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Working from home has numerous benefits. You can watch a full Netflix series in a day or as much porn as you like, take long lunches, get up late to start working and generally dealing only with the rules that you put in place yourself. Today was much like any other Friday. I woke up, jumped on the learn more here and sent a few emails.

Then the overnight orders were packed up ready to be sent later the same day. The weather outside is sunny and I looked forward to a quiet evening in, gay chastity anal. Then my phone buzzed. Immediately I dropped everything. I pulled out my clear Holy Trainer from our toy box along with a bottle of water based lubricant. Getting the cage on is always the most difficult part as I get very excited and usually get an erection.

After taking some time to calm down and let my cock get flaccid I pushed my cock and balls through the ring, lubed my cock and put the cage on.

The lock slid perfectly into the hole in the cage and with the turn of the key I was caged, gay chastity anal. My order had been completed. I messaged my Mistress back with a picture of the key on her desk ready for her return. The anticipation for what was in store for my evening started to build knowing that she wanted to penetrate my ass with her latex clad hands.

She might even pull out her strap-on and fuck me if I please her. My cock tried to get hard thinking about her, but the cage quickly put an end to that. I quickly washed her short black latex gloves and left them to dry.

With 4 hours till she arrives gay chastity anal home and walks through the door I had plenty of time to kill. I quickly got all of my outstanding work done, shower, washed the dishes and tidied our bedroom. Mistress demands javier bardem gay film clean boudoir to can teenager gay dating 16 jahre apologise in.

Whilst I'm doing all of this Mistress sends me teasing messages aimed at causing me discomfort in my cage. They all work. She tells me about the tight latex corset and lace underwear she'll put on to abuse gay chastity anal in and the shiny black fuck me high heel pumps she'll have on to tower over me. Each message ends with an instruction to get another new item out of our toy box and have it placed on the table next to our bed.

A cane, a ball gag, rope, handcuffs, link metal collar, an inflatable butt plug and finally, 30 minutes before she was due to walk through our front gay chastity anal, the strap-on and harness. I've waited all day for this moment and she never disappoints. I wait patiently for the knock on the door and open it without hesitation. She walks in, I remove her full length black coat and hang it up for her before handing her a glass of champagne.

I click to see more to my knees and she places her heeled foot on my thigh, slightly digging her heel into my skin to remind me she's in control. I remove her shoes one at a time and place them neatly next to me. My cock twitches and I soon feel gaynite straining inside the cage, gay chastity anal.

I know better gay chastity anal to respond without being instructed to do so, instead bowing my head in acceptance. Mistress then walks up the stairs and leaves me on my knees. I can hear her inspecting the items I was ordered to get out and she walks slowly back down the stairs. She lifts my chin with two fingers and asks me about our safe words. I respond with our usual safe word, places the circular metal collar in her hand around my neck and locks it shut.

I stand up and start to follow her, but she stops dead, turns around and points to the floor, gay chastity anal. You'll be punished for that". Once I crawled on my hands and knees up the stairs behind Mistress she closes the door to our bedroom and leaves me gay college men by the door.

She opens it again after a few minutes and forces a shining red ball gag in my mouth, pulls the strap tight and locks it with a padlock behind my head. A blindfold is then placed over my eyes. The next sound I hear is the bathroom door shutting and the shower being turned on.

The anticipation is making my cock really ache against the hard cage and the pain is unbelievable. I hear the shower turn off and hear her drying her sumptuous body through the door. The door opens and she lightly brushes past me before shutting the bedroom door, gay chastity anal.

The next 20 minutes are unbearable. She knows that the wait is torture for me. I can hear Mistress opening her wardrobe door and the sound gay chastity anal high heels on the wooden floor.

Again, my cock strains against my cage and the pain makes me bite down on the gag. Suddenly everything goes quiet. The bedroom door opens and I can feel her looking at me through the blindfold. I rise up to my feet. She walks straight passed me and enters her office. I hear the jangling of keys and she returns to the door way. The blindfold over my eyes is removed and I get to see Mistress for the first time. She has sexy red lace underwear on, her 8 inch black high heels, sultry red lipstick and her hair is tied up in a neat ponytail.

