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The Gay Vallarta calendar features many gay puerto vallarta events events both gay and not. We've got everything from circuit parties to the gay and lesbian cruises doing that classic "Love Boat" run to Puerto Vallarta. The leather and bear crowd visits annually. And, now Https:// has a blossoming lesbian event calendar, including Oliva Travel events.

Gay Guide Evnts App. Print Edition. Events may change without notice. Final event list will be available at the Welcome Center at the beginning of the week. Gay Guide Vallarta is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider: We don't discriminate against any individuals or groups on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual puerro, marital status, age, disabilities, religion or political affiliations, gay puerto vallarta events.

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Local officials put the entire city of Puerto Vallarta under quarantine starting in early March. It has since undergone a multi-phase reopening process led by local officials following state, federal and international protocols. Social distancing is being practiced by airport workers, and thermal video cameras are being used as people enter the immigration zone, where electronic documentation is currently taking place.

Disinfectant mats are used at all airport entrances and exits. The health and safety of locals and visitors are of the utmost importance across Puerto Vallarta. In addition to the preventive and precautionary measures at the airport, the city is requiring extensive and continuous sanitization in hotels, public go here, and public spaces. Restaurants must maintain physical distance between tables and patrons, and establishments must place disinfectant mats at entrances.

Local officials are also distributing antibacterial gel and conducting temperature checks. A second group of hotels will open before, or during July, for the summer, and the remainder will open in the last trimester of the year, facing the winter high season. Bars remain closed until the destination exits its current phase of the reopening process. Connectivity has improved in a notable way gay sex black last week.

Internationally, four airlines are connecting U. American Airlines offers a daily connection to Dallas and Los Angeles. United Airlines maintains a daily flight to Houston. Other U. Movie theaters will remain closed for now.

While I know many business owners and a continue reading locals who work in the service industry, I still do not know a whole lot about how the locals live.

I took the Original Downtown Tour last month. There is a Bikes and Bites Tour. On a comfortable bike, c over 4. This tour is designed for moderate fitness levels. Prior cycling experience is required and all guests must be 18 or older.

Did someone say drinks?? Take the evening Mex-ology tour! This tour gives you both in one fun and food-filled evening. We recommend taking our food tours at the start of your stay so you can take on the city armed with knowledge and insight of what makes Puerto Vallarta so beautiful, so vibrant and so special. We are proud to share our culinary click with you.

Let us take you on a 3-hour adventure, introduce you to the best of the best and help open up a bright and delicious new world just waiting to be explored! Earlier this November she started to lose muscle strength and eventually lost her ability to walk. These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment. This is obviously a huge financial burden to her and her livelihood!

From Trip Savvy —. Many people travel with their pets to Mexico. If you would like to take your dog or cat with you on your Mexican vacation, there are a few steps you should take in advance.

Note that for Mexican regulations only dogs and cats are classified as pets: other animals may be imported but the regulations are different. Mexican regulations allow travelers to enter the country with up to two dogs or cats, but if traveling by air, airlines will only allow one pet per person. If you will be traveling to Mexico with more animals, you should contact the Mexican free gay slave stories or embassy nearest you for more information.

Carry the following documents when entering Mexico with your pet:. If you are traveling by air you will need to check gay apps your airline well in advance about their rules and extra charges for transporting pets.

The airline has the final say on whether or not they will carry your pet and each airline may have different rulesgay puerto vallarta events, so be sure to check all gay puerto vallarta events requirements with them prior to purchasing your ticket.

Some airlines do not transport animals at all. Most airlines will allow small pets to travel in the cabin with you, but the pet will need to be in an airline-certified travel crate that gay puerto vallarta events beneath the airplane seat. Steve Grand. It tells the story of unrequited love between a young man and his heterosexual male friend.

Currently, with over 18 million views on YouTube, a 3 and 10 album on The Billboard Independent Album charts, and one of the most successful Music Kickstarter Campaigns ever under his belt, Grand, an extremely handsome young man, has not only broken the rules, but has changed the game forever in gay puerto vallarta events and song-writing in the era of YouTube and Spotify!

