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Could people who honestly believe they are gay, possibly be blinded by a demonic spirit of homosexuality? Or could they possibly have gya demon of homosexuality in them? I am not saying all are demon possessed, but what is it that makes them truly, honestly believe that they are dating gay advice online devil gay way?

Having studied both spiritual warfare and the contributing factors to homosexuality, I do not think that a demonic spirit of homosexuality is the definitive explanation for devil gay one is gay. Yes, deception is an important component to a homosexual orientation; those who experience same-sex attraction unwittingly believe a number of lies about life, devil gay, about themselves, about others, and often about God. And where sin and deception are, there is often a demonic presence or element.

There is a click to see more of contributing factors to this brokenness: hurtful relationships with parents and peers, unmet emotional needs, emotional traumas due to abuse, wrong perceptions, warped gender identity.

In regard to those who experienced a normal heterosexual devil gay some people are so addicted to indulging their flesh that they turn to homosexual behavior in adulthood, devil gay. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth devil gay.

Is there an actual demonic spirit of homosexuality? Probably so. In those cases, eventually they recognized the demonic aspect and stood against it.

Sometimes, people can dabble in homosexual behavior, and this sin opens deil door to demonic oppression. Romans directs us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, which means changing our beliefs and thoughts which can result in a change of feelingbut this is the work of discipline.

Again, no easy fix, devil gay. You ask why people honestly believe they are born homosexual. Well, for the same reason you could honestly believe you were born an English speaker. The reality is that you, like all humans, were born a LANGUAGE speaker, but gat an English speaker was shaped by thousands of with your family and your culture.

Homosexuals are shaped in similar ways that started at birth. All people are born to be relational, but some source are relationally broken because of thousands of interactions devil gay are a result of living in a fallen world with fallen people. And different people express relational sorry, gay belt spanking opinion in different ways. I think click to see more families where one sibling is gay and another deals with chronic rage or depression.

Different kinds of brokenness, depending on the personality devil gay perceptions devil gay the individuals. A teenage girl in my church has just been confronted by discussions on homosexuality in her high school classroom. When she told the class that homosexuality was not "normal" behavior…. Dear Dr. Bohlin, I noticed that you have some background in genetics. I am writing an article involving homosexuality for my own website.

Many homosexuals sauna berlin apollo to say they are…. I was browsing the web for so debil on a term paper and was disappointed in your site. I wish you all would choose to follow Paul in his thinking…. From an evolutionary perspective, wouldn't homosexuality be seen as a devl control?

This would then make it useful, contradicting to your assumptions made in the obviously biased partial commentary, devil gay. Hello Sue, I am from Australia and I read your revil about how you can help me to change from being gay devil gay being straight. Can you help me please? Thanks for being willing to help me, devil gay. Here's the deal: I'm 18 and I've known for a while now that I'm gay. Yep, GAY!!!!! But I'm also a Christian, devil gay, and….

She attended the University of Illinois, and has been a Bible teacher and conference speaker for over 40 years. Sue is on the Bible, devil gay. In addition to being a professional calligrapher, she is the wife of Probe's Dr. Ray Bohlin and the mother degil their two grown sons. Devil gay personal website is suebohlin. Probe Ministries is a non-profit ministry whose mission is to assist the church in renewing the minds of believers with a Christian worldview and to equip the church to engage the world for Christ.

Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and our extensive Web site at www. Probe Ministries W. This document is the sole property of Probe Ministries. It may not be altered or edited in any way, devil gay. Permission is devil gay to use in digital or printed form so long as it is circulated without charge, and in its entirety. This document may not be repackaged in any form for sale or drvil.

All reproductions of this document must contain the copyright notice i. Toggle navigation. Go to the shop. Post Views: 5, I'm a Gay Christian" Thanks for being willing to help me. Share this. Sue Bohlin. Check out our Periscope study, devil gay. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, devil gay, asap. Send Sending. Log in with your credentials. Forgot your details?

Gay Devil (GB) 1991

In the year Anton LaVey decided to turn the culture upside down, heavy click at this page music hadn't even been invented yet. The words "Under God" had learn more here in the U.

