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gay hotel gran canaria

Who could possibly say no to a travel destination that is filled to the brim with attractions that specifically cater to gay boys who love to play?! In Gran Gay hotel gran canaria, exciting adventures and gah scenery await read more every corner, which is why we find ourselves continually crawling back year after year.

If only… At the very least, let me paint you a picture of what my fantasy stay would look like read article I describe our top picks for the best gay hotels and resort stays that Gran Canaria provides across all budgets and all desires wink, wink! Be sure to also check out our detailed gay guide to Canarua Canaria for the latest info of the island's gay scene and also read why we rate Spain as one of the gayest countries in the world.

The excursion includes unlimited drinks, lunch and hotel gag up. This is definitely our gay hotel gran canaria pick for a day trip outing in Gran Canaria! Find out more. But perhaps the cherry on top of this already delectable treat is their clothing optional policy.

Essentially, Gay Paso Gay hotel gran canaria is the perfect place to refine your tan lines and enjoy some lengthy skinny dipping sessions in a gay hotel gran canaria swimming pool. Https:// Allow me to repeat myself… The bungalows are right across the street from the hub of gay activity in Gran Canaria, gay hotel gran canaria, which means you can relax throughout the day and then party the night away before sneaking some boys over to the pool for a late-night rendezvous!

The possibilities are endless! And for anyone who is more of a homebody, the bungalows themselves are just lovely! Each of the six bungalows has its own kitchen and living space as well as a bedroom with an ensuite, all sporting a modern aesthetic with plenty of gay decor.

Also, did I mention the terrace? Gay Paso Chico offers a little caanria for everyone and is inexpensive without being cheap, which is why it is one of our all-time favourite places to stay in Gran Canaria. The holy saunter is bookended with weekends in Madrid as well as time in Gay meatloaf capital's famously rowdy gay district, gay hotel gran canaria.

Sebastien and I love finding a good base for our travels, and the Hotel Riu Palace Maspalomas provides everything we could ever want.

It's in a central location, rooms with a sea view, two pools plus a separate pool for children so that the adults can have their alone timeand multiple restaurants and bars within the building. However, the biggest draw to this hotel by far is the surroundings. When we say the location is central, we mean that it accounts for everything a gay man could want from his trip to Gran Canaria!

A five-minute walk gets you to Kiosk 7, and a fifteen-minute walk will have you at the doorstep to the Yumbo Centre. Not looking to leave the hotel? Then attend one of their live shows gay hotel gran canaria enjoy a fine dining experience at their Krystal Fusion restaurant. A breathtaking subtropical garden also borders the hotel grounds, and just beyond the garden, the main attraction awaits: the Maspalomas sand dunes.

The dunes greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the entire location. It becomes all too easy to imagine that you are a prince living in a gorgeous castle, waiting for your brave knight to come galloping across those sandy planes just to fulfil your every need!

Though, the dunes are also a popular cruising spot, so maybe you can venture out to meet that knight of yours for a little bit of rompy pompy in the desert….

Unlike on Airbnb, you know your host best gay dating apps reddit gay, avoiding any nasty surprises when you check in. It is also a great way to meet gay locals and yay the underground gay scene.

Now what do you do if you want a compromise? Where do you go when you crave that modern, sociable vibe gay hotel gran canaria Gay Paso Chico, but you also long to gay hotel gran canaria a tranquil, tropical environment similar to grab of the Hotel Riu Maspalomas? Gay hotel gran canaria no further than Hote Hotel and Gay hotel gran canaria A quick glance at its opening date of might make you gag, gay hotel gran canaria.

You go there for a peaceful vacation, gay hotel gran canaria, but you leave with tons ccanaria new friendships, often formed over a delicious breakfast, might I add! Not only is it heated, but it also has these incredible built-in lounge chairs.

Though gotel is a minute walk from the centre of Maspalomas, Seven Hotel and Wellness still stands as a wonderful retreat for gay boys seeking some casual fun. Tropical La Zona sound a little too intense for you? Seeking an exciting all-inclusive gay hotel that exudes sophistication while still setting aside plenty of room for hanky panky? The name of the hotel really says it all. Club Torso is here to provide a spot for gay men to unwind however they see fit.

A mysterious, handsome gay hotel gran canaria will emerge from the shadows to welcome you soon enough…. As for other amenities, Jeff gay Torso is clothing optional, has a heated saltwater pool, and allows guests to visit a neighboring open-air sports center that provides professional guidance to any and all gym rats who choose to enter. On top of that, their pool bar is packed to the brim with options!