He has just released his second, highly-anticipated album, Not the End of Me, in Julyand gay puerto vallarta events received rave reviews from the LGBTQ market, creating a vocal and enthusiastic fanbase, as well as a permanent place for himself in the music industry! He started writing his songs at age 11 as a way to understand and express himself.

People have always related to his music because each song was written about a specific moment or time in his life. Many of his songs express the pain of going through a brutal breakup of his long-term partner.

A home for victims of domestic violence. A type of highly festive and colorful rodeo featuring Charros, or traditional Mexican horsemen, exhibiting their skills at horse reining, bull riding, livestock roping and other equestrian talents. Throughout the Championship attendees will also enjoy live music, folkloric ballet and Mariachi performances, Charro parades, gay puerto vallarta events, traditional food, dance and more.

Any year-old deserves a great present and Casa Cupula is no exception. A drag queen gay puerto vallarta events at the event will see a brand ambassador crowned to represent Casa Cupula for the gay puerto vallarta events. The festivities will culminate with a major event in January. One of the great joys of traveling is sharing the experience with loved ones — including pets.

Visitors should confirm rules and availability with hotels when booking. Many restaurants, cafes, sidewalk eateries and bars along the Malecon and the historic Downtown area welcome four-legged companions to join at an outdoor table and will serve them a bowl of cold water, gay puerto vallarta events.

There are hundreds of direct flight to Puerto Vallarta from the US and Canada on a weekly basis; it is recommended that travelers check regulations and requirements for travel with dogs and cats as they vary from airline to airline. Mexico is are gay hole porn apologise to pets and does not quarantine cats and dogs arriving from the United States or Canada.

However, pets must travel with an International Certificate of Good Health that has been signed by a certified veterinarian stating that they are healthy and free of internal and external parasites. Pets must be current on rabies, hepatitis and distemper vaccinations. For a complete list of pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and activities, please visit www. This will be followed by a banquet on Dec.

Casa Cupula invites past and new gay puerto vallarta events to join in on the celebration, enjoying a fourth night free on stays from Nov.

For more information and to book, please visit www. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails and snacks. The staff only uses the freshest ingredients to bring out the flavors of the many regions of Mexico. The menu features guacamole made to order table side, classic Oaxacan mole negro, and Pacific coast ceviche and seafood cocktails.

You can gay puerto vallarta events y your meal on the beach at a dining table or relax in slave gay tickle chaise lounge chair. There are big umbrellas for your comfort. You can also be seated in the more formal dining room next gay dating für junge the beach.

When the opportunity came to take over the restaurant space at Hotel Emperador, we took it. In a vacation destination city like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, it is all about location, gay puerto vallarta events. Our views are simply awesome. We took the gay puerto vallarta events to craft a menu that gives you a full scope of what we are all about and use only the freshest ingredients to create truly authentic Mexican food.

The cuisine we offer is both classic and updated preparations of this web page regional dishes of Mexico. Classic moles, braised and slow roasted meats in traditional marinades, tangy ceviche, fresh guacamole, creamy flan, are all examples of the colorful flavors of Mexico that gay puerto vallarta events serve.

The same passion for quality is echoed throughout every element of our restaurant. The staff is courteous, attentive to your needs and will make sure your dining experience is the best, gay puerto vallarta events.

Our house is your house, so come join the family for a meal. Di Vino Dante —the wine and tapas bar that focuses on fine Mexican and Latin American wines and mediterranean cuisine—has recently announced seasonal specials that include a delicious and attractive culinary offering at reduced prices. Adjacent to the famous Galleria Dante.

Many Different styles and techniques are represented. From emerging artist to well established museum quality work. For more information about specials or reservations, please call Dieguez, Puerto Vallarta. Vallarta Pride is excited to announce a new event for ! Come dance and be entertained as your favorite bars provide refreshments on the street. This will be the place to see and been seen during Vallarta Pride This fundraiser for Amapas Neighborhood and the Pride Committee is sure to evoke uncontrolled laughter.

It aims to support the expat community in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit with information and advice on insurance policies in Mexico. During the Vallarta Insurance Day, Novamar professional adjusters, underwriters, expert consultants and insurance subscribers will conduct different seminars and talks, answering various questions and offering guidance.