Pledge of Allegiance for just three years. Hardcore pornography was still only in the form of clandestine movie reels, carefully revil in darkened basements at special "stag" gatherings, devil gay in crumpled, furtively bartered photos. On television April ofa person couldn't even say devil gay unless dveil were preaching its existence as a threat.

Obviously, it was high time for someone to actually give 'em Hell. So this charismatic former burlesque-show organist, ex-carny animal trainer, and hypnotist found a new calling.

He shaved his head according to occult tradition fay publicly announced the formation of the Church of Satan. Thus was born the first aboveground order for individuals whose rational self-interest would lead them to that Dark Force devil gay nature-the archetype the ancient Hebrews termed Satan, meaning "adversary," "opposite," or "accuser.

InDr. Equal parts humanism and misanthropy, it attracted thousands of discerning readers to the new church of realists, devil gay, the "ultimate conscious alternative to devil gay mentality and institutionalized thought. The infamous Black House, LaVey's San Francisco mansion, had previously functioned as a bordello in the s and as a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Now the site of debauches, fertility rites, and other public psychodramas during regular Friday night services, it became the epicenter of an explosive new dfvil. At the beginning, the rituals functioned as cathartic blasphemies against Christianity-with elements such as the nude woman-as-altar in the traditional Black Mass, and even a specially staged Topless Witches' review, devil gay.

Soon, though, he tired of simply mocking the feeble opposition, and LaVey's chapel hosted brand-new and cevil diabolical magical workings.

Modern Satanism may have been born in the era of free love, but the Church of Satan's founder took a broader look at individual liberation, eschewing the bland compulsions accept.

gay teen stories valuable saw as oppressing many narrow followers of the sexual revolution. The devill religion demanded that each person must determine what is most fulfilling to him or herself; this might be total asexuality, or, devil gay, just as easily, voracious lust. A more important development by Satanic standards was the pursuit of personal fetishes. Magister Peter Gilmore relates, "Satanism provided an avenue for folks who were beginning to explore their sexuality without guilt, and the Church's position of encouraging individual fetishes, which at that time was 'forbidden sex,' provided a click the following article. But once they came on-board devil gay discovered that it devil gay up to them to do the exploration-we weren't providing sexual partners for their intended explorations, and sex wasn't emphasized beyond being a natural function-then they left to join organizations that focused on sex as their primary reason for being.

Fear of the Devil has been used to sell the faith racket for centuries, and usually with some salaciously erotic component thrown in. Man's carnal nature is gzy from a Judeo-Christian perspective, notwithstanding comparatively recent attempts to "modernize" theism-due in no devil gay part to the influence of Satanic thought on the culture at large.

Are the followers of the Left-Hand Path a bunch of degenerate, slavering sex fiends, ritualizing dark and messy acts in sinister underground grottoes?

Well, yes and no. Since we are connoisseurs dortmund gay our chosen indulgences, we prefer sex in its best settings, which, devl my experience, are not likely to be found in a ritual chamber-just as we'd not 'ritualize' a gourmet meal. Ravel gay all Satanists into SM? The fashion-conscious might guess devil gay.

After all, devil gay, Sigils of Baphomet and similar occult symbols have invaded popular consciousness as prominent "bad boy" badges, a convenient visual shorthand right alongside leatherman and biker imagery. But the truth is not so simplistic.

Gilmore agrees. There's no pretense of some sort of PC "sexual democracy" wherein everyone shares the same status. Church of Satan members who have not been able to throw off devil gay sexual guilt inculcated into them during their formative years are encouraged to use this guilt as a pleasurable stimulus in their sexual activities.

Satanists are self-aware and honest about their needs," Gay pride 2020 states flatly. When asked if the two ideas are at odds with each other, Waytz declares, devil gay, "Absolutely not.

Sexual hedonism and devil gay are the same thing! Another point that Church writings emphasize is the issue of social stratification. LaVey was an elitist and Social Darwinist who, like Redbeard and others, railed against what he saw as the myth of "equality": "It only translates to mediocrity, and supports the weak at the expense of the strong.

Water must be allowed to seek its own level, without interference from apologists for incompetence. This view applies to sex as well. Gilmore puts it thus: "Maximum pleasure is realized through maximum self-awareness, devil gay, and then finding the see more partners.

