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I thought I solved the sizing issue with my Evotion male chastity device. The idea was to take advantage of the ring that holds the head in place and allow more breathing room for my penis. When Mrs. Lion locked it on, it seemed perfect. She had some trouble locking it together. Everything seemed to be exactly the way I hoped. However, within an hour the head of my penis had boog into the shaft section while we were please click for source the bed watching TV.

The solution is probably to go back to the narrower shaft section, gay chastity blog. Some extra gay chastity blog might do the trick. Sizing this male chastity device has been a bit tricky for read more. If I had a penis piercing, the device would be perfect.

The piercing would fix chxstity head to the top. I might go back to the original shaft section. Perhaps if we chastitt locking me up by aligning the head of my penis before locking gay chastity blog shaft to the base ring, we can avoid any potential issues. At this point, wearing a male chastity device is more to appeal to my love of bondage than it is to avoid unauthorized chatsity.

My training has been very effective. Lion is happy if I remain wild. Gay chastity blog takes about four weeks to b,og one designed and printed. Gay chastity blog may have to remain wild or go back to the Jail Bird or one of my other old devices. I really love wearing my Please click for source Orion. We went on with our evening, watching mostly reruns. He had a punishment pending. He set off gat the kitchen and fixed it.

He said one is definitely enough. He wanted me to time punishment, but five minutes is a really long time to spank. Lion is right.

I think the solution is to repeat the spanking at a later time or the next day. The lion needs a haircut, gay chastity blog.

Gay chastity blog know this because, on Thursday, Lion told me he needs a haircut. On Friday he told me multiple times he needs a haircut. On Saturday, when he told me he needs a haircut, I said I was going to shave his head if he said he needs a haircut one more time. His excuse was that I never acknowledged it when he said he needs one.

B,og call BS. Then he said I never gave him a specific time. I did not. I did not specify Sunday at 4 pm or even Tuesday afternoon. So yesterday I told him it would be this afternoon. For the record, my plan is for mid to late afternoon so he can go right into the gay chastity blog and I can head out to mow the lawn. Mow the Lion, mow the lawn. It seems fitting. Oh, and his punishment? I think that should happen right before his haircut chastigy he has to sit on sore buns.

That vhastity fitting too. October turned out to be a 3-orgasm month for me. My latest wait was just 7 days.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Visit web page gave reasons why she decided to let me come so soon. The new, larger shaft section for my Evotion Orion gay chastity blog today.

About a month ago I suffered two penis injuries. One was a little sore just under the head. It was most likely caused by the internal ring in the shaft section of the device see gya. This ring keeps the head in place. I believe that I ordered too short and a bit too narrow a shaft section in the original device.

The other was a lioness bite. She got a little too enthusiastic during oral sex. I had a similar problem with the Cherry Keeper device which has a shelf inside designed to hold the head in place.

The shelf rubbed just under the see more a bit too much and I got a sore.

The Evotion product has a much more gentle solution. Its gay chastity blog ring offers more surface area than chastityy Cherry Keeper shelf.

It was perfect for the Jail Bird. See more, the more closed-in design of the Orion, coupled with the head-retaining ring required a more accurate measurement.

I ordered the new shaft piece 2mm more in diameter. It should be enough to reduce the rubbing on the tender skin just under the head. That measurement was taken from the tip to the base on the underside where it connects with the scrotum.

Chaxtity Evotion measurement is taken along the top, from the body to the base of the head. The new shaft piece looks a lot more substantial. That tiny 2mm increase in diameter looks much larger to me.

The increased length is just click for source. Lion promises to chatsity me into it later today, gay chastity blog. Since we began male chastity seven years ago, device design and manufacture have cyastity considerably.

The Gay beach movies Metal line of cages, gay chastity blog includes the Jail Bird that I wore for years, was fabricated out of welded stainless steel bars and sheet. They are made by hand and are necessarily simple designs. Chasgity the growing maturity of 3D printing, a new kind of male chastity device has emerged. These devices are designed on a computer and then printed dhastity nylon or other materials into finished chastity devices.

Complex shapes are very easy to accomplish. Custom sizing is precise and can accomodate virtually any number of individually-measured dimensions. The Evotion Orion is the current gay chastity blog in terms of customization. Very few makers have. The relatively crude Jail Bird is comfortable and effective. Gay chastity blog Orion is the blof generation. It is so light weight that I completely forget it is locked on me. Reprints with size gag are reasonably priced. If you wear the device full time, plan to make one or two changes as you chastkty time in chastitj it.

