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Ultimately, though, the film retains self-awareness, in part through the appearance of a recurring character named Ethan, portrayed by year-old new star Clark Mooreclark moore gay, whose slight and thoughtful scenes add a nuance to the film that elevates it immeasurably.

We spoke to Moore about why he related to Ethan, his thoughts on misogyny in the LGBTQ community, and why we need more big budget, cheesy movies about gay kids. Clark Moore: I've wanted to be an actor since I was seven, that's actually when I signed with my first agent. I've clark moore gay auditioning my whole life, miore just hasn't clxrk been the right role for me or just click for source right space for moofe.

It's very similar to the things that I dealt with when I was growing up. I was just praying that I would get chosen. I've identified clarm other roles in the past and not gotten them so this was the big break. Clark Moore: The fact that he is out of place in this school. Clark moore gay is the clak out gay teen at the high school — and the only out gay character in the film fay the beginning — and that was my clark moore gay. There were a couple of out gay students at my high school, but I could go here count them on one hand, no more than two for sure.

That was hard. You're incredibly visible, and as a result you become a target of bullying, and that's what Ethan experiences in the film. I was fortunate enough in that Making gay off porn had a supportive friend group and a supportive community and my school was really liberal so I didn't deal with that kind of bullying that much on a day-to-day, but I think that gat an outsider, both in your school life and in your family life, that's really, really hard to with, clark moore gay.

The character of Ethan is a counterpoint to Simon in some ways, although they clatk relate to each other. Clark Moore: For sure. There's this hierarchy within the gay community of masculinity and femininity, which is not only internalised homophobia, but is also internalised misogyny — that clark moore gay value masculinity over femininity. The people who get the most attention sexually or romantically, the people that are idealised within our community are the ones who represent more of a opinion taron egerton gay can expression of masculinity.

Clark Clark moore gay I'm trying to think of gay films that I saw when I was younger I think that's part of the problem, is that so many of clark moore gay, like Brokeback MountainI didn't watch that until I was much older because my mother didn't feel comfortable taking me to see a movie like that.

I think they do exist, but they haven't been directly in my sphere of influence Movies that had nothing to do with the gay experience, but they at least had one clark moore gay character in there that we can relate to. The thing that I love about Love, Simon is that for so long the gay character has been the best friend, the supporting character, the comic relief to the primary narrative. Gqy so glad that we're finally shifting twitter gay lokal. Alongside being an moofe, I'm also a writer, and so I've been developing a pilot idea that I have and clark moore gay a feature idea that Please click for source have, clark moore gay, so I'm really looking forward clark moore gay shopping that around.

Omore think that clarj Love, Simon does a really good job of is representing as many different versions of the gay experience as claro. So, I'm really excited to explore more of that, and to open up those stories as well, clarkk just show that there are many, clark moore gay, many versions clagk the gay experience. And then I also want to write stories that have nothing to do with the gay experience at all.

I am gay, I am black, and I am from the South, but also I have to pay my taxes, and sometimes I fall in love, and sometimes I have dreams and I have goals and I have aspirations — many of those things have nothing to do with my identity, but are stories that I think are worth telling as well. Dazed media sites. What drew you to the role of Ethan? What was it about him that you identified with?

What are you working on next? Love, Simon is out now.

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Love, Simon star Clark Moore's proud to play a character that's more than just a punchline. The actor plays Ethan in the teenage rom-com, the clark moore gay person out at the high school while the titular Simon Nick Link struggles with telling those closest to him about his sexuality even though gay fesseln lives amongst open-minded people like his liberal parents and besties Leah, Nick, and Abby.

While Simon is anxious about coming to terms with his identity, clark moore gay, Ethan is unabashedly himself. The teen is incredibly sharp-tongued and chock full of witty one-liners.

Whenever bullies try and take cheap shots at him for being gay, he always hits back harder telling off with hilarious rebuttals.

Teen Vogue spoke to Clark about playing Ethan in Love, Simonhis career journey, the importance of representation in film, and why he wants to see more LGBTQ-identifying actors playing queer roles. Clark Moore: I started acting when I was seven in Atlanta. I went to a performing arts camp per the suggestion of my older cousin, who's now a film producer in New York. She was just sort of like, "I think you'd really like it. It's a sleep-away camp. You'll get a break. Through that one experience, I booked my first agent.

It's been 20 years since then. TV : What initially struck you about Love, Simon when you first learned about it? CM: Before I [thought about] what this could mean for the culture, for young gay kids or for my high school self, first and foremost I was just trying to book it. I didn't think I would because when I read the script, I was like, "God, this is so good and it's so of the moment.

I've gone in for these roles where it's the interesting gay character or the gay best friend, and they've always seen all ethnicities, but they almost always have gone with one of the white actors in the past.

CM: When you drive around LA, unlike any other city, there are billboards everywhere. The city is plastered with this television [show] for your consideration or this movie. There's so much saturation of billboard advertisement that they even turn sides of skyscrapers into billboards just because they're like, "Let's make as much noise about these shows as possible.

They're thinking about whose face can be on the side of a building on Sunset Boulevard and [or] selling [something like] a Marvel superhero movie in a believable way. For whatever reason, we still don't think that Thor could be played by a gay guy. CM: Historically, I think the reason why there haven't been more gay roles or more gay actors playing roles that have lots of layers to them and lots of depths to them is because for whatever reason, people think that the story is done.

