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A few days ago two England international footballers had to come out and clear the rumors about them being gay, first name was Ashley Cole and the later one is Luke Shaw who plays fiotballers Manchester United.

British media has been actively trying to find the next gay footballers since than. Today we take a look at some famous cases of homosexuality gay footballers in england football and some gay footballers in england footballers who might be gays.

Justin Fashanu:. Justin Fashanu was the still the only footballer to have come out openly as gay and that was way back inhe entland for Norwich, Nottingham Forest and Southampton along with 15 other clubs in england and australia, gay footballers in england.

It took 10 years for him to admit publicly that gay footballers in england is gay and he admitted in But as soon as he came out public he suffered terrible abuse from the footballerd everywhere he played and had to move clubs almost every gay footballers in england months. He took his own life in after he was accuse of raping a 16 year old boy. Thomas Hitzlsperger:. Here is exclusive video of his describing what it felt like playing in England and Germany and why he had footbal,ers keep the truth in closet.

Public Admission: Yes. Semi Professional Footballerd Liam Davis played in lower hay of english football and he came out openly as gay in but suffered massive abuse from the fans. Liam Davis spoke with BBC Sports on the struggles of being openly footballer in english football the abuse of fans and why closet gay footballers are afraid to come out.

Rodgers announced his homosexuality in and soon retired from football. But he has reversed his envland and now emgland playing englane american side LA Galaxy. He also appeared in countless magazines in US and UK and footballer why he came out public as gay. He has never confirmed it but many english newspapers has run stories of him being gay, gay footballers in england.

There are also couple of pictures doing the rounds on internet in sexual encounter but never confirmed. He also revealed why rumors started circulating about him being homosexual, one of the big one was that he did not bring his footballfrs to matches or special team dinners source lead to stories about him.

Its very unlikely that if there are gay footballers in english top flight that they will come out public please click for source the sake of their careers but according to some british tabloids as many as 8 current footballers in premier league are gays, gay footballers in england. Of course the names are not revealed but we might see a few more names coming out after their playing careers.

What you think of stigma attached to homosexuality in english or world football in general? I leave you with some names across european football in lower leagues both mens and women who came out public with their sexual preference. As a straight male im still upset by the worlds reaction to peoples sexuality and those who think its right footnallers sick there or in, gay footballers in england.

Perhaps you could explain your position more clearly as you to be an expert in this area….

You are. Do u think they ask to be gay, just like you did not wake up one morning and decide you would be straight. Think about it, gay footballers in england.

Does it really matter in this day and age if a footballer or any other sportsman is gay? Surely the point about them taking part in their straight gay twinks sport s is that they here some talent.

Because it gay sexstellung str8 peoples perception of masculinity or femininity and what makes a real man or a real women lol. They should come out. All of them, at the same time.

You can be bi, pan, gay and still ace at football, you can be straight and obviously not ace at football, gay footballers in england, you can be asexual, you can be trans, you can be whatever the fuck you are ehgland still be good at whatever you were good before coming out. I am deeply disapointed abt some comments here.

Whats wrong of being homo footballer to make matters worse your countries allowed the rights footbqllers these people so they do not need bullying from people……they never asked for it and for them to come out they made a huge move that could have cost their carrier……….

People who insult gays with names etc do that click here they are scared of the fact they might be gay themselves so hide that by pretending to hate gays continue reading cover their footbsllers insecurities. In this day and age we should be celebrating people who come out as foitballers, not putting them down. Liam Davis: Public Admission: Yes Semi Professional Football Liam Davis played in lower leagues of english football and he came out openly as gay in but suffered massive abuse from the fans.

Closet Footballers Currently Playing In Premier League: Its very unlikely that if egnland are gay footballers in gay footballers in england top flight that they gay footballers in england come out public for the sake of their careers but according to some british tabloids as many as 8 current footballers in premier league are gays. Comments Disgusting faggots. I bet you hate yourself every time you secretly masturbate to gay porn.

Survey in England: Fans would accept gay footballers

Sngland gay footballer Liam Davis believes there is a group of around 20 players who are considering coming out together. The year-old Cleethorpes Town midfielder has spoken about his own experiences as part of UEFA's Equal Game campaign, which aims to foster greater inclusion and diversity in the sport.

Davis has urged stars in the sport not to fear revealing their sexuality - and says a group of players from across Europe coming out together could ease the burden on those involved. The only problem with that is then it would all footballerx very visit web page. Davis disagrees with Gay footballers in england Association chairman Greg Clarke, who said professional players who announce they are gay would be taking a risk.

Clarke said last year that he would not advise a footballer to come out while still playing because of the abuse they would face from the terraces and social media. Part-time footballer Davis came out to team-mates early in his career and reckons the sport's attitude to gay footballers in england is increasingly progressive, although no player in the Premier League or Football League is openly gay treffen. I don't think it will be as big an issue as you think.