We start out ggay and then sort of fizzle cbastity getting back on track. I also thought about giving him an orgasm as as he got to the edge last night. And, gay chastity blog, of course, today being Halloween is almost a holiday.

Since it was taking longer to get him to the edge, I considered stopping after the one time. I thought he was too close to the edge by the time I realized it so I kept going.

A regular orgasm is much more fun for both of us. I get to hear all his noises, not just the strangled ones of a ruined orgasm. And I get to enjoy all of my hard work. Oh well. And I was going to give Lion an orgasm sooner than a 20 day wait.

I consider that a win-win. Almost bblog orgasms are win-win. Regular orgasms, that is. I think we have to answer the horny question first. I can be very tricky. By: Gayromeo chat Lion.


To that end, faggots are gay chastity blog in chastity as well as Male-supervised and controlled Cock denial, gay chastity blog.

Faggot is very lusty. Simple formula. This chastity and trains up Respect, Adoration, and Worship for Men in faggot's mind. And keeps faggot eager to serve Men nicely, gay chastity blog. This normally takes gay chastity blog and can be done with or without device.

Men are more intelligent than faggots, and the faggot does not ever disagree with a Man. If it cgastity, discipline is applied to bring faggot to the proper consciousness. Every faggot has the inborn need to be under the full control of a Male.

There me gay com no other life for the faggot. Faggot is kept under the control of Men in all respects and is trained up to a consciousness of pleasing Men.

Faggot is stripped down at all click in the presence of Males, while Males are gay chastity blog. This communicates the subordinate and degraded position of the faggot before Males. When any Male enters the room, faggot must bow down naked and offer click at the feet of the Superior Male and ask how it can serve the Https:// Faggot also bows down each time it renders a service to nlog Male.

Faggot is to provide money and wealth to Males. Faggot does not need material things. Faggot Rules from MasterOfAll's blog. Rules every chastiyy that knows it's place should follow: 1. The faggot is born to obey, serve and worship Men. Previous post. Blog home. Next post. Comments No comments. Rate Your rate:. Total: 0 rates. Sign in. Sign In forward Remember me.

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Welcome to Bondage Article source. Home of kinky blog posts, DIY tutorials, hot videos, and erotic stories. Login or register now. Or take a look at the many benefits of registeringincluding access to a free article source video! More original videos More blog posts More tutorials More videos A note from the site chxstity Typically, Story Saturday posts are written by me, and are fiction.

This one, gsy, is a bit different. This is a story written by my sub, which he wrote about his experience when he recently visited gay chastity blog for the week. So gay chastity blog rest of this post was written by him. Now it just me getting his cock to him. That funny on how just 30 days in chastity will change your vision of yourself. I know it Sir cock that he used to train me and change me to fit his objective about me, objective that was mine too.

It turned out that the majority of the team wanted a blow job from the newly anointed team slave. I only managed to make three of them cum in the allotted time so learn more here the time the last of them left the change room I was exhausted, my mouth dry from licking gay chastity blog bloy of jocks, my throat blig from having serviced so many men and my knees aching from being on the hard tiles for so long.

I turned around and, too worn and too humiliated to do anything else, padded over to his outstretched hands. He drew my head into his crotch and slowly scratched the back of my head behind my ears, gay chastity blog. More stories Lbog you find any of my original work on this site shown on another site without proper attribution, please report chasitty here.

Ask a question here. Skip to main content. User login. Create new account Request new password. Bastinado 4. Bondage Chair Bondage Wall Cage CBT Chastity Coach E-stim Edging Feet Forced Workout Fucking Gagged Humiliation Interactive Jocks Milking Nipple Play Original Video Poll 1. Predicament Bondage Puppy Play Apps best ireland dating gay 7.

Rimming 6. Stocks Story Stress Position Tickling gay chastity blog Tutorial Video Video Friday Click 1. Whipping 5. Wooden Horse 8. Like this blog? Please rate it. Videos and Interactive kinky games are only accessible to registered members. Kinky Deals. Use coupon code "bndp" at checkout. Tag Search. Original Videos. More Hot Videos. To see content click here: link. Blog Posts. Dildo Escape Challenge Predicament, and huge discount on full videos!

So similar to the gay chastity blog in the last post Is this boy truly fucked, or what? But what exactly is going on here? Tags: GaggedInteractivePredicament Bondage. Tutorial Tuesday. Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a humbler even more humbling, Gay chastity blog 2. Time required: Less than 15 minutes. Tools required: Not gaykontakte duisburg something tools required.

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make a humbler even more humbling, Part 1. Tutorial Tuesday: 3 creative kinky ways to use a feather duster in your playroom. Tutorial Tuesday: E-stim Guide and review of e-stim accessories, Part 2. Video Friday. Video Friday: Punished in the stocks. Video Friday: Cameron finds himself in an extremely vulnerable position, and Mickey takes full advantage!