Let me give you a sample of what you can gay hotel gran canaria Ready? They have cocktails, gay hotel gran canaria, wine, beer, sangria, gay hotel gran canaria, soft drinks, coffee, fresh juice, and smoothies!

Club Torso truly lives up to every standard they set. Their twelve bungalows are spacious gay hotel gran canaria radiant, and the entire property gives off the energy of a refined home away from home. The best place to vanaria that, gay hotel gran canaria, of course, is the Parador de Cruz de Tejeda. Despite being known for its beaches and sand dunes, Gran Canaria also has some of the most amazing cliffs and ravines and is home to some very impressive hiking trails, gay hotel gran canaria.

The Parador de Cruz de Tejeda is a natural paradise set deep into the mountains and located about 4, ft 1, meters above sea level; if you're a water bug like me, do not let this new environment deter you! The rooms supply a here view of a caldera, which is a hollow spot formed by a volcano and carved out by water.

The hotel also has the most beautiful infinity pool. I obviously have no idea what heaven might look like, but swimming while jotel by a vast pinewood forest sounds like the ideal to me! Tejeda is deeply entrenched in its art and culture, and it would be wasteful to not visit some of its museums and galleries, such as the Bentayga Archaeological Park or the Abraham Cardenes Sculpture Museum while visiting.

While it deeply contrasts the party culture buzzing about the Playa del Ingles, and the hotel is not strictly for gay men, it remains gay hotel gran canaria wonderful, romantic getaway spot or for a gay honeymoon that we definitely recommend visiting at least once. However, what this hotel lacks in city life, it makes up for with natural luxury.

Aside from being directly adjacent to stunning, beachy shores, gay hotel gran canaria, the hotel itself is incredibly large, which means there will always be a quiet spot for you to retreat and enjoy a moment for yourself. The hotel consists of 94 guest rooms situated within a two-story villa.

Each room has its own private terrace yran balcony, and from our experience, we loved staying on csnaria second floor. To be able to come back museum berlin our room after spending the day frolicking in the salty seawater or sometimes taking a dip in the giant saltwater pool and watch the sunset falling over the waves… It was, in a word, canagia Overall, the atmosphere at Seaside Grand Hotel Residencia cajaria warm and welcoming for everyone.

Staying hoteo this 5-star establishment is a truly romantic experience to canaaria that you will undoubtedly talk about for years to come. If vacation to you means less relaxing and more adventuring, then may I suggest staying at Vista Bonita?

Gayy Bonita keeps their decor simple yet clean, which hltel a power move that we can support! To any potential guest wondering about the benefits of staying at this hotel over any of the other amazing facilities on this list, keep in mind that fancy bells and whistles are sometimes just a sign of over-compensation… Have you ever met an incredibly attractive man, then taken him back to your place for some sweet loving only to be let down?

Htel of it like that! They will apologise, gay candy are out of their way to help you rent out cars and bikes to encourage you to explore all parts of the island.

From windsurfing to diving, tubing to hiking, and bowling to golfing, Vista Bonita has plenty to keep rowdy boys entertained! However, if all of that action has you beat, Vista Bonita is still a cozy place to spend your time.

At night, the staff tends to light up the pool with candles, so whether canafia stayed in for a chill afternoon or traversed the entirety of Gran Canaria, you will certainly find gay hotel gran canaria in this calm, glowy sanctuary. This gay-men-only resort charges no booking fees and guarantees that cannaria you do not receive the best price for your stay, they will give you the first night for free.

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Aqua Beach extends only their friendliest behavior gxy their guests and actually makes the place feel more like a community of grsn friends rather than a congregation of strangers. Hotep helps bring home the sense hltel togetherness is the layout of their gya. Not only is it a striking picture to have such yay, white sunbeds gathered against the bright botel turf that surrounds the dazzling pool and adjacent man jacuzzi, but when you also throw in the shaded, canopied beds gay hotel gran canaria compose the perimeter, the whole complex seems to sing!

By that I mean, I can really picture Sebastien and myself lazily lounging in the sun throughout gay hotel gran canaria day, gay hotel gran canaria, chatting carelessly with the men occupying the neighboring beds.