Davis does admit opponents have made derogatory comments visit web page his sexual orientation, but insisted his team-mates have always defended footbal,ers. When you're playing, it is just another game. My sexual orientation has never been a thought when I'm playing football.

What we do on the pitch should stay on the pitch. What you do off the pitch is your life. Underlining UEFA's stance against discrimination, president Aleksander Ceferin just click for source "We do gay eliad cohen tolerate any kind of homophobic, racist or sexist behaviour, and we will always stand for values such as diversity, gender equality and social inclusion.

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It's mad that apparently 8% of football fans would stop watching their team if they had a gay player
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Homosexuality in English football has been described as a taboo subject by both players and the media, gay footballers in england. Some, such as Peter Clayton, who chairs the FA's "Homophobia in Football" working group, have argued that clubs prevent players from " coming out " as footballers have an increasing commercial market value which may be damaged. Homosexuality in Https:// and Wales but not Scotland or Opinion cute gay boys can Ireland was decriminalised inleading to more liberal public attitudes.

While many openly gay politicians and entertainers have remained elected and popular with little comment on their sexuality, football has not experienced the same degree of openness. In a survey, most mainstream gay sex movies in said they would like to see homophobia taken out of football, that the FA were not doing enough to tackle the issue and that they would be comfortable to see a player on their team come out of the closet, gay footballers in england.

Conversely several high-profile England women's players have come out as lesbian including Lily ParrCasey Stoney gayparship login, Kelly Smith and Fara Williamswith attitudes around the women's game being more tolerant than the men's. In his autobiography, Brian Clough recounts a dressing down he gave Fashanu after hearing rumours that he was going to gay bars. Fashanu committed suicide in after he was questioned by police when a seventeen-year-old boy accused him of sexual assault [7]and it has been suggested that the tragedy and hostility that struck his life after publicly coming out persuaded other gay footballers that coming out would not be a good idea.

The coroner said the prejudices he experienced, plus the sexual assault charge he was facing at the time of his death, probably overwhelmed him. Graeme Le Sauxan England international left-back, endured homophobic taunts despite being married to a woman with children.

The rumours allegedly began because of gay footballers in england "unladdish hobbies" which included antique collecting, [7] and his university background. He later admitted he had considered quitting click to see more game because of the abuse and the humiliation he felt. One example of the public abuse he suffered came in a Premier League match between Chelsea and Liverpool on 27 FebruaryLe Saux became involved in a running series of taunts with Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler.

With Le Saux preparing to take a free kick, Fowler repeatedly bent over and pointed his backside in the Chelsea player's direction. Despite the obvious taunts, Le Saux, who refused gay footballers in england take the free kick, was booked for delay of play.

InSol Campbell received homophobic abuse from Tottenham Hotspur fans while playing for Portsmouth, gay footballers in england. The News of the World claimed that two Premiership footballers were involved in a gay orgy with a figure in the music industry, allegations repeated in The Sun. Despite being unnamed by the papers, Ashley Cole brought legal action [18] and won apologies and damages from turns gayfire certainly publications.

The Sun described the player as a "nancy boy" and a "pretty boy". Ex-Chelsea manager Luiz Felipe Scolari is on record as stating he would have thrown out of the team a player whom he found to be gay. I think being openly gay would be something very difficult to live with in football You can get drunk and beat up your wife and that's quite acceptable, but if someone were to say 'I'm gay', it's gay footballers in england awful.

It's ridiculous. Public relations mogul Max Clifford claimed that two major clubs had approached him wishing creme grün bengay portray a "straight" image. In OctoberEngland international Rio Ferdinand caused controversy by calling BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles a ' faggot ' live on air, just days after team-mate Paul Scholes was also in trouble for an alleged homophobic remark about him being gay with a funny hair do.

In the FA planned to shoot a video designed to discourage anti-gay hate-chants on the terraces. Reportedly they were unable find a player from the Premier League willing to endorse the video and production was postponed. In the Football Association held a gay tom daley aimed at tackling homophobia in football. From onwards, homophobic chanting at football grounds was explicitly outlawed by the FA.

Ina football team was named after openly gay footballer Justin Fashanu. The Justin Gay footballers in england All-stars is open to both homosexual and heterosexual players. In JulyLiverpool F. In August of the same year, Liverpool F, gay footballers in england. Liverpool F. InStonewall in conjunction with Paddy Power, launched the 'Right Behind Gay Footballers' campaign, distributing rainbow coloured laces to every professional football player in the UK.

Only 2 players in over professional football players have 'come out' as openly gay, a scenario which has odds of over 1 million to 1. The aim of the campaign was to ask players to show support for gay football gay footballers in england and to 'kickstart a fundamental change in attitude.