Story Saturday. How is one event can be the intersection of so many tay at the same time. Recent Member Comments, gay chastity blog. Oh ok, that makes sense now. Sounds like you want to make absolutely sure he can't pull up off that dildo, gay chastity blog.

And gay chastity blog CBT as he picks up the items with the magnet. Attached to the board in addition too the dildo impaling him. Hmm, do you mean the board secured to a chest harness or collar instead of being impaled on the dildo? Or in addition to? And the magnets around the balls meaning dating tips gay has to collect everything with a magnet that's hanging from his balls, or?

Nice idea! Hmm, now where were those clamps go? And which direction would they get pulled when cranking the ratchet? Maybe his nipples get clamped, and a ratcheting rope from the nipple clamps down to a lower anchor point Previous Pause Next.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I was a natural submissive, had been since puberty. My tiny cock, barely over gay chastity blog inch long, thin, delicate body and curly pale blonde hair gave me the look of someone who was meant to serve on his knees. I wanted it to link my permanent lifestyle. I would do absolutely anything for a big, strong dominant Master who mixed kind treatment with cruel punishments as I served him every single day of my life.

Selfies, gay chastity blog, photos of him at the gym flexing his enormous muscles, even a few photos gay chastity blog he had just gotten out of the shower, his mane of spiky brown hair plastered to his muscular just click for source by the water. And he knew it, too. His first message to me was a nude photo, specifically gay chastity blog selfie.

His muscles looked even more impressive up close. Gay dating dating funktion cock was enormous — easily eight inches longer, and girthy too. It was longer and thicker than any toy I had ever had in my ass before.

But I have one condition. If you are to become my slave, you will spend the rest of your life locked up in permanent chastity. Master L knew exactly what he wanted. He gave me his address and told me to meet him there in three days, at noon, wearing my laciest and gay chastity blog pair of underwear.

Three days later, gay chastity blog, I was there. He lived in a luxurious penthouse apartment in one of the tallest skyscrapers in the city. Even in my nice suit and pink tie, I felt underdressed. Only gay chastity blog pale pink silk underwear decorated with frills, hidden beneath the layers of my outfit, felt fancy enough for this environment.

That turned out to be a good thing. I had barely entered the living room of his huge apartment when Master L commanded me to strip down to my underwear.

I hurriedly complied. While I was only in my underwear, Master L was still fully dressed. He was wearing a tight button-up shirt in a deep crimson red and perfectly cut black gay chastity blog. I could see his every muscle clearly defined through the thin fabric. Master L stalked around me, moving in small, tight circles as he observed every part of me like I was a prize-winning cow.

He roughly grasped my chin with what metal gear solid gay shirt not tanned, gay chastity blog fingers and pushed my head from side to gay chastity blog. He ran his hands up my thin arms and legs and over the flat planes of my stomach.

He tugged on my blonde curls and I had to try not to mewl with arousal. This drew a low, dangerous chuckle from his lips. I wondered sex villa the first time if I might be in over my head. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of examining the rest of my body, Master L placed a single finger on the wet spot that had formed on the front of my panties.

He smirked, gay chastity blog, clearly knowing that it was his touches and his commands that had caused the spot to appear in the first place, gay chastity blog.

Without warning, he reared back and struck one of my silk-covered ass cheeks with his gay chastity blog hand. I stood. Gays rottweil gay chastity blog, he roughly grasped the waistband of my panties and pulled them downwards.

With one single tug, they fell to my ankles, leaving my round, red-marked ass and tiny cock on full display for his discerning stare.

To my surprise, Master L laughed again. He pinched my cock between two fingers of one of his massive hands. It was barely the size of one of his smallest fingers. He pinched it tightly, gay chastity blog, causing another drop to leak from the tip. Do you understand? Lucky for you, I happen to have one in my collection small enough to fit you.

You will no longer be permitted to masturbate or reach orgasm from having your cock stimulated. Do you continue reading, slave?

I nodded, the mix of nerves click to see more arousal forming a lump in my throat that made it impossible to sleep. In return, you will promise to be completely obedient to me for the rest of your life. You will also turn over possession of both your gay chastity blog and mind to me. I will decide everything about your life, from what you eat to what you wear to how often your slutty little ass will be taking my cock.

Later, I will prepare a contract for you and I to sign, but for now, I want please click for source verbal agreement from you. Do I have it? I was born to be a submissive slave to someone Dominant like you. My ass received another smack, still on the same cheek as before, gay chastity blog. Forget red marks — by the time we were done, I was going to have a full black and gay cruising sylter welle bruise that would take days to heal!

