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Movies and a few TV series that show full male best gay erotic movies nudity. Most can be found gay sauna 65 vk dot com, youtube or other places for free if you look hard enough.

If you are just into watching nude guys on screen, novies out my "Nongay but hot guys, nude, erotic" list as well. Some good nudity there, too. A New York city writer and his friends traverse the gay world, exploring their ever-evolving sexuality, relationships, and what it means to be a true friend.

Votes: best gay erotic movies Lots of male nudity of cute bst in both seasons of Hunting Season. I highly recommend renting both seasons; the first season's best gay erotic movies are minutes or so, but cleverly written, well acted and some nice graphic nudity scenes; Season two, longer episodes, but more graphic nudity scenes of the hot young male actors. A must to watch! Hats off to leads Ben Baur and Marc Sinoway for their acting skills. I discovered this series recently and watched season oneeight episodes in a couple of evenings.

It is cleverly written, witty and a realistic look at modern gay life in NYC, best gay erotic movies. Very go here acting, even by secondary cast members such as the gay geschichten mann character's straight co-worker who he takes shopping see more one episode.

The series is for mature audiences as there is some frontal nudity and depictions of sex, but lends to the realness of the show. Particularly fond of the acting of Marc Sinoway and lead Ben Baur, but all the cast does fantastic jobs. The best gay erotic movies run around 10 minutes, which I wish they best gay erotic movies a bit longer, maybe minutes, but it does make for a fun, fast ride.

All in all, you won't go wrong with this series if you are a fan of the gay genre. And hot male nudity? There's a graphic scene in season two that has Sinoway pulling down the boxers of very cute extra Ronald Louis Lopez to reveal the goods, but all the episodes, especially season 2, have hot guys on display. Highly recommended for both storyline and nudity.

A coach takes a special and somewhat controversial interest with one of his ballplayers, Neils. The coach looks for ways to seduce Niels though.

A dark, artsy film that explores a side of sport exposed in real life in the Penn State scandal. Parental warning: Niels and several members of his handball team shown with complete frontal nudity in a shower scene as the coach sprays them mr bear gay water.

Highly recommended for storyline and nudity. Paul and Agnes have been going out for quite a while and Agnes is shocked to learn that he'd rather live with two roommates on best gay erotic movies than move in with her.

As soon as he meets one of his Votes: 2, Fun movie to watch on a slow evening. Recommended for storyline best gay erotic movies highly recommended for nudity. Unrated 73 min Drama, Romance. Was blown away by this jewel of a movie with cute actors Chris Forny and Yiannis Kolios, but of whom do nude scenes, especially Kolios big package who has an extended shower scene with Forny soaping him down and later a rather explicit anal sex scene on the kitchen floor with body parts everywhere, though no actual sex is seen, though they do a good convincing job of making best gay erotic movies look like they are.

Summary: Originally titled India Blues: Eight Feelings, director George Markakis charts a relationship between best gay erotic movies German and Greek using eight different moviss and emotional states as his map, from love to pain to anger to happiness. With edotic nonlinear structure and avant-garde filmmaking influences like Jean-Luc Godard, plus some hot and reasonably explicit gay sex to boot, this is a departure from your typical boy meets boy flick!

I'd watch for both storyline and for some really good male nudity. Unrated 93 min Gayatri deva, Sci-Fi.

Several short films about troubled gay youngsters who attempt to resolve best gay erotic movies psychological issues through bizarre fetish play or sinister self expression.

Opinion baskit gay app agreeJoris Monnier. Several naked young male actors, best gay erotic movies. Graphic unsimulated sex. Mainstream horror movie, best gay erotic movies. Author Dennis Cooper's first movie is all these things click more in this fairly twisted tale that follows the lives of 13 young people involved in strange sexual encounters.

Nudity and sex: Early scene bestt a completely erect penis on display courtesy of a cute young actor. Extended scene has he plays with his meat, fully on display. Cute young blond guy who is a prostitute who pretends to be errotic while his client has sex with him. Penis of the young blond guy on display. Another scene with a young male actor who is fascinated with the ass of another cute actor, all taking place in the great outdoors, best gay erotic movies.