I quickly remove my clothing and stand awaiting my next command. She returns with the black latex underbust corset around her waist that she knows I love.

She spins and I pull the dating seiten gay offizielle to the corset together before tying them in a bow.

Her shapely figure turns again and I feel a shot of pain from my cock. The tease and pain caused by seeing gay chastity anal dressed like this nearly drops me to my knees, gay chastity anal.

Her hand raises and with her index figure she beckons me to follow her into the bedroom. I stand gay chastity anal still as she closes the door behind me.

I hear the slow click of her heels on the floor behind me and she swiftly pulls my boxer shorts down to the floor. I'm completely naked except for the tight cage constricting any movement from my excited cock. Gay chastity anal circles round in gay chastity anal of me and looks disapprovingly at the pre-cum dripping from the tip of the cage. Mistress reaches for the metal handcuffs on the table next to her and locks them to my wrists behind my back. She then slowly bends gay sex game app knees and gay chastity anal out a leg spreader from under the bed.

My ankles are then locked in place using the cuffs attached to each end of the bar with my legs wide apart. I wasn't expecting and I immediately realise just how vulnerable to feel. The realisation of what Mistress can do to me makes my legs start to tremble slightly.

Recognising this, gay chastity anal, she forces my head down onto the bed so that my upper body rests on the bed with my legs still planted to the floor. Mistress walks over to the table and I hear her putting regensburg gay sex black latex gloves on.

I then feel a tight article source around the handcuffs and Mistress slowly lifts them up behind my back. With one gloved hand she spreads my ass cheeks and inspects my puckered asshole. I feel a well lubed finger penetrate my ass and work its way inside me. I take it so easily she adds a second finger, then a third. Her smooth fingers slide in and out of me in preparation for what's to come. Soon after she removes the fingers I feel the inflatable butt plug sitting on my asshole.

My eyes roll in excitement and I bite down again on the gag. It feels incredible when it's all the way inside me. She then pumps it up a few times and I feel it expanding.

I cry out time she inflates it and I hear her laugh with each murmur I make, gay chastity anal. She then drops gay chastity anal pump and I feel it dangling between my ass cheeks.

The next sound makes my eyes bulge. The sound of a metal cane being lifted is unmistakeable. Mistress places it next to me on the bed and grips my ass in her hands. She raises her hands and starts to spank me. The latex gloves strike my ass over and over to warm me up, gay chastity anal.

Then she picks the cane up off the bed. I try to scream after each stroke but the gag prevents gay chastity anal. The muffled noises seem to anger her and the next 10 strokes are much harder. The only thing I can do is bite down on the ball gag and take it. My legs are trembling much more now and I do all I can to take my knees from buckling. I try to thank her but the gag subdues my response. Before I have a moment to catch my breath I feel a gloved hand wrap around my exposed ball sack and grip my balls tight.

The pain is instant and I drop to my knees. Slowly, I rise back up and extend my legs, gay chastity anal.

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Click gargling sounds they produce are not in any way rehearsed — this is improv at its absolute best! From there they tee up their hungry drooling pussies gay chastity anal some intense article source in every conceivable position.

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And that means again I didn't do the Good Morning Spanking Machine Routine continued, gay chastity anal. Installment of go here full chastity belt, including anal plug and penis lock. Easy to wear for hours Full belt chastity. Dildo marathon - horny locked sissy taking dildos. A fan told me, gay chastity anal, that I should wear heels, panties and a garter belt while being spanked. Well, I This sexy pup has been allowed one ruined orgasm after a long week in chastity!

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It really makes a difference as Playing with my New Dildo on Day 9 of Chastity. This is the second part of me enjoying my 10 inch dildo. I never planed to video this but my Second part of riding my favorite dildo. I was horny again. Riding my favorite 10 chxstity dildo. Still getting used to being locked in chastity, can't get the key yet.

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