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Come here to discuss pro wrestling in all its forms and factions. Get your flair here! These communities are not moderated by the SquaredCircle moderator team, gay wrestling fans.

A Gay Wrestling fan? I started watching wrestling as a 13 year old boy. I always like shoes and spectacles. Wrestling was just perfect. But I never like related to other fans. Im into Ru Pauls Drag Race as much as article source love wrestling.

Just 2 different but still similar art forms. Like guys like kenny omega and fns golden lovers gimmick. Darren young, and also like just will osprey tweeting that he finds channing Tatum hot. It all made me feel so welcome to wrestling again. This one is not really related to gay masturbation movies post but I find Channing Tatum creepy.

Don't ask me why. I seriously don't know myself. Probably because his face looks kinda old now. He's actually a pretty good actor now. Also creepy is that I can see him pulling off that creepy, racist, violent redneck pretty gay wrestling fans for some gsy. I liked the live shows they did recently, gay wrestling fans, but them in the apartment is the best. Even if a ppv is shit I can still guarantee that they'll make it better. The Nobodies and Botchamania need to do a crossover.

I blame you for this! She was also agy valet at an indie gaay not too long ago! It's awesome to see more queens in wrestling shows and it being a completely normal thing. I'm from Providence,RI and someone called one of the wrestlers a ffans and he was promply chased out by the fans. I love all agy LGBT people talking about how wrestling has helped them. Much love! Same here! I'm a transwoman and my girlfriend is bisexual and we love the way the wrestling world is starting to really bridge the gap and make us feel welcome and able to enjoy the silly nonsense together!

Don't know why you're being downvoted. It's awesome that you are source validated by the things you're interested in. Wrestling has come a long way from cross-dressing and gay gimmicks being a comedy bit.

Probably because he said he's gay, Unfortunately there's still people out there that believe that is reason enough to hate someone. Or because the sub being treated like a blog is annoying. This isn't wrestling discussion. I'm not downvoting him because he's gay, I'm doing it because it's personal anecdote post that doesn't lend gay wrestling fans to wrestling conversation and that if it were about anything else it would've been deleted but because of the context it's going to be kept around.

Now, you can disagree with me and that's fine, but don't just assume it's only because overly sensitive homophobes - some people, even bi ones, just don't think a thread about patting each other's backs is wrestling related because the op name dropped a handful of things at the end of their post. I personally don't think a bunch of people agreeing that Balor or even Bliss is hot is "discussion". Look at the Ali tweet post. It's actually about wrestling. Even if it wasn't by a wrestler, it still tells a story relevant to wrestling, discusses the handling of social issues within the context of the medium, and includes the personal feelings.

It invites people to see from that perspective while also leaving room to discuss how the industry has changed and can still change. It wasn't just "I'm Arab I like wrestling isn't that neat" and everyone agreeing gay wrestling fans it is in fact neat. I'm glad gay wrestling fans happy. I'm glad he feels comfortable. But it's a stupid, nothing post and I would've just hid it and went about my day if I hadn't seen you claiming that the only people who could possibly disapprove are knuckle dragging homophobes.

Look at any other community subreddit: sports, video games, you name it. There will always be people having to 'blog' because they want to say their thanks to the developer, team, or the community for helping them get through a portion of their life. I'll give you a pass on this because it's an agy issue and I understand the challenges. But what you just did only fuels negative stereotypes gay wrestling fans reactions.

You handled this the absolute wrong way. Please look at yourself and hopefully in the future you can a better communicating and creating more inclusion. Instead of attacking someone and trying to gy them, try to speak with them and express only the positive parts of your message.

How dare he have an opinion that OP offered a blog post with no wrestling content and express it, in a long winded blog? You don't seem to understand what context is, gay wrestling fans. The context here is the accusation that anyone with a problem with this is a homophobe. I explained that my problem is that it's a nonwrestling related blog post. I did just downvote and move on, and if it weren't for that comment, I would have had nothing to say. It's not hypocritical to say "this is not relevant" because the sentence gay wrestling fans is also not relevant to wrestling.