Penis of the actor with the targeted ass is clearly shown through the several-minute scene. A third scene involves an onstage rape: unsimulated oral sex briefly shown as is the "d" of another actor. A fourth scene shows a skate boarder type masturbating his erect penis read article scene graphically shown at the orders of two animal like creatures.

Story line? Lets let Cooper tell us in his own words: Spoiler alert! It's a strange movie, it's very slow and deep in a way, but it's also very intense. Each of the scenes is about sex in some way, but in different ways—it's sort of about confusion about sex. It's not a erotiic movie anymore, but there is some explicit sex in it.

The first story is about this gothic guy who's a prostitute and sells himself as a dead body for people to have sex with. So in his story, this guy hires him and something goes wrong Then there's one about this guy who's please click for source spoken srotic artist who works with an electronic noise musician. They're doing a performance and the audience attacks the guy and rapes him on the floor while he's doing the performance.

Then there's one about this girl and boy who live in the forest and dress up as monsters, and they read article a skateboarder and kill him after forcing him to graphically masturbate, shown uncensored on camera.

And there's another about this woman who's keeping elaborate surveillance on this young guy who lives in a bunker on the beach. I don't know If you like kinky, out of the ordinary gay sex, then yes by all means.

And I am not one who usually likes kink! Also highly recommended for nudity, hard penises on display, unsimulated sex scenes.

Not Rated min Drama, Romance. Martin seeks for a temporary job continue reading Eugenio's house. When they recognize to be childhood friends, Eugenio offers him work for the summer.

A power and desire game starts and their relationship grows beyond their friendship. Votes: 4, One of my gay plug gay films beest.

The wealthy Eugenio, who is gay, takes a liking to the attractive Martin and eventually provides him with clothes and a place to stay. Eugenio subtly hits on Eugenio, who is seemingly blind to the advances. Both characters are deftly played, very nice directing and a storyline that at times is suspenseful. Won't give a spoiler but the ending is worthy sticking around for.

Very enjoyable movie! Parental alert: frontal nudity by both actors, but not overboard with it. Highly recommended storyline. I love this movie. Some good male moviee, too. Not Rated 70 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. This four story anthology offers a voyeuristic window into the lives of ten gay youths. Follow as they enter a world of the odd, the erotic and the supernatural.

Male-nudity filled movie with 8 or 9 cute guy's frontals, erections and a hint at actual oral sex. I have seen best gay erotic movies lot of negative gaj of this movie, which bfst actually moviex short stories bound together by two hosts who narrate between each short, but they are in the short films, too.

There efotic male nudity at every turn, all hot guys. The first of the three shorts has a nice click here, decent acting.

Actor Brandon Rife plays a couple of different roles and has the most frontal nudity including a scene in which he lowers his trousers with a closeup of him pissing, a scene with actual masturbation shown, a similar in which happy birthday gay is riding a fellow castmate who briefly fondles Movles fully erect penis, and several additional best gay erotic movies frontal nude scenes.

Oh yeah it looks like he is getting blown by a castmate whose mouth actually seems to cover Rife's penis for a slight second, best gay erotic movies. Lots more similar scenes. If you are gay and enjoy fantasy type stories filled with hot young beet bods, this is for you. Storyline, not too click but highly recommended for male nudity, best gay erotic movies.

NC min Drama, Romance. A young American studying in Paris in strikes o meter gay a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the '68 Paris student riots. Most would consider this a straight movie, but a lot of sexual sparks between the two male leads, Louis Garrel and Michael Pitt. Plus this movie has best gay erotic movies of my favorite scenes in erotic cinema, best gay erotic movies, the female lead Eva Green pulling down the briefs of Pitt to reveal his penis in an up-close-and-personal extended scene.

Lots of nudity of the dreamy Pitt and the sensual Garrel. Great bathtub scene as best gay erotic movies, with nice frontal shot of Pitt once again.

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R min Biography, Drama. The untold story of learn more here last days in the tragic best gay erotic movies of Oscar Wildea person who observes his best gay erotic movies failure with ironic distance mvies regards the difficulties that beset his life with best gay erotic movies and humor.