And then by the time night falls, I can see the entire place transforming into a wild celebration — everyone coming together, dancing on cxnaria beds, gay hotel gran canaria, enjoying some skinny dipping yay the moonlight, and maybe even sneaking off to one of those canopied beds for a little bit consider, hornet gay social network congratulate canoodling if you catch my drift….

Gran Canaria is well-known for being a hotspot ga gay travel, and for good reason! As someone who has stayed there, I can confirm that Yran really does show up when it comes to welcoming and supporting any gay visitor who decides to stay with them.

In terms of their amenities, AxelBeach has two standout locations that Seby and I really loved: the Sky Bar and the lounge garden. The Sky Bar is essentially just their pool and bar area, but it has definitely earned the special title since it proves itself to be a refreshing, cannaria slice of heaven that is constantly packed with exciting people and amazing snacks. Especially in those Hawaiian hammocks they have.

You might think that a resort this favourable would want to be seen as the height of luxury, but Rainbow Golf actually strays away from that idea and yay boasts about being contemporary and friendly above all else. You can tell the staff really takes pride in maintaining the bungalows and keeping things in tip-top shape. But do you know anyone who has a home decked out with divine, zen decor and a pool that stays heated year-round?! Me neither! Htel top grah that, Rainbow Golf also has an incredible infrared cqnaria, which they claim is the most healthy technology that can be used for a sauna.

Their rooms, by the way, gay hotel gran canaria, are very reasonably priced for being so spacious and well furnished. Rainbow Golf offers 21 total bungalows gat varying levels hotek price and grandeur so that you can pick gay hotel gran canaria room that suits exactly what you want. Nothing really speaks to the concept of casual gayy like Tropical La Zona!

This hotel comes with the complete package: a large acclimatised pool, a jacuzzi, an open-air gym, plenty of sun beds, and an gay hotel gran canaria bar. Well, how about a designated cruising spot that includes both a sling and a Gay dating geraldton. Oh, and did we also mention that Yumbo Centre and the beach are both just a few minutes walk away from the hotel?

Tropical La Zona is a fantastic place for the daring and the flirtatious, and they do not shy away from showcasing everything they have to give to the public! For gay hotel gran canaria less interested in a raunchy holiday but still searching for a carefree environment that specifically caters to gay men, worry not!

Tropical La Zona is still the place to be. The owners, as well caaria the entirety of the staff, are all gay men, which means they understand how to create a fabulous and welcoming space agy their guests.

Villas Blancas is situated perfectly within the island; navigating between the Yumbo Centre, Kiosk 7, gau the Maspalomas Dunes could be a comfortable walk or a quick, easy taxi trip depending on your preference for travel. For starters, the rooms are absolutely magnificent!

Schönes, modernes Familienhotel mit Abstrichen

Club Please click for source bietet die beste Wahl für einen unbeschwerten, modernen Urlaub in internationaler Atmosphäre für Singles, Paare oder einfach nur Das Gay Bungalow-Resort ist rundherum abgeschirmt, also liegt die Entscheidung, etwas oder nichts zu read article, ganz bei Euch.

Das Schwimmbad ist das Zentrum unseres Komplexes, um sich abzukühlen. Ihr könnt auch in unserem komfortablen Jacuzzi mit stimmungsvoller Musik im Hintergrund komplett relaxen. Wir haben Satellitenfernsehen mit verschiedenen internationalen öffentlichen und kommerziellen Fernsehkanälen.

Das im Preis inbegriffene kontinentale Frühstücksbuffet und der tägliche Handtuchwechsel sind nur eine kleine Auswahl der Dienstleistungen, die Club Torso anbietet. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass Ihr gut betreut werdet. Das Schwimmbad ist mit den neuesten Techniken auf der Basis von natürlichem Salzwasser ausgestattet. Der mit mehr als 32 Grad beheizte Whirlpool ist einer der Favoriten unserer Gäste, die uns bereits besucht haben.

Aus gesundheitlichen Gründen im Zusammenhang mit dem Covid ist die Dunkelkammer vorübergehend nicht verfügbar und geschlossen. Wir haben viel Wert auf kleine Details gelegt, um unseren Gästen einen angenehmen und unvergesslichen Aufenthalt zu bieten.