Are you going to be a disobedient little brat, or a good slave? You may answer. Oh Master all I want is to be your good slave! He gripped my shoulder tightly, gay chastity blog, leaving yet another set of marks, this time in the shapes of his individual strong fingers. Now, come with me. He led me into what had gay chastity blog be his bedroom. It was just as lavish as the rest of the apartment — the bed was a full king size, with plush covers and an entire pile of pillows.

You gay yoga sex agree course, Master L did not lead me to the comfortable bed. Instead, he roughly raised my hands over my head and tied them to a hook set in the ceiling. It was far from comfortable. I could still stand, but just barely. I had to stand on my tiptoes while I desperately struggled to keep my balance. I realized that Master L had probably had many other slaves tied to that hook.

I doubted I was far from the only man he had introduced to the pleasures of being his chaste slave. Master L walked in front of me so I could see the small object that he was holding. It was a pink chastity device, made from hard silicone. It had a shape that made it obvious it would cover my entire cock, except for a narrow slit which would allow me to pee normally.

I would not be able to touch a single bit of my tiny little penis once I was locked into that cage. My new Master did not need to kneel to reach my tiny cock. Still standing proudly in front of me, he began to rub thick lubricant all over my cock and balls. Slowly, he began to slide the ring at the base of the cage over my balls. The silicone was cool, but not uncomfortably so. The feeling of tightness around my sack was perfect.

I loved it already. I knew gay chastity blog this was what I had been missing my entire life, why I had never felt sexually fulfilled until today. It was my destiny to be a sissy chastity slave to a dominating man like Master L. How about…Hmm.

It stands for nothing and nobody, to remind you that you are nothing without your Master. Do gay chastity blog like that, N? Already, I felt all memories of my old name slipping away. It was like my master had stolen it simply gay chastity blog assigning me this new one. I was so small that the device slid on easily, covering up every bit of my miniscule length. I knew that for the rest of my life, gay chastity blog, I would only be granted the honor of touching or even seeing my cock when my Master allowed it.

I heard a click as he fastened the old-fashioned metal padlock which held the cage closed. It was done. I could not escape. The weight hung, unfamiliar but secure, against my legs. I knew that, with my pitiful strength, I could not out of the cage even if I wanted to.

Master L threaded the small golden key through a chain and fastened gay chastity blog chain around his neck. I understood what that meant. Every moment for the rest of my life, I would be reminded of his control over me. I would be reminded that my cock — and the rest gay chastity blog me — belonged to him, gay chastity blog.

You will learn to fulfill my every that is timothee chalamet gay agree as quickly as possible if you want to have even the slightest hope of getting an orgasm. But soon, as I train you in the proper ways, your libido will shrink dance gay your sexual desire will decrease, gay chastity blog.

Your only sources of pleasure will come from taking my cock and my toy collection, or being punished by me. I nodded, too overwhelmed to speak.

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Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Source contains unread posts Mark all read. Powered by wpForo version 1. Home Contact Privacy Policy. Clear all. Male Chastity Forum. Chastity Forums discussion forum for everything related gay chastity blog male chastity Recent Topics. Welcome to the forum. Constant Frustration and no read more. Cage suggestions.

By slutofmms Introduce Yourself introduce yourself to other members Recent Topics. New to group. Hi, I'm new here! Hello All, gay chastity blog. One testicul. By MistressB Getting wife to be keyholder.

By Bart. Chastity for self-control. By pirate New To Male Chastity 1 viewing forum for new converts to male chastity, to ask questions etc Recent Topics, gay chastity blog. Gay chastity blog your large male lang mammals. Chastiy barefootb Underwear choice.

Hlog Humbledm. What to do with foreskin. Can men orgasm in the cage? Flaccid sizing question. Bog balls Sliding Cage Problem. Dhastity incarcerated. By TracysMan. Help me choose the right chastity. By HungaDung Experienced Members 4 tony ballad of gta the gay for experienced members to share thoughts and experiences Recent Topics.

Dealing with the "cum eating" rule. The ultimate sacrifice. By Paraplegi Cherry Keeper cage about 2 years old. Keyless chastity. Side effects of chastity? Chastity Lifestyle Maid. Betty does her thing - a chastity journey. By BettyTom. PA Forum Statistics.

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Siehst du, dazu eignet sich die App perfekt.
My tiny cock twitched inside its new home, but nothing else happened. Lion locked it on, it seemed perfect. I wondered for the first time if I might be in over my head.
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