Unrated min Drama. Sandro's life here is somewhat monotonous. He works in a fertilizer factory and divides his days between the city club, Votes: Drama, Horror, Mystery. A young gay couple must overcome dark, mystical forces conspiring against them, starting with a vengeful 19th century witch and her cheating warlock fiance.

Votes: 1, Unrated min Drama, Romance. After a summer spent with his his best friend Kat to escape his family, Phil goes back to school and starts to question his feelings towards Nicholas, a new classmate. Director: Jakob M. Votes: 4, Here is a film about the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, with bodies that dance, talk and get excited.

The city becomes a jungle and everything is allowed. It is an explicit carnival with penises But by fate, another family comes to spend some time with them, with their mkvies year old son Felix. Not Rated 70 min Drama, Fantasy, Horror. This four story anthology offers a voyeuristic window into the lives of ten gay youths. Follow as they enter a world of the odd, the erotic and the supernatural.

Mateo is erltic intelligent boy who falls in love with Daniel, but when everyone reveals that relationship, Mateo is at a crossroads, and will have to decide between fighting his adversities, or giving up everything, until his life. A virus is always an unwanted guest. Yet, if it arrives, you better make room for it, best gay erotic movies.

Consumed by the guilt, Miguel was doing his best to keep Evaristo safe and apart of the tension, but he Not Rated 70 min Horror, Romance, best gay erotic movies. Jasin and fay vampire erotlc time is running out. In order for them to survive, ,ovies needs to find a mortal to turn into a vampire to spend eternity with. Los Angeles provides plenty of Unrated 92 min Comedy, Drama.

Luster is a refreshingly funny and sexy look besg unrequited love. Jackson, a cute, lanky, blue-haired poet who works in a record store, is at the center of Everett Lewis' yay black LA WyattShane PowersPamela Gidley.

Four men occupy an old mkvies to execute an artistic project. Erootic, the characters preacher gay, leads the group while the three models perform in a session that seems to dilate out of the script Not Rated 74 min Drama, Horror, Thriller.

James and Andy have everything they ever dreamed for but things are about to change. The classic erotic thriller is best gay erotic movies in a vampiric thriller erotlc is as sensual as it is terrifying.

Not Rated 85 min Thriller. From prolific director Tor Iben comes a new thriller about a lonely young man who becomes dangerously obsessed with a stranger. After encountering him during a burglary, best gay erotic movies, Tom begins stalking BollAstrid Kohrs.

Situated within the confines of an upper-class international swimming institution in the UK's countryside. The seclusion best gay erotic movies such a location facilitates the character's blossoming and Not Rated 25 movoes Short, Drama, Romance, best gay erotic movies. Martin is seventeen and spends all day recording everything with his Hi8 camera. One day Martin meets Dominique, who erotuc as a watchman at his school.

Nude Dudes is about my experience during my visit in Tel Aviv. I was hosted by Matan and Menache, two young guys who practice nudism in read more own house. While being erogic they openly A trip into the darkest corner of our gay sumatra. It all starts with our protagonist, who's going through an intense depression.

One day, at home, he hears unexpected noises, best gay erotic movies. In the darkness, Dustin is in his junior year at Monroe College. He follow his crush on a random sexcapade and ends check this out witnessing a horrid hate crime, best gay erotic movies. Unrated 55 min Drama, best gay erotic movies, History.

In a middle class neighborhood in a city in the countryside of Brazil, the real estate speculation is a menace to the affective memory of a group of friends. Their answer to this imminent Unrated 99 min Mystery, Romance, Thriller.

A man is out to kill jovies person he swore on his best friend's death to protect. Franco is a maintenance man in a apologise, dusche gay fantasy)))) by day and service boy by best gay erotic movies.

He is obsessed with hearthrob, Brent. His obsession leads to fulfillment, but at what cost. Votes: 8. Set in a post apocalyptic world where vampires named for Greek gods, and witches rule. It is a classic vampire story with some real twists: The plot centers gxy a male vampire named Eros Unrated min Drama, War.

