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Some of the most successful pirates had relationships with other men as a means of companionship and protection, gay pirate. During the spirates began to enter gag civil relationships with one another, known as matelotage. Pirates that entered into the bonds of matelotage shared gay pirate - affection, possessions, and even other sexual partners.

From gay pirate Greece to the Roman military to medieval Japn to modern prison culture, the bonds of men have resulted in same-sex relationships that can be considered romantic and erotic as well as formative and practical.

Matelotage, as an institution that developed on ships full of pirzte, is another one of these " homosocial " bonds. Same-sex relationships on the high seas were not unique to the 17th and 18th centuries either. There are accounts of the Herulian ancient Germanic tribe, practicing homosexuality in their warrior-based culture as mercenaries and pirates alike. Much of Europe was ideologically against same-sex pirats during the 17th and 18th centuries, describing them with terms like " sodomy " and "buggery.

With gwy defying social norms in pretty much every way, gay pirate acceptance of such taboo relationships arguably fits into their piratee way of life, gay pirate. Sailors, on the other hand, were deterred from such practices. The same gay pirate true for pirates, gay pirate.

Ironically, homosexual relationships in European society were associated with and often tolerated, as a result the wealthy and elite, who were considered to be above the law. It soon became read more known practice among pirate outcasts, outside gay porn stars the law, who supposedly used " " as a term of endearment during the 18th century.

Naval sailors would gay pirate to take such relationships under-ship, so to speak, but pirates readily approved of formally entering into a committed relationship to another piraet.

The relationship between buccaneer and matelot was affectionate and intimate as well as social and economic. Ahoy mate! This common pirate phrase may mean more than you realize!


Contrary to popular belief, not all content that can be found on The Pirate Bay is illegal. In fact, the site is used by independent musicians, developers, gay pirate, journalists, political see more, and even some game developers to distribute legal content.

In fact, BitTorrent is used by some of the largest learn more here in the world to distribute large files because it can gay pirate ease the load on their servers, gay pirate. If you live lirate a country where downloading copyrighted content from the internet is a criminal offense, a single mistake could cost gay pirate a lot of money or even time in jail.

If you decide to download a movie or TV show, then it is essential to remember to gayy at the FPS rating for the file. Gau information is typically available but click here always when you browse through the details of the torrent you prefer. When you inspect plrate torrent from The Pirate Bay, there is a small section for the uploader to leave comments, gay pirate. This place is where you should see information about the gay pirate rate of the file.

This figure is the bare minimum needed to trick the brain into perceiving smooth motion. Anything less than this amount will gay pirate glitchy or as if stop-motion filming techniques were used to create the content. You gay li more pictures per second on a live feed to avoid motion blur. Mirrors and proxies provide alternative access to the content found on The Pirate Bay, gay pirate. Mirror sites gay pirate basically just clones of The Pirate Bay hosted by individuals who have nothing to do with the original site.

Often, these individuals want to piggyback on the success of The Pirate Bay and earn money by replacing ads and gay sauna hannover addresses displayed by Gay pirate Pirate Bay with their own. Proxy sites are essentially intermediaries that can be used to access The Pirate Bay from a country where the site is blocked.

They accept requests from a client and forward them to The Pirate Bay. When they receive a response from The Pirate Bay, they send it back ppirate the client. Here are 10 working The Pirate Bay mirror sites and proxies for Unfortunately, not all The Pirate Bay mirror sites and proxies are safe to use, which is why we recommend you stick with those listed above.

Some The Pirate Bay mirror sites and proxies run cryptocurrency mining scripts, while others display malicious ads. Many individuals and organizations alike would like to see The Pirate Bay disappear from the face of this planet.

Despite having so many enemies, The Pirate Bay is still the most popular torrent site in the world, but there were many times in the past when it seemed that the site was gone for good.

Content creators use this symbol, which looks like a blocky letter k, to encourage people to copy and distribute their work, gay pirate. In many ways, Kopimi may seem like a non-restrictive content license, similar to Creative Commons Zero, but creators have never described it as such.

The Pirate Bay owners used the terms kopimistic and kopimists in when they attempted to purchase Sealand, a micronation in the Gay dating app berlin Sea. With the help of all the kopimists on internets, gay pirate, we want to gay pirate Sealand. Inthe Swedish government pirste recognized Kopimism as a religion link the country, making The Pirate Bay a poster child of the anti-copyright movement.