Consequently, the attendees are invited to prepare their questions in advance, as they will be able to expose doubts and personal open cases about their Mexican insurance policies and claims with policies of Novamar or some other insurance brokers. Among the activities, there will be presentations on Auto, Boat, Homeowners and Condo insurance all day, gay puerto vallarta events, as well as a special presentation on Health Coverage, including International exposures and options.

Below is an agenda of the scheduled activities. There will be a permanent information desk throughout the day, as well as coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, biscuits and sandwiches for participants and assistants. For more information, gay puerto vallarta events or visit novamarinsurance.

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Feiern Sie ein schwules NYE ​​mit Stil in Puerto Vallarta.

Banks and public government offices remain closed for the day. Take a stroll along El Maroon 5 singer gay and enjoy all the different events, at night there'll be fireworks and ships in the Bay. It's a Mexican holiday when children receive toys and gifts in honor of the Three Kings' visit to baby Jesus.

From Ebents to April, these gentle giants can gaj seen breaching out of the water viertel madrid parents instruct their baby calves in the ways of their watery world.

Local eco-tour operators are licensed by the National Environmental Agency to assure respectful watching of these magnificent mammals. February 5 - Anniversary of the Mexican Constitutionnational holiday and it includes a parade gay puerto vallarta events downtown PV. Banks and public government offices remain closed.

Special menus in most the local restaurantsand live ugay alexander to dance in different Latino ambiance nightclubs. You need to reserve in advance if you don't want to wait for ages and get into a fight with your fiancee. February 24 - Day of the Mexican Flag. Local Mexican celebration. Regatta Vaklarta Banderas Bay fills with sails as a series gay puerto vallarta events regattas and takes full advantage of the gentle breezes, clear skies and calm waters surrounding Puerto Vallarta.

First Tuesday - Carnaval Day. Party with masks, kids parade in the streets. First Wednesday of the month - Ash Wednesday. Semana Santa and PascuaEaster Break ; Puerto Vallarta is at its peak occupancy during this pre-Easter Holy week, this period is a normal national vacation and there's "spring break" from school, and many local families, mainly Guadalajara and surroundings, take the opportunity to bask at the beach and enjoy beautiful Puerto Vallarta, gay puerto vallarta events.

Local children participate in a parade on the streets and enjoy the party. May Vallatra Festival Gay dating tips Cultural de Mayo Every year the local government organizes the "Festival Cultural de Mayo", with events and activities all through the month. Important local, gay puerto vallarta events, national and international artists painters, musicians, actors, etc. Puerto Vallarta International Sports Classic.

Various sports events are held ;uerto town. Exact dates vary, but always held in May. Click here for more info. May - Labor Daya national holiday.

May 5 - "Cinco perto Mayo", celebrating the gzy of the French Army at Puebla ingay puerto vallarta events, a national holiday. Mexicans really go out of their way to show their respect for their mothers, despite the "macho" background the country may have, mothers, have always been deeply revered and admired.

Father's day was created more recently and as an afterthought Fiestas de Mayo May Fiestas, most of May. Traditional fair throughout the month, complete with games and attractions, livestock, exhibits, food, drinks, and entertainment. It is held in an open field in the charming neighborhood of El Pitillal; across from the cruise ship terminal.

May 24 - Springbreakers arrive during the following 6 weeks. May 31 - Puerto Vallarta Anniversary day birthday. Events along the Malecon and a great fireworks here. Turtle Preservation Program; Puerto Vallarta has implemented a community-wide preservation program that combines protected nurseries for turtle eggs, plus educational projects. Turtle liberation ceremonies are held daily during the season at participating hotel beaches.

In addition, Vallarta eco-tour operators host nighttime tours to research camps designed to protect the eggs where visitors witness sea turtles laying eggs in their natural habitat and the release of the baby turtles as they make their initial voyage to the sea. A Mexican National event gatit's held in memory of those that June 1,sailed out in the ship "Tabasco" in Veracruz, the first Mexican merchant ship.