Some people might find either staying within or crossing the boundaries of social stratification as a fetishistic porn app gay fillip. And yet, devil gay, most Satanists find partners within their own social level devil gay be their ideal. Magister Reuben Radding comments, "I think it's important devkl realize that stratification already exists around us, devil gay, yet it can also be created at whim.

In my experience, Satanists tend to crave further stratification. But that's something you can be creative with. LaVey was an enthusiastic proponent of such surrogates, seeing the advancing technology as the next step in man's ascendency to Godhood.

And while sex is not necessarily the object of this craft, let's face it-it's the first thing you think of. Suppose a man has a mate who is otherwise perfect for him but absolutely won't engage in SM or golden showers or anal sex. Maybe he wants to experience the porn-stud splendor of delivering a facial "money shot" or has dark fantasies of of a necrophilic nature.

Also, this custom-created sculpture falls squarely in a standard "porn girl" fantasy, devil gay. Virtual reality, too, is a step in the right direction of creating fantasy fulfilling devices. These next few years should be very interesting indeed. And the future's already here, as Gaj Peggy Nadramia points out.

You can look at pictures and video captures of other humans in real time, devil gay fay bodies and touching themselves according to your credit-card-endorsed requests. You can wander anonymously on the Internet and talk dirty with strangers. You can program your computer to analyze you, wake you up, put you to sleep, remember devil gay likes tay dislikes and generally make you the most special person in your own little universe. Do neophytes join the CoS for sexual reasons?

LaVey died late last year, his CoS devil gay strong. As the social pendulum swings back and forth between permissiveness and repression, Satan will keep on doing his thing-a potent, throbbing counterpoint to those dry Medievalist religions whose soul-killing influences will continue to wane.

Blanche Barton on The Church of Satan. An Aesthetically Focused Interview. Suggested Reading. We Are Legion. A Moment In Time. This slideshow requires JavaScript. There are many ways you can devil gay the Church of Satan. Visit our support page to learn how. Donate Now. Print Email. Sorry, your blog cannot share devil gay by email.

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These two questions reveal one thing. The topic of homosexuality is never an easy topic to discuss and it must be handled with sensitivity. As a Christian blogger, you can either go in one or two directions. One approach is that you can seek devil gay use Scripture to nail the one who is currently living in this lifestyle. Devil gay approach is that devil gay can soften your message and not discuss the sin at all.

In this article, devil gay, I will attempt to answer many questions pertaining to homosexuality, devil gay I will also offer help for those who struggle read article same-sex attractions.

Christian quotes on homosexuality. This is one of the most popular questions in Christianity today. Whenever we are discussing sexuality, we are stepping into a war zone that is filled with anger, pain, hurt, shame, tears, and worst of all, even death. What devil gay I mean by death? Numerous studies have found that the attempted suicide rate is 1. As See more said before, this war zone brings shame and death, devil gay.

Shame eradicates intimacy and it is the annihilation of freedom. Now you grasp why a topic such as this is so hard to answer. Honestly, it breaks my heart. Nevertheless, devil gay, this question must be answered. When we read passages such as 1 Devil gay which tells us that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom, it does not state that every sin written in that verse is inferior to homosexuality.

The problem with this way of thinking is that first it is not biblical. Secondly, it produces more shame, alienation, and isolation, for the one who desires help. Is homosexuality a sin?

As much as it burdens my heart to say it, the answer is no according to devil gay Corinthians However, the devil gay is true for someone who lives a lifestyle of greed, drunkenness, sexual immortality, thievery, etc. With this in mind, something that can be said is that Devil gay does indeed put a strong emphasis on sexual immorality.

In Romans 1 Paul denounced homosexual acts as something that is unnatural. Sexual expression is a beautiful gift from the Lord and it is to be enjoyed between a husband and wife, devil gay.

No one will identify themselves daily as a liar, thief, or an adulterous. However, people do identify themselves as gay or lesbian, devil gay.

If you are reading this and you are struggling with your sexual identity or if you are currently living in a lifestyle contrary to what God would have for you I encourage you to keep on reading. My goal is not to condemn anyone. I feel at times that my pride and my devil gay is far worse than any sin. A lustful gay thought is no more sinful than my lustful heterosexual thoughts.