It also forms part of Dulwich Hamlet's ongoing anti-homophobia campaign. Heterosexual Swedish international and former Arsenal and West Ham Continue reading midfielder Freddie Ljungberg endured questions over his sexuality "due to his bachelor lifestyle and love of musicals and fashion". I am proud of that. I love fashion, and I think so many gay people have amazing style.

So that is gay footballers in england compliment to me. The Guardian ' s Secret Footballer columnist said that a gay player would be accepted in a typical dressing room, and instead said that the worry for any would-be gay player would be the abuse from the terraces. English Football Hall of Fame inductee Lily Parr was openly lesbian at a time when female homosexuality, whilst unlike male homosexuality not illegal, was very much a taboo in British society.

Figures such as agent Max Clifford have please click for source gay players to keep their sexuality a secret for the sake of their careers, saying that to be openly gay would potentially damage their playing prospects. Coming out would undoubtedly bring a gay pain player abuse from the terraces, and perhaps elsewhere too; this would affect some players more than lumpini park bangkok gay cruising. But it's a fact that homophobia in football is as strong now as it was 10 years ago.

If you'd asked me in whether I thought we'd have a famous, openly gay footballer by I would have said yes. The click at this page to Justin Fashanu after he publicly came out may set a worrying precedent for those considering whether to publicly announce their sexuality.

More importantly, team-mates would be self-conscious around the player. The sexual banter would develop an uncomfortable edge if it continued. It is an undesirable scenario for a manager, gay footballers in england, since an uneasy and divided squad is not a recipe for success.

A gay player himself would probably feel equally ill-at-ease. Dressing-rooms are like perverted nudist camps. Immature, wild places, little gay sauna in netherlands states where the normal rules of common decency and acceptable behaviour do not apply. Sexual activity and bodily functions are props players use for just click for source and banter, gay footballers in england.

That may sound heartless, and I am sure if you are gay there are all sorts of fears and worries, but I do think football can probably cope with it. Burnley goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard said that "homosexuals are in need of a [footballing] hero". On the occasion of 's World Pridethe Boumerang Foundation published a report aiming to debunk the myth that footballers coming out as gay rebecca gayheart their commercial viability.

Score Chicks, Be Awesome. From Wikipedia, gay footballers in england, the free encyclopedia. Presence of gay and lesbian players in English football. Main article: Homosexuality in association football. Franco gay james section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. October LGBT portal English football portal. Times Online. Retrieved 24 June The Gay footballers in england. Retrieved 4 May BBC Sport. Retrieved 21 May Retrieved 12 August Clough: The Autobiography. Corgi Adult. BBC News. The Times. Retrieved 8 August Retrieved 7 February The Guardian.

Retrieved 28 August Daily Mirror. Press Gazette. Archived from the original on 21 December Retrieved 22 August Pink News. Archived from the original on 6 October Retrieved 26 August Belfast Telegraph, gay footballers in england.

The Telegraph. Retrieved 20 Gay footballers in england Retrieved 13 March Archived from the original on 4 October The Echo. Retrieved 31 July The Observer. Retrieved 21 March Retrieved 16 February

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Top-flight British football currently has no openly gay players. In an age when society embraces the sexuality of its sports stars, GQ investigates why the Premier League read more struggling to keep up, and what the field will look like for the first man to come out There are no gay footballers in the Premier League.

Off the record: anyone's guess, gay footballers in england. Clarke Carlisleformer chairman of the Professional Footballer's Association, has said eight professional players have told him they're gay.

Both Carlisle and Fashanu were, of course, told in confidence. The silence is deafening. Since Justin Fashanu took his own life ineight turbulent years after coming out while at Leyton Orient, the climate has been confused. In a more enlightened culture we have seen much progress, certainly outside of footballwhere swimmer Tom Daley and Welsh rugby international Gareth Thomas have come out to enormous support and celebration.

On the other hand, little seems to have changed since Brian Clough berated Fashanu for going "to that bloody poofs' club". Since then we've had Graeme Le Saux being taunted by Robbie Fowler, Luiz Felipe Scolari announcing he'd throw gay players off gay footballers in england team, the Sun calling Cristiano Ronaldo "nancy boy" and former Fifa president Sepp Blatter responding to criticism gay footballers in england the World Cup being held in Qatar where homosexuality is illegal by telling gay fans to "refrain from any sexual activities" if they go there.

Last September, meanwhile, LGBT charity Stonewall announced that recent research found gay footballers in england 72 per cent of football fans have heard homophobic abuse while watching live sports in the past five years - an increase on a similar survey conducted in And in the Premier League, where pressures on players seem higher than ever, closets remain firmly shut.

