he says, portrayed themselves as childlike and liberace gay.

It not enough to prevent rumours circulating, however, and Liberace felt obliged to take legal action against publications which suggested he might be gay.

Most famously, he sued the Liberace gay Mirror over an innuendo-laden article by William Connor, who wrote under the pen-name Cassandra, which described the musician as "the pinnacle of masculine, feminine, and neuter The Cassandra article might be considered too homophobic to be published in a national newspaper today, and the trial that followed reveals much about the very different social attitudes of the time - not least in the repeated use of the term "homosexualist" during the case.

Under liberace gay, Liberace testified city gay he was not gay and had never taken part in homosexual activity. But the Cassandra trial, coupled with his repeated denials of his homosexuality, liberace gay, was one reason why sections of the fledgling gay rights movement increasingly viewed Liberace with antipathy.

Aged 50 by the time the Stonewall riots kicked off the modern fight for gay and lesbian rights in the US, liberace gay, he displayed scant desire to demand recognition or equality for the community even though as article source passed "he was liberace gay in a gay redhead closet", according to Kopelson, liberace gay. Many younger activists, fighting to gay69 stereotypes about their sexual orientation, resented the way he constructed a neutered, effeminate persona designed liberace gay to frighten or challenge the mainstream, argues Pyron.

Despite his huge fame at the peak of his career, Liberace - unlike contemporaries like Elvis Presley liberace gay Frank Sinatra - has few dedicated followers today. In the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas closed its doors, liberace gay it is due to reopen at a new location in Likewise, says Kopelson, some modern gay men find it difficult to relate to him - in contrast, he liberace gay, with the actor Rock Hudson, another famous closeted celebrity of the era.

Hudson's image as a ruggedly masculine romantic lead was far more significant in terms of challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes, the author argues. Still, Liberace's supporters say he can and should be remembered as a gay icon, nonetheless - not one that represents liberation, but a none-too-distant era when here minorities had to communicate via coded language and innuendo.

And he continues to function as a marker of the limits of the entertainment industry's tolerance. Behind the Candelabra's marburg gay Steven Soderbergh provoked a fierce debate liberace gay he said he had to take the film to the cable station HBO because Hollywood's studios believed it was "too gay".

You can follow the Magazine on Twitter and on Facebook. But until his death inLiberace insisted he fight gay not gay. Mr Showmanship, learn more here appears, is still capable of kicking up a storm liberace gay the box office.

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Yes, but he tried to keep it secret. Rock loved women and he loved sex.
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