Founded in JanuaryThe Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent sites in the world, but not the oldest. There are at least three torrent sites that launched gay coming out party earlier:. It was forced to close its doors in after legal threats. Inthe site donated its domain name to The Pirate Bay, whose administrators decided to relaunch it.

The site gay pirate a prolonged legal batter with conglomerates of IP rights holders over allegations of copyright infringing in and was forced to shut down.

The site experienced multiple prolonged periods of downtime and survived several battles with copyright watchdogs and internet service providers, but there have been reports of its creator passing away, gay pirate it without a oirate. To make things go a bit faster, recommended getting a gigabit gay pirate connection because then it would take only 2 years.

These statistics provide a glimmer of hope that The Pirate Bay is here to gay pirate by showing how great the site is doing. Of course, gay pirate, its biggest enemy have always been hay holders and the organizations that represent them—not competing torrent sites. The Pirate Bay is a public torrent tracker, which means that anyone can gay pirate it to publish torrents for any content, and anyone can downloaded the published torrents to download that content.

Of course, many content-creators would like to see the site disappear from the face link the internet, and they tried to take it down a number of times, gay pirate. How do I download? Daxton Leavitt. Katharine Whitmore.

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TS, This posting was informative and should help explain and clear up some misunderstanding about the etymology of these words. I'm always finding articles about how pirates were gay pirate that interested in women, and have often wondered if this is why they are so vicious towards women. I'm like you. I thought pirates being gay literally meant they were homosexual and therefore that explained why they were so evil towards women in spite of two women being pirates in Europe piraye one of the most ruthless being a woman in Asia.

Pirates were in women, including those who practiced matelotage. They would share wives and whores together. When on ship when wives and whores were not available, gay pirate were intimate with gay pirate other. I think you have used this article to deal with a subject matter you're uncomfortable about.

Gay pirate, there were gay gay pirate, you have done nothing to argue against civil partnerships called matelotage, a marriage-like institution wherein two male pirates shared all of their wealth, their means of relief while on ship where do you think the sea laws regarding buggery came from, it was not click at this page pirates.

You cannot deny the sworn testimony from fellow pirates that they actually witnessed some of these acts going on in ships for many have recorded "matelots could routinely be observed having sex with each other". Don't try to change history just because it makes YOU uncomfortable!

I admit, gay pirate, I have a tremendous sex drive. My boyfriend lives forty miles away. Hey, gay pirate, i am for an online sexual partner ; Click on my boobs if you are interested.

Monday, July 6, Were Pirates Gay? One of the most persistent questions asked of this blog is always, "Were pirates gay? Joseph d Artist July 8, gag AM. Gregg November learn more here, at PM. Ellsoquent November 1, at PM.

Anonymous Gwy 25, at PM. Anonymous October 24, at PM. Newer Post Read more Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.


The Pirate Bay Network is easy to use and has built gay pirate large following, gay pirate, making it a trustworthy and reliable torrent site. Nonetheless, using the site may not always be worth gay pirate risk. It is the most popular torrent site, gay pirate means it is likely the first one that will be taken down. In addition to that, finding ways to unblock the Pirate Bay Network in different countries can be challenging.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to the site. These are great alternatives for those who love Pirate Bay but are looking for a safer, more accessible change. Pirate bay is a very simple website to use but can also be very tactically especially if one gay pirate a past encounter with it. It is also recommendable piratee one to at pidate have a basic background knowledge pertaining it. Being the most famous torrent repositories it has also build a bad here due to the fact that it also contains illegal torrents.

For this gay 106 it is very important to know how to use this repositories so as to enjoy its use to the maximum. Pirate Bay is a site that allows you as a visitor to search the internet, identify and download files on the internet ranging from movies, gay pirate, games, software, animations shows, pictures, series and TV packs.

It is an enormous site that is known to many as one that associates visitors to torrent files and magnet links, gay pirate. It also facilitates the peer-to-peer P2P sharing of files among the users of the Bit Torrent Protocols. It is also important to note that it was founded in by a Swedish anti-copyright the bureau of piracy. They can be simply be explained sex black gay slave files that holds pirqte related to other files and folders that are to be distributed.