It is only by grace through faith in Christ that a man such as myself is saved. I will acknowledge that many verses below may be tough, but devil gay is what the Bible says on this subject.

Also you shall not have intercourse with any animal to be defiled with it, nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it; mans best gay is a perversion.

Do not defile yourselves by any of these things; for by all these the nations which I am casting out before you have become defiled. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice. I warn you, devil gay, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom devil gay God. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body. Idolatry and same-sex desires. As I diligently searched the Scriptures on this subject I noticed a correlation between acts of homosexuality and idolatry. In pagan idolatry instead of worshiping the Creator you reject Him and instead of rejecting the gay wien dating, you worship it.

Therefore, devil gay, in essence in pagan idolatry you replace worship of devil gay Creator with worship of the art gay fan. Notice that we have turned the original design upside down.

Homosexual behavior is distortion because it rejects the intended purpose of the Creator. This displays the relation devil gay homosexuality more info idolatry, devil gay.

Not in the slightest am I declaring that homosexuality is exclusive as the only sin where we see the connection between it and idolatry. However, usually our most cherished idol is self. Romans is so profound in that it exposes the severe dangers of idolizing self.

When you idolize your sex, it can lead to same-sex attractions. In consideration of the foregoing, Christ is the antidote for all idolatry and the consequences of it. Some of the effects of idolatry are brokenness, a loss of joy, and depression. A plethora of studies have found that LGB source experience higher levels of depression than their heterosexual peers.

Something that I can tell you from experience in my own life is that pursuing any idol will leave you broken and dry in the end. Idolatry begins when you lose sight of Jesus and His splendor. Idols may satisfy for a moment, but they leave you desiring more in attempts to fill that longing that you may have.

Here provides something better than a temporary solution.

In Christ there is fullness of joy. You will always find different types of water and different types of bread. However, in the end we always need more of it and not only devil gay. The breads and waters of this world come at a cost. You are greatly loved by Christ and you were made for so much more. God wants you to have a deeper gay poster of the sufficiency of His grace.

According to John with the bread outfits gay He offers, you shall never hunger. With the water that He gives here, you article source never thirst.

Jesus is devil gay Creator of life and He knows how to truly satisfy our soul. In Christ there is satisfaction, forgiveness, and the power to have triumph over this. In Christ brendan fehr gay have ultimate eternal satisfaction.

In Christ there is victory over the distortion of worship. If you are someone who is not a Christian and you identify as a homosexual my hope is that you see marvelous beauty of the gospel of Christ. He bore your sins, your burdens, your struggles, and your feelings of inadequacy. He took it upon Himself dying the death that we deserve so that we could be reconciled to the Father and experience such great love and forgiveness.

On the cross a great price was paid and because of that we turn from idols and turn to Him in true gaysexpositions. For they exchanged devil gay truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creatorwho is blessed forever.

But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed I will make good, devil gay. Can you be a gay Christian? This is another common question. Is it possible to be both Christian and gay? There are many Christians who struggle with homosexual thoughts, but live a life of celibacy. The believer who struggles with Excellent gay slave stories remarkable is just a struggling believer devil gay like the one who heterosexual lusts.

One of the greatest treasures of getting saved is realizing your true identity in Christ. You are a new dertour gay 2018. You are redeemed.

You are chosen, devil gay. You are an heir of God. You have been set free. This is your true identity! Scripture repeatedly tells us that genuine believers will not live in a continuous lifestyle of sin because they have been made new with new desires and affections for Devil gay. In no way am I singling out homosexuality. By the same read article, I would say the same thing for someone devil gay would claim to be a Christian thief or a Christian murderer.

Through his blood our sins have been forgiven. The Son of God appeared for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. Contrary to popular belief, devil gay, having homosexual attractions are not sinful. I am not referring to lust.

By this I mean being only attracted to someone instagram gay the same-sex. What is sinful is the behavior and acting it devil gay. Https:// this pertains to you and you might be struggling with this.

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Let no one deceive you, homosexuality is absolutely demonic, devil gay. What none of these modernist theologians are saying, is that homosexuality is so evil and demonic, devil gay God abandons those who partake in it to their evil ways.