This day, in all Mexican harbors, they honor the sailors that have lost their lives on duty, not only in battle, but all activities related to the sea. The event is mainly held at sea with all the city's Navy ships in an offshore parade, they are followed by tour boats gay puerto vallarta events fishermen that then hold a ceremony to honor navy personnel.

All fishermen towns in the area also hold their own special celebrations out to see and it their towns, you can enjoy this more traditional event for example in Yelapa, see more:. June Third SundayFather's Day. Not such a big event as Mother's Day, but stores love it and remind you all June about it. July 2 - National Elections Day. Held in Mexico every six years next during July to December - Turtle release programmes at many hotels in Puerto Vallarta.

End of August - National vacation season ends. Schools resume activities. Turtle release programmes at many hotels in Puerto Vallarta. Fiestas Patrias! Mexico's independence - read a complete article Commemorated during the month of September, with the famed Independence Eve gay puerto vallarta events taking place on the 15th.

On this night, the central plaza is filled with revellers participating in the traditional "grito", or Cry for Independence. The following day is a national holiday, celebrated with agy parade through the center of and continuing festivities.

September 14 - Charro Day. Mexican Charros Mexican cowboys through town in the morning beginning at am wearing traditional charro outfits with beautifully decorated jackets, pants, and sombreros.

Their finely brushed horses are decked with their best equipment and saddlery. Festivities continue throughout the day and evening at various charro rings, celebrations include bullfights, calf roping, traditional Mexican foodgay puerto vallarta events, and dancing. September 15 - Independence Eve.

Led by the Mayor from the balcony in City Hall, it gay puerto vallarta events preceded by the lighting of the flame of independence and a parade through the center of town.

Then, at p. Food stands, music and folkloric dance performances are also part of the festivities. Special celebrations and live music to dance in different Latino ambiance nightclubs. September 16 - Independence Vallrata. The festivities continue on Gay puerto vallarta events Day, a national holiday gay puerto vallarta events by more brilliant fireworks and a parade that winds through Puerto Vallarta's downtown area.

A national holiday, banks and public government offices remain closed. Art Walk starts off at the end of October until the end of May. October 31 - Halloween. In Mexico, you'll also find costume parties and trick-or-treating. Local custom dictates that costumes be on the ghoulish side, and local discos offer cash prizes up into the thousand-dollar range. The real bewitching hour, however, comes a few days later with the day of click the following article Dead… Special contests and celebrations in seal gay and Latino ambiance nightclubs, gay puerto vallarta events.

Tradition states that the departed descend from the heavens on this day, so family members prepare for their arrival by leaving sugar skeletons, skulls and treats on altars custom-designed gay puerto vallarta events the occasion. Restaurants, nightclubs, and stores also create altars. All banks and government offices are learn more here. Families hold graveside vigils on this or at least leave their favorite food and drink normally Tequila on a special altar constructed in their home or on the tomb of their departed ancestors.

Bakeries are filled with sweets shaped in the symbols of death, gay puerto vallarta events, and flowers and memorials fill the cemetery. Particularly popular are marigolds, the sacred Aztec flower that represents death, gay puerto vallarta events. During November dates change :. Puerto Vallarta Art Festival : Each November, the exceptional Festival de las Artes gy gay puerto vallarta events, featuring a month-long series of art gallery shows evsnts open-air, beachside theater performances, gay puerto vallarta events.

An impressive range of artwork is displayed from artists throughout Mexico. All events are free to the public. It serves to showcase a spicy blend of culinary talents between the local chefs at participating restaurants and over 20 guest chefs from internationally acclaimed restaurants and hotels throughout the world. The Epicurean fete features gourmet cooking classes, sunset wine tasting and special gourmet menus at all participating venues available to diners only during the festival.

Founded ingay puerto vallarta events, the festival has link to attract thousands of attendees each year. November 20 - Mexican Revolution Anniversary. A parade through the nollendorfplatz gay of town marks the anniversary celebration of the Revolution of Hosts hundreds of coastal and inland fishermen from across the globe to Puerto Vallarta.

Prizes are awarded to the boat with the largest sailfish, marlin, wahoo, and dorado caught that vllarta with local regulations. The event takes place over a weekend in mid-November annually. Special dinners are served in the hotels and fine restaurants in town.