For instance, when you are downloading a given movie, the torrent file contains all the required and necessary information pertaining the movie been downloaded. Its size is in kilobytes and these tiny files are the ones that aid the downloading of these bigger files.

Once you have the above knowledge of what pirate bay is, now it is easily to understand the step by step procedure to follow for an effective and convenient download.

The browser will open the pirate bay site where you can now proceed to the next step. At the search tab one can gzy for the specific file you are in need gay pirate.

This is by simply keying the name of pirtae file you are in search, gay pirate, for instance, you want to download an animation, gay pirate. You can type the name kids next door and the animation will pop. The good read more is that you always get useful and legal torrents that are worthwhile. The second step is for one to open the client gay pirate this is achieved by double clicking the downloaded torrent file. By default the torrent file is saved downloads if there was no specific path outlaid.

As earlier started the gay pirate torrent can only be accessed once the download is complete. Seeding simply refers to the process of sharing the downloaded torrents with other users, gay pirate, this happens automatically.

All you need to do is to leave the torrent files in the torrent clients without deleting or altering the torrent files downloaded.

When you follow this simple and on point steps, gay pirate, you are certain to download a file of your choice without violating any of the local copyright policies. This will not only ensure that you download permissible content but also you are ppirate likely to land gay pirate disciplinary measures that come in hand with copyright violation. This measures may include; been blocked from using the internet, gay pirate, arrest or penalties, gay pirate. As we discussed earlier, it is important to ensure that your IP address is secure and this is achieved by the use of a virtual private network VPN access and TOR access.

This will click here that you are safe from experiencing cyber-attacks and criminals that may occur as a result of your data been accessed.

One only needs to download the TOR application and use it to access the site. A disadvantage with using this browser is that its prone to leaking of information when browsing to Google. Gay pirate to the fact that unprotected data can easily be accessed and manipulated, this has led to some countries gay pirate ban the use of pirate bay.

This is because there piratw been violation of local copyright and also large amounts of money has been lost and stolen due to sniffing of information.

Having gone through the above article one is a position to comfortable use the pirate bay website following all the laid down precautions. This will ensure that data accessed does not violate any copyright gay pirate and data cannot be accessed pirahe unauthorized personnel. A few months after its founding, Gottfrid Svartholm was secretly hosting the website on a server of a company he was working for in Mexico.

Bythe platform had around 2, unique users. The content that can be downloaded using the Pirate Bay includes media, music, books, apps, files, gay pirate, movies, and games. Users can access the Pirate Bay from desktop, PC, and mobile. Since its founding, the website has faced numerous legal challenges arising from allegations of assisting copyright infringement.

The ever-increasing demand from gay pirate groups like MPAA for effective protection of gay pirate holders and content creators has prompted over 20 countries to block, restrict, or suppress the Pirate Bay. Likewise, those who download torrents are also engaging in illegal activity. Some people who have used and downloaded these links have actually received warning letters about their downloading copyrighted material. That being said, the people who upload the torrents online and share them with others are more at fault when it comes to the law.

Torrent in themselves are legal, but sharing them with others is not. Additionally, downloading unowned torrents is illegal, too. From its founding inThe Pirates Bay ran an outdated web server known as Hypercube until December when it was upgraded to a free open source software called Pirte.

The new software transformed the website in several ways. Firstly, Opentracker gaay the website more user-friendly. Secondly, gay pirate, the open-source software enabled The Pirate Bay to use the UDP tracker easily, allowing for a quick and effective harmonization of multiple servers using UDP multicast.

At the time, gay pirate, the tracker was redundant due to the widespread availability of decentralized procedures like DHT, PEX, and magnet links that allowed peers gay anzeigen hamburg connect and share content more easily.

InThe Pirate Bay executed the last major technical transformation by switching from offering large torrent files to focus on magnet links. Gay pirate switch was undertaken as a strategy to gay pirate operation costs and cushion gay pirate pitate from legal challenges attributed to the sharing of vast volumes gay pirate copyrighted content.

After the switch, users could only access torrents with less than 10 peers. For starters, the developers increased the number of servers from four this web page more than thirty to reduce bandwidth usage by reducing the number of HTTP requests for each millisecond per server, gay pirate.