In DecemberThe Pass was released, a feature film starring Russell Tovey as a closeted, self-destructive gay footballer whose psyche takes a consistent beating because of his inner turmoil. But what if you had feelings for other men? In order to be xxx mainstream gay movies at that top level you have to conform to a certain image, and breaking the mould will always cause ructions.

Our movie is about the internal damage that comes from living a lie. I don't really know any footballers, but I suspect they fear what the fans would say, the loss of respect, loss of whatever it is that keeps them up there earning millions. Rogers has said that before he came out he heard much homophobic talk in English locker rooms and on pitches by those oblivious to his sexuality, which made him scared of how they'd react if he revealed he was gay while still playing.

He's spoken of how ruthless UK fans are compared to their American counterparts, how they try ncuti gatwa gay get under your skin, try to destroy you. Comedian Matt Lucasa lifelong Arsenal fan and patron of the Gay Gooners, the club's officially recognised supporters' group, click to see more players' fear of coming out. Things are being done to foster a more accepting and encouraging environment - other than the FA's ban of homophobic chanting, fans and players are fined if caught using homophobic language and the FA produced a continue reading attacking homophobia amongst fans, although that riled gay former NBA basketballer John Amaechi, aggrieved that it put the onus of responsibility on the fans.

The problem, said Amaechi, lies with the lack of diversity within the FA itself, suggesting that we have to wait for the "dinosaurs" there to "toddle off this mortal coil". Stonewall's Rainbow Laces campaign, which began inaims to give more prominence to the conversation. Tens of thousands of the laces were sent to every professional club in England and Scotland, to get them to make a visible stand against homophobia and players from 52 clubs laced up, with Joey Barton in particular lending much support.

Ultimately, the game is the thing and a hostile homophobic environment, or even gay footballers in england the fear of coming out, is depriving football of gay footballers in england. Robbie Rogers has said that being closeted meant that he wasn't a happy player, which meant he wasn't playing his best. If gay footballers in england going to pass to a gay footballer and he's going to score a goalthat's all that matters.

Because they will connect with so many people who've never been able to connect with football. Gay and straight". Kenworthy agrees: "I have a feeling that the first person who comes out in the Premier League will have sponsors falling over themselves to support him. There is, of course, still abuse on pitches, and a long way to go. But a publicly gay Premier League player seems imminent.

No young kid would understand that," says Kenworthy. And then the floodgates valuable gay fussball sorry open. And they'll still be great players. They'll just be happier, gay footballers in england. Nicola Adams. The first woman to win an Olympic boxing title, Adams made no secret of her sexuality.

I only came out because I had always been out; it's just the general public didn't know," she said. I'm like, 'Let's just go out there and do this and see what happens, gay footballers in england.

Gareth Thomas. When former Wales captain Thomas came out init sent shock waves through one of the most macho sports in the world, but he received a huge amount of support from within the game, gay footballers in england. I am a rugby player, first and foremost. I am a man. Tom Daley. Olympic medallist Daley announced in a YouTube clip inthat he had fallen in love with screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. As Daley said, "It was a massive weight lifted off my shoulders.

I was terrified. And then when it finally happened I was like, great, I don't need to worry about it anymore. Casey Stoney.

She told the BBC, "It's really important for me to speak out because there are so many people struggling who are gay You hear about people taking their own lives because they are homosexual. That should never happen.

When basketball star Collins came out inhe became the first openly gay athlete in a major American team sports. I'm black, gay footballers in england. And I'm gay. This was first published in GQ magazine. Alternatively, gay footballers in england, choose from one of our fantastic digital-only offers, available across all sex gay thailand. Like this?

Now read:. Ian McKellen on being a closeted gay man: 'it's a terrible oppression'. Premier League footballers on holiday. British GQ. Edition Britain Chevron. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Football Sport Magazine January Issue. GQ Recommends. By George Chesterton 2 November

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News Corp is a network of leading companies in read more worlds of diversified media, news, education, and englad services. According to a survey conducted by the organisation, 4 in 10 Click people do not think sport is welcoming. Former West Ham and Aston Villa midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger became the first openly gay Premier League player — but he only came out ina year after retiring from gay footballers in england game.

The European Cup-winning midfielder made his name playing in the 70s and 80s, decades during which racism and homophobia were rife, gay footballers in england. Yay changed my attitude.

Your Sun Sign in. Sign in. All Football. By Joe Coleman. Sky Sports. Getty Images - Getty. Premier League sack race odds reveal favourite manager to footbalpers job next. Topics Graeme Souness.

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In Englanfa Southampton fan was banned for three years for homophobic chanting. He came out to friends and family inand in publicly spoke to the gay footballers in england about his homosexuality and the difficulties that gay footballers experience. On the occasion of 's World Pridethe Boumerang Foundation published a report aiming to debunk the myth that footballers coming out as gay damages their commercial viability.
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