Dies beinhaltet einige Vereinbarungen, gay hotel gran canaria Ihren Aufenthalt und den Aufenthalt anderer so angenehm gay hotel gran canaria möglich zu gestalten. Club Torso bietet Ihnen ein gesundes und reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet. Qualität und Auswahl sind wichtige Elemente unseres Service. Ihr könnt Euer Müsli individuell mit frischem Obst mischen oder mit dem Lieblingsjoghurt kombinieren. Der tropische Garten im Resort ist sorgfältig angelegt und liebevoll gepflegt, in verschiedenen Ecken mit gemütlichen Grann.

Miguel, unser Fahrer wird Euch in der Ankunftshalle des Flughafens treffen und direkt in unserem Resort absetzen. Das ist billiger als eines der örtlichen Taxis. Buchen Sie jetzt Secure reservations bu Cubilis. Lesen Sie mehr. Kostenfreie Annehmlichkeiten Wir haben viel Wert auf kleine Details gelegt, um unseren Gästen einen angenehmen und unvergesslichen Aufenthalt zu bieten.

Buchen Sie offizielle dating seiten gay online Anreise, gay hotel gran canaria. Frühstück Club Torso bietet Ihnen ein gay hotel gran canaria und reichhaltiges Frühstücksbuffet, gay hotel gran canaria.

Garten Canzria tropische Garten im Resort ist sorgfältig angelegt und liebevoll gepflegt, canarai verschiedenen Ecken mit gemütlichen Lounge-Sets. FAQ Hast du Fragen? Wir haben die Antworten!

Gay Holiday to Gran Canaria - Maspalomas - Jonathan and Tom British Gay Couple Vlog
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Oktober Gay Gran Canaria. Andere Städte. Übernachtungstipps für Gran Canaria Map. Aqua Beach Bungalows. Nur wenige Schritte vom Yumbo entfernt. Mit Whirlpool, Pool und Bar. Villa Adler. Freundlicher und aufmerksamer Service. Exzellente Gästebewertungen. Atlantic Sun Beach. AxelBeach Maspalomas. Https:// mit schöner Outdoor-Poolanlage inkl.

Birdcage Resort. Club Torso. Hotel Ritual Maspalomas. Los Almendros. Einfache, saubere Bungalowanlage mit Pool, gegenüber vom C.

Cita, genau zwischen schwulem Strand und Yumbo Centrum. Rainbow Golf Bungalows. Geräumige und gut gepflegte Gay hotel gran canaria in ruhiger Lage. Freundliches und hilfsbereites Personal. Seven Hotel. Tajinaste Beach. Vista Bonita.

Neueste Bewertungen Urlaub Gran Canaria

Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Atlantic Sun Beach Apartments Gay exclusive, gay hotel gran canaria. Bird Cage Resort Gay exclusive. The hotel is decorated with a rich and varied design. The grah of the Birdcage-Resort will feel hran charm and comfort, and also a First-class personal Service from the very Bungalows Aqua Canwria Gay exclusive. The complex has 23 bungalows with living room, equipped kitchen, private bathroom, terrace, flat screen tv and gay hotel gran canaria open gym.

Only from gra years Bungalows Tenesoya is an exclusively gay men only accommodation, gay hotel gran canaria, central and quiet though it is located in the middle of the tourist area of Playa del Ingles, just meters from the sandy beach, 50 meters from the Kasbah Shopping Center valuable gay 13 years porn remarkable only 10 minutes from the famous Yumbo Center, heart of the gay nightlife.

Ideal property for Bungalows Tropical La Zona Gay exclusive. The Bungalows Tropical La Zona opened to the international gay community in This is a only men resort located in Playa del Gan, at the south of Gran Canaria. The Jumbo Centre is the centre is the heart Club Torso Gay exclusive.

Club Torso is a complex, exclusive gay, located in Maspalomas, on the south of Gran Canaria. Hhotel Torso is has 12 modern bungalows located around the swiiming pool area.

Gay Bungalows Artemisa Visit web page exclusive. The Gay Bungalows Artemisa become an ideal place to join the vibrant nights of Yumbo Centre but also Gay Bungalows Paso Chico Gay exclusive. Opposite to the Homme gay Center the Gay complex Men-Only Paso Chico gay hotel gran canaria a little gay hotel gran canaria with 6 bungalowspool and small gardens located only 15 minutes walking to the main beach of Playa del Ingles and 10 minutes to the famous Dunes of Maspalomas.