I would like to present to you an article by our colleague, Andrew Bieszad, a renown scholar and historian on Islam and Church history. In this article Bieszad quotes St. Peter Damien, who is a light to the absolute darkness that has so pervaded us.

Here is the article…, devil gay. This is confirmed again in the New Testament with two examples. The first is that of Ananias, who professed to give generously to the early Church but, as God revealed to Peter, devil gay, Ananias was lying about what deivl was doing and when he told him, he God struck him dead on the spot.

The other was from the book of Revelation, agy God reveals that he hates the sect called eevil Nicolaitans. The Nicolaitans was formed by Nicholas, one of the first priests appointed directly by the Apostles. In the Cevil, priestly celibacy has been the normal discipline devil gay the council of Elvira indevil gay, which took place amidst the Diocletian persecutions and was five years before Constantine took power in There were gya great Christians of this period whose lives and heroic battles with the spiritual forces of darkness served as the base of Christian mysticism dwvil, such as Anthony of the Desert.

The priesthood is truly a vocation to which only a certain few men are called by God. It is a life of sacrifice, hardship, and great responsibility, as he is a model and guide for Gay austria dating. The priest holds dual roles as both a person of good repute and one who spends time alone and seeking God.

The priest is also a target for spiritual and temporal enemies of Christ, devil gay, as he gya a living, visible sign of the Church. If he is corrupted or destroyed people can be lead astray. Jesus devil gay this in the Gospel, and Abbot Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard beautifully expresses this challenge to priests in his book The Soul of the Apostolate where more info writes that:.

A holy priest coincides with a fervent populace; a fervent priest — a pious populace; a pius priest — an honest populace; an honest priest — an impious populace. Now, consider for porn pages gay minute a man who is sexually attracted to or especially, involved with other men.

Devil gay issue is compounded because many homosexuals were themselves sexually abused as children. Make no mistake, the great majority of priests are not homosexuals, but are good men who genuinely believe God has called them to their ministry. Https:// have been and are many holy priests whose works have forever changed the world for the better.

However, as with Judas, there are often times bad person who hide among the good. For priests, this would be those attracted to the priesthood for personal reasons, such as for prestige or to hide from their personal problems. The monastic solitude and all-male nature of the priesthood makes devil gay a target which can attract sexually deviant men. This homosexual devil gay in the priesthood is a well-documented but seldom discussed issue today because it is politically and socially sensitive.

However, no amount of doublespeak can cover what John Jay University found when it conducted an independent investigation into the recent sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church that from to More than three-quarters of the acts of sexual abuse of youths by Catholic priests, as shown in the Nature and Scope study, were same-sex acts priests abusing male victims.

There have been priests, former priests, and even the current Pope who have commented on this issue which make clear one for many unsettling point:, devil gay. This is not a new problem. The Church has faced this problem before and has the answer to this crisis.

A thousand ddevil ago in medieval Devil gay, warring factions had taken control over the Papacy. By the middle of the ninth century, the Church was ruled by men who cared nothing for the Faith and solely sought political and social prestige. The Church fought an internal battle between pious, faithful priests and bishops who believed in and honored God versus the infiltrators over the next century and a half until it was see more reformed by St.

Pope Gregory VII. One of those battles was against homosexual behavior among the priests. One of the leaders in this battle was a Benedictine monk from Italy named Peter Damian. Devul eventually became a bishop and a great ecclesiastical reformer not only in his home diocese of Gubbio, deil throughout France and Germany. Given his position, faith, and influence, he was aware of the problems with clerical sexual abuse in the Church when he wrote a book to Pope Leo IX, but also to clerics mired in sexual sins, particularly that of homosexuality.

This devil gay the Liber Gommorhensis, or Book of Gomorrah devil gay the year The gay freiburg and warnings of the Book of Gomorrah are as relevant today as they were a millennium ago.

It is even more important today as the sin of homosexuality devil gay being promoted in the West devil gay even by some deviant, evil bishops in the Church itself as normal. Since it is clear ddevil the Law was passed for male bed-companions so that they would not dare devil gay the sacred orders, devil gay, by whom, I ask, devil gay, will the law be kept if it is defied particularly by those for whom it was enacted?

Those who are not troubled by the ardour of sodomite lust afterwards will also burn along with the author of all iniquity in the flames of perpetual burning.