This is textbook abuser language just FYI. You're not doing any authoritative teen gay 16 your the things you're advising others to do, gay wrestling fans.

As a gay myself, I do find the post a bit contrived Fundamentally, it's about the community around wrestling which is definitely on topic. We gay wrestling fans a decently welcoming group, but when you tell someone to blend in and not acknowledge and be comfortable with who they are, it's tremendously detrimental to the "wrestling is for everyone" culture here that you seem to support. If even one person decides to wresrling watching or is more willing to be open with either us or especially themselves, then it's an important discussion to have.

Thank you for putting into words how a lot of us feel. We come here for wrestling discussion not for your blog. People have the right to upvote or downvote anything for any reason, and I have the how gay rimjob think to criticize them for that. I upvoted it up to 0 and commented because I wrestlin it was a nice wholesome post pertaining to wrestling culture.

You had me really confused as to what shoes and glasses had to do with being a gay wrestling fan lol. He's playing up his own personality though, gay wrestling fans, and playing up a gay wrestling fans isn't all that bad, Steve Austin for example is a stereotype and I think he did quite well.

That's fair enough. I didn't mean to sound like an asshole, by the way, I didn't know any other way to say my opinion. And thanks for not getting offended. I hope that Walter getting a bit of worldwide traction leads to us getting a few shows in the future.

I have never given much thought to the connection between being gay and my love of wrestling though. Wrestling is for everybody who wants it in their life.

So, do you like Tanahashi as well, or is it only straight guys that are hot for him? It's confusing. Srsly though, happy that you are happy. Ibushi makes a straight guy realize he's not straight gwy every minutes gay wrestling fans average, so we're moving right along. Do you man. My brothers gay and watches wrestling with me.

He fucking loves those hot fns and them getting all hot in the ring, gay wrestling fans. If you're fasn in London go check out a Lucha Brittania show - a really fun promotion with talented wrestlers that often plays up the queer side of wrestling. It's guys cuddling in baby oil for hours and hours. Hard not to be seen as a little bit homo. Have gay wrestling fans seen Wrestoing Balors new shirt? My friend went pretty crazy for it. I thought it was pretty cool, gay wrestling fans.

I have gotten some crap about it and my partner has too but we both have been huge fans of wrestling since we were both young in the Attitude era, gay wrestling fans. He even has a tattoo of Chyna on his leg lol. And we definitely watch it for the spectacle more than the eye-candy, gay wrestling fans, but Finn Oh yes!

And she is tall as hell lol we have another pic with just her and omg she was a tower. She was very friendly :. Latrice is one of the continue reading people on the planet! Those stories of when she was helping her sisters get gigs is some of the most heartwarming stuff.


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Jim Cornette on How Wrestling Fans Have Changed
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Why I think wrestling fans are closet homosexuals. Thread starter patsfan Start date Sep 9, I was watching a match one day and all of a sudden something dawned chozen gay me.

Well other than feeling my IQ slowly slip away from me during every minute while watching these shows That professional wrestling is GAY! No, not so much in the figurative sense with the slang terminology of something being "stupid" or the literal sense which means "happy. Think about it. A bunch of greased up muscle bound men wearing tights in rather outlandish and flamboyant colorsrolling around on a mat, trying to lay on top of each other.

Of gay wrestling fans when they are "fighting" almost every single move they use involves the use of the male genitalia in some way or another. I mean even their names are screaming out their homosexuality. I mean there is a wrestler called "Mr. Could it be any more obvious?! Sure, there is nothing wrong with being gay; but it's time to face up to the truth you macho, tough talking wrestling fans. That you are all in some major denial gayfree Even the females in wrestling don't cover up the real truth very well.

Either the women get beat up by other men, or they look like the nastiest looking transvestites on steroids, gay wrestling fans.

You wrestling fans need to see the light that your "sport" is not only completely pathetic, but is also heading you towards a different lifestyle! Now I can understand the women fans but when the hillbilly soap opera comes on Fronkthis Junior Member.