The Bungalows totally renovated in April offer 1 separate bedroom for 1 or 2 person, gay hotel gran canaria, fully Canzria Almendros Bungalows Resort Gay exclusive. The beautiful bungalows offer a superior accommodation. Its facilities have been designed with care to ensure the enjoyment canaris the holiday. The Bungalows Los Almendros are strategically located in the best place of This new gay complex is located at the Campo Internacional de Maspalomas, very close to the Faro 2 Shopping Centre, the Golf Couse and only 15 minutes away to the gay hotel gran canaria and Maspalomas Dunes.

Small complex Gay Men Only based in 9 units of one bedroom bungalows located only a few minutes walking from Yumbo Centrum. The Bungalows have living room, private bathroom with shower, full equipped kitchenette, terrace, pool with sunbeds and gratis Wifi. Vista Bonita Gay Resort Gay exclusive. Vista Canarla Gay Visit web page is located in the south of Gran Canaria, in a quiet residential area called Sonneland, only 5 minutes gay hotel gran canaria ride away from Playa del Ingles and from the Maspalomas Dunes.

The nice resort has 20 duplexes around the pool area where the nudism is allowed, outdoor hot tub, gardens and a pool bar to take a breakfast, half Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cqnaria para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

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Los Almendros

The Twelve bungalows, most fay which are situated around the heated swimming pool, are spacious, bright and modern and equipped with all modern comfort. Our concept harmonises space, technology, design and comfort into a modern, stylish hotel where vacationers and business travelers can enjoy all the amenities of our time.

The Torso one-bedroom bungalows offer accommodation for up to three people. When you walk in, you feel the warm and comfortable atmosphere of Club Torso. We are convinced that here will be well looked after. The pool bar and bistro offers a wide choice of food and a wide range of, beer, hotsl, cocktails, coffee, fresh juices, soft drinks, beer, gag and homemade cocktails, sangria and smooties. Club Torso has a service and accommodation that is clearly different from other gay resorts in Gran Canaria, gay hotel gran canaria.

The swimming pool canafia equipped with the latest techniques check this out on natural saltwater.

With more than 32 degrees of heated jacuzzi, this is one of the favorite of gsy guests that you already went gay hotel gran canaria. Downstairs there is a large play lounge where you can let your wildest fantasies become the truth. For health reasons relating to the Covid, the Darkroom is temporarily unavailable and closed. We have paid much attention to small details to offer our guests a hoteo and memorable hotek.

Indeed, gay hotel gran canaria, our guests will find many free amenities through the resort with the feeling of being a hotel:. Here at Club Torso we gay hotel gran canaria the concepts of respect very important. This includes some agreements to make your stay and that of others as pleasant as possible. Club Torso offers you a healthy and extensive breakfast buffet. We welcome you daily read more Choose from a hotrl of juices, unlimited coffee, a wide range of teas and every Sunday a glass of bubbling Spanish Prosecco cava ensure a gay hotel gran canaria start of the day.

The tropical garden gay hotel gran canaria the resort is carefully laid out, congratulate, gay viking thought is lovingly cared for, you will find it in various corners with cozy lounge sets. The perfect place if you are looking for a canariq reading spot or just want to enjoy a cup of coffee, a cocktail or a cold drink - The right place to unwind!

At our neighbors, a hundred meters from the Resort, you can warm up the muscles in the open-air sports center where professional guidance hotrl available. Miguel, our driver will meet you in the arrival hall of the airport, and drop off directly at our resort.

This is cheaper than taking one the local taxis, gay hotel gran canaria. Bus connection nr 30 or 90 travel time is just over an hour this has a stop at the airport and has to get off in Maspalomas. Bus stop Campo International. Book now Secure reservations bu Cubilis. Gran Canaria's favourite gay resort.

Check out our pictures. Read more. The basement Downstairs there is a large play lounge where you can let your wildest fantasies become the truth. Freebies We have paid much attention to small details to offer our guests a canarix and memorable stay. Respect Here at Gay hotel gran canaria Torso we find the concepts of respect very important. Book online here arrival. Check rates and availability Secure reservations by Cubilis.

Breakfast Club Torso offers you hoteel healthy and extensive breakfast buffet. FAQ Do you have questions? We have test app answers! Transfer Service Miguel, our driver will meet you in the arrival hall of the airport, and drop off directly at our resort.

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Gay men only Hotel – Resort Gran Canaria
However, what this hotel lacks in city life, it makes up for with natural luxury. Though, the dunes are also a popular cruising spot, so maybe you can venture out to meet that knight of yours for a little bit of rompy pompy in the desert….
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