Blasphemy makes a man to err; sodomy, to perish, devil gay. The former divides the soul from God; the latter joins it to the devil. He must be warned to consider that as long as he continues gqy be afflicted devil gay the sickness of this vice, even if he is seen to do something good, he still does not merit a reward.

Nor is any act of religion, any mortification, any perfection of life which is defiled by such stains of foul impurity worthwhile before the eyes of the Heavenly Judge. Learn leather top ones, learn to restrain yourself from the plague of click here detestable vice, to tame manfully the lascivious pimping of lust, to repress the petulant incentive of the flesh, to fear to the marrow the terrible judgment of the living God, devil gay.

Nor should those who are placed in sacred orders boast if they live in a detestable way, since the higher they stand in eminence, the deeper they are cast down when they fall. Unmanned man, speak! Respond, effeminate man! What do you seek in a male which you cannot find in yourself What sexual difference?

What different physical lineaments? What softness? What tender, carnal attraction? What pleasant, smooth face? Let the vigor of the male appearance terrify you, devil gay, I continue reading you; your mind should abhor virile strength, devil gay.

In fact, it is gzy rule of natural appetite that each seek beyond himself what he cannot find within the cloister of his own faculty. Therefore, if contact with male flesh delights you, turn your hand to yourself.

Know that whatever you do not find in yourself, you seek vainly in another male body. Woe to you, unfortunate soul, devil gay, at whose ruin angels are saddened and whom the enemy insults with english gay video. You are the prey of demons, the rape of the cruel, the spoils of wicked men. The pride of the homosexual must be extinguished, just like a wild and hysterical fire must be put off.

It Really Checks Out. By Ted on Click 12, in FeaturedGeneral.

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Hi, how did "gay" beome the word for the saddest belief system in the world. The devil is certainly not gay. He will be the most unhappy creature in the universe for ever. Seriously, though? Holy water? How can plain water have magical powers? This is deceitful Catholic nonsense and hogwash and tantamount to black-magic, voodoo, sorcery and witchcraft! How convenient for the Church to make something as available and free as water and tout it as having magical and healing properties, and throwing it around and splashing it on gullible fools that believe this bogus trash.

Ecclesiasticus Websites usa dating gay in beginning of pride is when one departeth from God, and his heart is turned away from his Maker. Ecclesiasticus For pride is the beginning of sin, and he that hath it shall pour out abomination: and therefore the Lord brought upon them strange calamities, and overthrew them utterly.

He is only gay on thursdays and no he doesn't have a boyfriend, he's not the settling down type. No, he is not gay. He is not straight either. The devil does not have a body and therefore cannot experience sexual urges, devil gay, either heterosexual or homosexual.

I've never met, never devil gay him and never read anything about that. In devil gay Baby" he mated with a woman. I Definitely am Gay and I believe the devil deludes people into believing homophobia is loving and moral.

That's why some claim being gay is a sin. Look, if you're gay I won't tell anyone. You don't have to tell everyone about it, devil gay. Just devil gay hurting me! Well, the devil Lucifer is a fallen Angel, which means he is neither male nor female.

He introduced sex devil gay this world by coming to it, devil gay, bedding the females that are earthlings, essentially becoming the first Jesus Christ, only in a horrible perverted way. Since all angels are devil gay, technically the devil Lucifer is Jesus Christ's brother. It is man's notions that have turned to sex in view of gayness, devil gay.

Man has been corrupted by Lucifer. Trending News. Trump threatens to send in lawyers after election ends. Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy. Devil gay Eddie Hassell dies at 30 after being shot in Texas. Raiders player hospitalized after pregame IV mishap. DOJ alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return'. Ravens star injured days after record contract. Cindy Here reveals 'final devil gay with Trump.

Report: Prince William had coronavirus in April. Video altered to make it look like Biden made state error. Update: i Said yes or no not all this Visit web page Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Yes he was that's why gay is a SIN!! Laila Murdoch. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Peachy Perfect Lv 7. Short answer like you wanted it: No. Explanation: No, he is not gay. Michael B - Prop, devil gay.

No because he's not real. Show more answers Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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Hey Dave, Thank you for replying. Well, yes and no. It is man's notions that have turned to sex devil gay view of gayness.
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