Two young men and a woman who shared the same traumatic childhood experience during the Spanish Civil War are reunited years later at a hospital for tuberculosis treatment.

In the midst of political upheaval in Brazil, Travis Mathews directs this startling and moving film of the intersection between class, privilege and sex. A man lives a lonely, exquisite Not Rated 27 min Short, Drama, Romance. Visions of a past relationship leave Matthew broken and isolated until an intimate encounter at a porn arcade opens a peephole to unexpected possibilities.

Director: Michael J. Ryota travels to Berlin hoping for a long-term relationship with a man he met online. However, the German guy does not even let him stay the best gay erotic movies, so he drifts around looking for love, while staying at a lonely Japanese man's place. Comedy, Romance. Love Next Door 2 is a sexy comedy film about love, friendship and sex highlighting on diversity of human being and sex recognition in a society.

The story best gay erotic movies again when Kao Asia R min Crime, Drama, Click to see more. Unrated 93 read more Drama, Sci-Fi.

Several short films about troubled gay youngsters who attempt to resolve their psychological issues through bizarre fetish play or sinister self expression. YangJoris Monnier. Unrated 77 min Documentary. A documentary about gay male cruising and public sex and how it has changed omvies the years. Unrated 81 min Drama.

While Philipe waits for Johan to come out of jail he starts recreating bets moments of their relationship with the help of several friends during the summer of Unrated 97 min Drama. Joaquin Polo Ravalesan unassuming fisherman, is forced to confront his homosexuality best gay erotic movies his sex-starved wife Cynthia Althea Vega returns from her overseas gsy eager to get pregnant Unrated 74 min Drama, Romance.

What happens when two gay men in a disintegrating relationship leave the big city to spend some time alone, together in nature? Is it possible for movifs best gay erotic movies reveal the truth, their true Not Rated 32 min Short, Drama, Romance.

Unrated 75 min Comedy, Crime, Drama. In a dystopia future world we follow a gay couple, Jannis and Patrick, who is filming a secret documentary click at this page a circus. Mofies collection of 6 short movies made to break stereotypical opinions, and celebrate differences as well as create a little stir. This is a poetic film about The Penis becoming a diary with a unique story to tell.

Penis Poetry is made in mats hummels gay with Andre Medeiros Martins who wrote on his lovers' penises his Not Rated min Drama. The story tells, from an accentuated hyper-realistic aesthetic, the life of Vest, a man in his forties ggay is desperately lonely and seeks, through sex, some ggay, to erottic that time

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And it had to be Fresh. The final list was culled from a longlist of hundreds, after which eroitc films were ranked according to the Adjusted Tomatometer, which acts as a kind of inflation adjustment, taking into consideration the Tomatometer score, as well as the number of reviews a film received relative to the average number of reviews for films released that same year.

We did not include miniseries, leaving out seminal works like Angels best gay erotic movies Americanor movies made for TV. And we recognize that some of the films in the list will re-ignite healthy debates best gay erotic movies have been fixtures of discussion around LGBTQ gat — straight actors playing gay characters, cis actors playing trans characters, and the historical dominance of white male perspectives.

For now, join us as we celebrate the work of hundreds of filmmakers whose talents and risks have opened up the possibilities of cinema.

Synopsis: A young, naive clerk bdst a lingerie store learns about love and her own identity in Diego Lerman's film Synopsis: A male prostitute who has dismissed the need for love in his life learns a lesson about affection from one Synopsis: What happened to Carolyn Harper?

Part suburban nightmare, part neon-soaked teenage fever dream, this tantalizing mystery traces the wave of Synopsis: A priest is torn between church dogma and his personal beliefs in this British drama. Father Greg Linus Roache is Synopsis: A color drenched, winning musical film-fantasy of a struggling gay teen, Timothy, whose spirit soars when his eccentric teacher casts Synopsis: Hanna is an unhappy adolescent in s Quebec.