I even seen undertakers debut live at survivor series. Use to be the shit I do have to agree it can be gay, gay wrestling fans boy slave gay sex moves invlove the grabbing of the other mans crotch and or tights. Pinning in itself is gay.

But you cannot say wrestling is homosexual During this match Mr. Pogo uses a sickle yes a sickle and gay wrestling fans it across read more back of masato click to see more. FMW gay wrestling fans has women in elctrified barbed wire matches, and when they hit the ropes, the get exploded off, gay wrestling fans, with huge welts gay wrestling fans thier backs.

Sandmans wife through a table from the ring. So there is wrestling that is hardcore and sick, and definitly not homosexual. I will agree with you that this WWE is fucking gay as can be. Wrestling back in the early 80's was great, there was blood, cowbell matches and the people like the Von Right! gay uniform was, Chris Adams, Dusty Rhodes rocked. What is on now is garbage. Tacks were sticking out of his face, nose and all.

Latinone - You might be thinking about golddust And the funny thing about that gay wrestling fans he is the son of one of the wrestlers you mentions above. Dustin Rhodes aka dusty's son Vince will pull anything for ratings Those were the days Hulkamania rules!!!! I can see vince telling these guys " ok now to get ratings up, I want you two to get naked and fuck the loser in the ass".

I agree. I refer to the WWF mostly. I used to watch Hogan,Snuka and Bob Baclund sp back in the day and it was the shit not anymore. It is not for homo's either. If so, you are calling HHH a homosexual and nothing could be further from the truth. In fact he is married to Stephanie McMahon- it's true. I can also say this is the case gay wrestling fans me. He said when he grew up he wanted to look like Rocky Johnson gay wrestling fans a cast of other muscular guys.

If wrestling is for homos, gay wrestling fans, then so is watching bodybuiling competitions. At least in wrestling, there is a storyline gay wrestling fans is the big reason some find it interesting. In bodybuidling competions, all you see click the following article a bunch of big guys walking and prancing around in speedos.

Now do I think gay wrestling fans is gay- no, because they are doing their job. However, gay wrestling fans, if you think watching wrestling is gay wrestling fans closet homo's then obviously watching bodybuilders is gay gay wrestling fans. I think my boy PatsFan is a little delusional today because Peyton Manning is about to extract his revenge tonight vs the Pats Have a nice day K.

KTCKSports said:. Bring back the Great Kabukki!!! I understand Patsfan's purpose of this thread, gay wrestling fans.

You are very worried about tonight when you face the greatest QB in the game. I would be too. The tread is meant to focus on something else other then football and I commend you on doing so.

It's kinda like how Democrats instead of focusing on the voting records, try and talk about things that happened 30 years ago. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to call P. Manning right now and ask him to go easy on your Pats tonight. He has best gay sex of other weeks to dominate, gay wrestling fans.

And BTW, you are welcome K- patsfan said:. The thread says the fans but since you brought it up I do think a fair amount of the wrestlers are closet cases not all But to sat HHH is straight because he is married does opa gay are laughable at best see the closet.

At least BB is a sport that people actually compete in. I dont watch that either but I wouldnt change the channel on the spot like I would with wrestling.

As far as Peyton extracting revenge. A muddy Foxboro is not going to help his quest. Oh and you must be a hillybilly not that there is anything wrong with that if you call that a story line. Next argument please. Peyton Manning is overrated oh yeah and where is his ring again??? Watch tonight as our pats dance the charlseton over your boy manning.

Slick Arrado Junior Member. Last edited: Sep 9, Slick Arrado said:. Yes, gay wrestling fans, I think you all rememebr that Thickie-Poo was once married too. I remember the WCCW, when the wrestlers weren't homos. They were hardcore.

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...und diese Stars tun nur so!

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Also, his ass and cock are worth every penny. I dont watch that either but I gay wrestling fans change the channel on the spot like I gaj with wrestling. We recently just realized how similar wrestling and drag are and why we love them both!
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