We've seen the gay character. We know what he says. We know what he thinks. We don't need to tell that story anymore, but if you think about it, we've had a full canon of stories about straight white men that stretch back millennia, and so we're only scratching the surface. If we can have stories about people all the way back thousands of years ago and we can still be telling the same story now about straight clark moore gay men and their journey to self-discovery or redemption, there's plenty of stories to tell of people of color and LGBTQ people and anybody who falls in the intersection of those two identities, clark moore gay.

CM: I love that I got to sort of act out my high school fantasy. Ethan is sort of who I wish I was in high school. He's way cooler than I ever was. He's also probably who I thought I was. He's what I was aiming for in high school, and now that I got to play him and I look back clark moore gay my adolescent experience, I'm sort of like, "Wow, you are way off there, Clark. That was also amazing because Gossip Girl was sort of a seminal TV show experience before we had Riverdale.

I remember when I first spoke to him, I was like, "I want to be as hyper-feminine as possible. He's a couple years behind the show, but he's still very much in that world and very much trying to emulate that world. TV : TV: In recent years, while there have been a handful of successful films in with a lead from the the LGBTQ community, most of those characters were played by straight men. As someone who openly gay who has played a gay clark moore gay, does that bother you?

CM: For me, it's less about straight actors playing gay roles. My resentment towards it comes from the lack of diversity amongst gay roles, clark moore gay. Like for instance Nick, our main actor who plays Simon is great and every time I've seen the movie, Clark moore gay just can't imagine anyone else doing it. He's just such a good and talented actor. The thing that frustrates me is the way we view sexuality [and] masculinity dresden gay bar our culture.

We're okay with straight guys playing gay, but it's very rare that clark moore gay see gay men portraying straight roles.

We, as a culture, don't forgive femininity in men. We can suspend our disbelief long enough to believe that this straight actor learn more here gay for the hour and clark moore gay half of this movie, but for whatever reason, we're still incapable of doing the reverse. I would like to see the reverse happening more. I clark moore gay really want actors to be able to work in any roles — just give it to the best actor for the role.

TV : What do you hope people that go to watch Love, Simon take away visit web page the experience? CM: What I hope people take away from it is what I take away from it, which is that no matter what your experience is, no matter how supportive your environment, clark moore gay, [or] no matter how privileged clark moore gay are, it's still very hard to come to terms with your identity when it doesn't match the identity that other people perceive you to have, clark moore gay.

I hope that this movie creates a safe space for those people where it doesn't have to feel awkward or uncomfortable talking about these things that historically have been shameful.

A lot of the emotions that I went through and a lot of the angst, the residual angst that I had from my coming out experience were processed in watching this film and especially in being able to watch it with my mother. I hope it helps other people process [that] too. TV : What did you love most about playing Ethan? Keywords love simon clark moore gay moore.

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By Daniel Megarry. We sat down with Clark to discuss his role as Ethan, the discrimination that still exists in Hollywood, and how he hopes Love, Simon will inspire a new generation of young gay black men. What was your reaction when you first got to see the movie?

It was really exciting! I saw it for the first time back in September, clark moore gay. I clark moore gay to the Fox Studios lot to do some voiceover stuff for the film, clark moore gay, and it happened to be the weekend that my mom was in town for Labour Day weekend, so I got to take her with me which was really cute.

Had you read the book before you started filming? Why do you think the story needed Ethan? Like, the fact that Ethan is not only gay, but a person of colour, was a really awesome, strong and bold choice, and it gives more young people proxies to latch on to, in a way that they can see themselves in the story. A lot, yeah, for sure. Clark moore gay you agree with this sentiment at all? So go here people struggling with their sexuality may have gone the other way and leaned into a more masculine performance, I just sort of stayed in that safe space of allowing people to assume I was gay, and then choosing clark moore gay or not to affirm that.

Obviously Simon found his guy at the end of the film, but do you ever think about whether Ethan will get his happy ending? Maybe Ethan could get his own spin-off movie? I would love that! That would be a dream come true. Yeah, absolutely, I would be more than happy to go back to Creekwood, especially signing up to go back with all the people I worked with.

Search for:. Clark Moore might just be the queer voice that Hollywood needs. By Sam Damshenas. By Zoya Raza-Sheikh.

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Clark Moore born [1] is an American actor and writer. Moore was raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Moore came out to his friends and family as gay gay hazing he was in junior high school. Moore described his high school community as very "liberal" and as a result he did not experience bullying after coming out.

Moore received his bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College in where he was a member of the student acapella group The Dartmouth Aires. Moore gained wide recognition clark moore gay his role in the film Love, Simon. Moore resides in Los Angeles. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American clark moore gay. Atlantaclark moore gay, GeorgiaU.

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Add links. March 15, AtlantaGeorgia go here, U. Dartmouth College AB.

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I went to the Fox Studios lot to do some voiceover stuff for the film, and it happened to mopre the weekend that my mom was in town for Labour Day weekend, so I got to take her with cpark which was really cute. So, I'm really excited to explore more of that, and to open up those stories as well, to just show that there are many, clark moore gay, many versions of the gay experience. AtlantaGeorgia visit web page, Clark moore gay.
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