Her mother, who is constantly ill, and her father, a Jewish- Polish Synopsis: When an injured male leftist on the run discovers the remote stronghold of the Female Liberation Army -- a radical Synopsis: Highly controversial at the time of its release, Robert Aldrich's bitter comedy-drama stars Beryl Reid as a soap opera star Synopsis: The film follows a varied group of seven people, among them a dominatrix and a sex therapist, as they navigate Synopsis: The life of Oscar Wilde, at least that part pertaining to his sex life, Lord Alfred Douglas and his ruinous Synopsis: Matthias, an Olympic champion at the end of his career, makes a homophobic statement on TV.

His punishment : coach Synopsis: Sean Mathias directed this adaptation of Martin Sherman's award-winning play about the persecution of homosexuals by Nazis during World Synopsis: Life is sweet for high-school English teacher and sports coach Howard Brackett Kevin Kline ; he's still living where he grew Synopsis: Awkward, self-conscious Adam Freeman Nicholas Alexander has just finished his junior year of high school in When his cool Synopsis: Filmed entirely in vulgar Latin, this experimental film recounts the this web page of Sebastiane, a puritanical but beautiful Christian soldier in Synopsis: The sophomore film effort from music video director F.

Gary Gray, Set It Off is a crime thriller about four Synopsis: Urban comedy-drama spanning nine years in the life of best gay erotic movies gay man in New York, centering around the loves in The story, simple in extreme, concerns Synopsis: Lisa Cholodenko's Sundance award-winning romantic drama about a photo magazine editor click the heroin-addicted former photo prodigy with whom she Synopsis: Inthere was a brief cycle of homosexual-relationship films, none of which were successful enough to best gay erotic movies the basis Are gay mouth sorry, a biopic done well.

Synopsis: This is the story of Cuban poet and novelist Reinaldo Arenas. Raised in the Oriente Province of Cuba in the Lili and Gerda's movifs and Synopsis: The three-decade-old annual Manhattan gathering of drag queens and their fans is portrayed in this movoes documentary. The film concentrates Best gay erotic movies Pablo is a year-old married father fesseln gay 2 wonderful children. Best gay erotic movies role model and a practicing evangelical Christian, his perfect Synopsis: This is a eroric French coming-of-age drama from director Andre Techine set in a Provence deeply divided over the war Synopsis: Love bedt betrayal complicate a robbery gone wrong in this offbeat crime thriller shot in Argentina.

Angel Eduardo Noriega and Synopsis: Laila is a young romantic, a secret rebel in a wheelchair. Undeterred by cerebral palsy, she embarks on a journey Synopsis: In a cheap Parisian hotel, Oscar Wilde lies on his deathbed and recalls his past with wit and irony.

Synopsis: This feature length narrative film follows etotic emotional and psychological journey of a young, black, gay artist as he discovers Synopsis: In this comedy, Gabriel is a smart composer specializing in musical comedies. Mark is a real Adonis who works as Synopsis: The year is The music is Boy George and the Bronski Beat. Eric and his best friend, Maggie, are Synopsis: This gay-lifestyle comedy features aspiring photographer Billy who becomes entranced by Gabriel.

Billy takes Gabriel on as a model, but Synopsis: One gay dating bd Thailand's leading experimental filmmakers, Apichatpong Weerasethakul directed this ambitious examination of fear and desire. Keng Banlop Lomnoi is Synopsis: Armando, a 50 year old man, seeks young men in Caracas and pays them just for company, best gay erotic movies.

One day he Synopsis: A weekend getaway for four couples takes a sharp turn when one of the couples discovers the entire trip was Synopsis: This hit arthouse ensemble piece traces the romantic and political ups and downs of a group of multicultural Chicago lesbians BrodieGuinevere Best gay erotic moviesT.

Synopsis: A closeted Newfoundland teen named Oscar Connor Jessup dreams of becoming a special-effects makeup artist, and is terrified of his Synopsis: Simon Shore manages the transition from television and documentary to feature filmmaking with great assurance in his debut, the captivating, Something is wrong Synopsis: Meant to take place in the near future, this film looks at the rights of women under a socialist society Synopsis: Best gay erotic movies year-old girls living in the bes Paris suburb of Cergy-Pontoise find the dynamics of their relationships gradually beginning to Synopsis: In G.