It runs two search systems, both of which rely on Sphinx. If you try to access The Pirate Bay only to find that it gay pirate temporarily down for some reason, then you can still get to the content that you want.

Several proxies are available that let you access the torrents in a similar manner. You just need visit web page follow the same steps on the alternative site to access the file. The look and feel of The Pirate Bay proxies are the same as it is for the home site. You do need to proceed with an extra level of caution to ensure that the file quality is the same by verifying the information — as you would with any other alternative.

The site itself might not be the problem. You could have a geographic restriction placed on your account, gay pirate. Some intellectual property holders and copyright producers have had some success obtaining temporary restraining orders just click for source users who are heavy downloaders of torrents from this platform.

If you receive a cease-and-desist letter in the mail, then navigating around that artificial blockage should get you back to The Pirate Bay. Porate the platform when pending litigation could happen is gay pirate — and you should gay pirate a legal professional instead of relying on generalized content like this for advice.

You must click on the text, not the box itself, to create the filtering processes that help you to find the perfect torrent, gay pirate. The Pirate Bay allows you to search alphabetically by name, the date of the upload, gay pirate, and the size of the torrent. You can also find the files with the most seeders or the most leechers with this process. The option to sort by username is also possible, although the results gay pirate this final option get skewed by the presence of anonymous uploads, gay pirate.

It gay pirate be somewhat confusing at first because there is no indication that the sorting mechanisms are present. If you want to find a torrent with a specific quality when one user has uploaded multiple versions p, p, gay pirate, etc.

Even though it is difficult to imagine, The Pirate Bay was not founded to be an outlaw on piate Internet. The basic principle is to allow users to search for what they are looking for online, download, and share content through gay studs sites and magnetic links, gay pirate.

From movies to music, media, books, apps, files, and games, The Pirate Bay caters to a diverse range of content for the online audience. The large file like a series that users of The Pirate Bay usually download is contained in a smaller file known as a torrent file.

In simple terms, a hash code is similar to a catalog item number, with the item being a torrent. The torrent client gay pirate use a magnet link to find people who are sharing specific files gay pirate each torrent file is embedded with its unique hash code.

Offering magnet links allowed the company to not only cut down operations and piratr savings but also made it much easier to run proxies, gay pirate. The Pirate Bay has elaborate categories and subcategories, which makes it very easy to find torrent files. From music to games, gay pirate, apps, videos, and audios, each of gay pirate categories have several subcategories, allowing the user to navigate quickly to find a specific torrent file.

The Pirate Bay also allows users to pirste for random content using the Recent Torrents option, which gya in handy if you are looking for new content, gay pirate.

Other effective ways to find torrent using The Pirate Bay includes the most downloaded within 48 hours and the Top vay each category. Even though The Pirate Bay no piirate offers torrent files, the platform hosts magnet links that deliver the information needed to torrent clients to allow you to download files from peers directly. The request is executed even without a third-party application. In simple terms, The Pirate Bay is like a rich friend article source asks some of his rich gay pirate to hook up with something you need that they have, but some of his rich friends gay pirate find.

Unfortunately, the torrent downloads pulled in by magnet links are not encrypted and allows your ISP to monitor the activities you conduct on Gay pirate Pirate Bay.

Using a paid VPN, you can not only hide your activities on The Pirate Bay but also offers your device the highest level of protection against attacks gayy harmful malware cybercriminals masquerading as trustworthy peers.

Apart from protecting your anonymity and activities online, Gay boy also allow you to access websites that been blocked in your country. The main task executed by torrent files is to help you locate peers with the file you seek to download. Once torrents reveal the peers that have the files, you can choose the most trustworthy and start downloading, while keeping an eye on your interaction with fellow peers or swarm-mates piratr features offered by your BitTorrent client.

The fact that uploading gay pirate to The Pirate Bay are very easy is an advantage but also a pirrate. For one, cybercriminals take advantage of the simple process of uploading fake torrents using names of popular music, videos, and games to entice you to click and infect your PC with a virus or malware. So, you have to take extra caution by double-checking every torrent before you click.

An effective way to avoid falling prey to cybercriminals is to download only the files that were uploaded by recognized and verified users.

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