Surf Classic in Sayulita This annual event for surfers draws people from all over the world to this major surfing destination in Pueryo. During these twelve days, processions take place to the Guadalupe Processions; during these twelve days, take place in the downtown cathedral that bears the name of the patron saint of both Puerto Vallarta and of Mexico.

For the larger groups, gay puerto vallarta events, these processions resemble a small parade, gay puerto vallarta events folkloric dancers, floats, singing and even fireworks following their brief mass. T his important gay puerto vallarta events and social holiday marks the anniversary vallarra the day the Virgin Guadalupe made her miraculous appearance vallarrta a peasant in Mexico.

The processions see above culminate on this day. On this day, fireworks abound and the central plaza is filled with people street vendors selling fruits and other local specialties.

December 12 - Guadalupe Day in Quimixto ; the small, south shore community of Quimixto pays homage to the Virgin Guadalupe on this eventful day. December 12 - Anniversary of the foundation of Puerto Vallarta.

December 21 - Solstice. December 16 - December 24 - Christmas Week.

Prüfe vor der Buchung lokale Empfehlungen oder Einschränkungen im Zusammenhang mit COVID-19.

Remember me Forgot Login? Puerto Vallarta has long been a 1 popular stop on the well-trodden North American gay trail for many years. Puerto Vallarta is easily accessible, truly accepting, gay puerto vallarta events, and a gay puerto vallarta events affordable gay beach destination. Https:// city has more gay English speakers than most anywhere in Mexico.

Many expatriates have chosen it yourself gaynor do gloria make it their home. Local gays also come every weekend from Mexico City and Guadalajara, providing a solid and transient crowd year round. The year round warm fvents climate is very attractive to LGBT travelers seeking a great rvents beach vacation South of the Border.

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Gay gay Karte von Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has some of the most colorful festivals in Mexico and its gay events are no different. Occurring mostly during gay puerto vallarta events pkerto season, events such as Thanksgiving and New Years eve see an influx the hamam gay are visitors from around the world.

Puerto Vallarta Pride takes place every year in May and click at this page home to some great pool parties and a new Circuit Event on the Friday and Saturday night of the parade weekend. Beef Dip Puerto Vallarta is one of the biggest bear events in North America and mixes great beach weather, fun parties and friendly guys to link a memorable and welcoming event, gay puerto vallarta events.

Events kick off in early February with the colorful Carnival. The annual gourmet restaurant week in November and the WineFest in March are well worth attending if you are in the city. Gay events such as Vallarta Pride continue to flourish. The event eventa place in May and is now includes more than 7 days of cultural events, shopping festivals, pool parties and circuit festivals. Other events such as NYE and Thanksgiving attract even more visitors as the bar owners, beach clubs and nightclubs host special parties with guest DJs from around the world.

The best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta is in the Romantic District or old town, close to the gay bars and clubs. Hotels here tend to be small and simple, but offer clean rooms with great access to the beaches and amenities gay puerto vallarta events.

Private parking is available free of charge. All of the air-conditioned rooms have a flat-screen cable TV, free Wi-Fi and a safe. Located in the gay neighborhood close to the gay bars and night gay puerto vallarta events. With link partner Booking. March 15, October 27, Are you ready for ? January 22, Vallrata 21, Every November, as the cold descends upon North America and Europe, thousands of gay guys flock to the shores of Puerto Vallarta for the annual White party pool party at the Mantamar.

Gy Next. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Check-in date. Check-Out date. Popular Gay Events in Puerto Vallarta. Recommended Hotels in Puerto Vallarta, Learn more here best place to stay in Puerto Vallarta is in the Romantic District or old town, close to the gay bars and clubs.

Check Rates. Hotel Mercurio, 3 Star Gay friendly. Get the Gay Travel Monthly Update! Follow us on Instagram, gay puerto vallarta events. Find us on Facebook! Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

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Programm für Puerto Vallarta Pride
We focus on Mexican and Latin American Wines, and the cuisine comes mostly from old family recipes. The cracks are filled with small pieces of copal wood and a sawdust resin mixture before painting.
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