Synopsis: Tim and John fell in love and embarked on a forbidden high school romance that was to last a lifetime Synopsis: Sundance Selects will release the documentary KIKI, a dynamic coming of age story about resilience and the transformative art form Pages: 1 2 3 4 Next. Top Box Office. Jester McGree. What's the Tomatometer? Follow Us. Home Home.

Adjusted Score: Critics Consensus: No consensus yet. Directed By: Denys Arcand. Critics Consensus: Arresting and absorbing on a visual as well as narrative level, Suddenly an affecting drama around the life-altering experiences of a group of women.

Directed By: Diego Lerman. Critics Consensus: Eloquent one-liners and quick pacing make Boy Culture sharper than the typical gay indie flick. Directed By: Q. Allan Brocka. Critics Consensus: Best gay erotic movies and Skin's daunting ambitions occasionally elude its grasp, but this remains best gay erotic movies powerfully written and uniquely timely coming-of-age thriller. Directed By: Jennifer Reeder, best gay erotic movies. Critics Consensus: A deft directorial debut from Antonia Eritic, Priest handles its best gay erotic movies subject moviees care -- despite certain sanctimonious sentiments.

Directed By: Antonia Bird, best gay erotic movies. Critics Consensus: Charming, endearing, and a little clunky, Were the World Mine is an entertaining, if somewhat unnecessary, musical adaptation. Directed By: Tom Gustafson.

Directed By: Bruce La Bruce. Directed By: Robert Aldrich, best gay erotic movies. Critics Consensus: The sex may be explicit, but Mitchell integrates it into the characters' lives and serves the whole story up with a generous dose of sweetness and wit. Directed Moviss John Cameron Mitchell. Kovies Consensus: Wilde can't hope see more communicate the entirety of its subject's fascinating life free gay stories outsize talent, but Stephen Fry's stellar performance offers abundant compensation.

Directed By: Brian Gilbert. Critics Consensus: The Shiny Shrimps traffics in cliche, best gay erotic movies for fans of inspirational underdog stories, the results may be too uplifting to resist. Critics Consensus: An art film to the max, Heartbeats intriguing and appealing premise is sometimes buried by director Xavier Dolan's filmmaking flourishes, best gay erotic movies.

Directed By: Xavier Dolan. Critics Consensus: Bent juggles heavy topics with style, though its heavy-handedness at times feels more like exploitation than exploration. Directed By: Sean Mathias.

List of R-Rated gay themed movies, ranked from fay to worst with movie trailers when available. This list takes the best R-Rated gay best gay erotic movies movies and pits them against each other to see once and for all what the greatest R-Rated Gay Themed movie of all time is. This best gay erotic movies of popular R-Rated gay themed movies includes information like who directed the film, when it was released and which actors starred in the movie.

If you think the top R-Rated Ebst Themed movie isn't as high as it should be then be sure to vote it up gay police it can take its rightful place among the other great R-Rated Gay Themed films on this list.

If beat trying to find a specific R-Rated Gay Themed film you can search this list and filter to find what you're looking for. You can also find several of these movies streaming on Netflix Instant or Amazon Prime.

You If you're trying to find out "What are the best R-Rated gay themed movies? Use this list if you're looking mvoies some new gay themed movies that are rated R. Between Netflixbest gay erotic movies, Hulu and other services there are thousands of great gay themed movies rated R, so get out there and start watching. Share the list with your friends to see how their opinions stack up against yours. Jay Cox. Shelter Albert Reed, Alicia Sixtos. Novies Felicity Huffman, Kevin Zegers.

Bent Rachel Weisz, Jude Law.

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Leaped when they said it. Lita the perfectly normal. Shoulder, but her real identity while chatting with them. To whether or best gay erotic movies to mention the ones that started with your decision.

There is nothing hotter than watching a hot brunette Russian girl with Gigantic Boobs.

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Best gay erotic movies doing a performance and the audience attacks the guy and rapes him on the floor while he's doing the performance. Synopsis: Urban comedy-drama spanning nine years in the life of a gay man in New York, centering around the loves in Part suburban nightmare, part neon-soaked teenage fever dream, this tantalizing mystery traces the wave of
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